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  1. Thanks everyone for your input. We will definitely consider the hire car senario.
  2. Can anyone point me in the best direction for car hire when we arrive in Tauranga. We would like to drive to Rotorua but don't want to be tied down to the ship excursions. Thanks
  3. Thanks for all this excursion information .... it's going to take me from now to October to sort out what I want to do
  4. Can you take water or soft drink cans on the New Zealand cruises?
  5. Could you please add my party to this post. We (2 couples) are sailing from Sydney to New Zealand onboard the Magestic Princess on September 30th 2019 and returning on the 13th October. Looking forward to meeting other cruisers
  6. We hired an RV from Anchorage after our cruise and Denali land tour and spent 2 weeks driving around Alaska and the Yukon. I'd thoroughly recommend this as we could stop when we wanted for as long as we wanted and the RV parks along the way we're wonderful, but there is a lot of free camping places which would have been ideal as well.
  7. AIP whereabouts can I see your photos?
  8. WOW I've just come across this post and can't wait to read more. I'm from Mandurah in the south west of Western Australian and we had our first Alaskan experience in 2014 when we cruised north from Vancouver to Whittier then an inland 3 day tour up to Denali. After that fantastic experience we picked up an RV in Anchorage and spent 14 days touring Alaska and into the Yukon and south through BC. I completely fell in love with Alaska and just can't get enough of it. I love watching anything on Foxtel (cable) and reading anything I can about it. I love Alaska: the last frontier and am thrilled to read about your visit and so wish I'd known about it before we did our trip. I didn't realise the homestead was so close to Homer. On the show it looks like it's in the middle of nowhere. I'm loving reading about your daily adventures. Our Alaskan trip was meant to be a once in our lifetime / cross it off the bucket list adventure, but after our holiday we decided we just have to do it again. Unfortunately, as you can imagine it's on the other side of the earth and so far away for us. At least 30 hours flight time and that's if we go as direct as possible .... But I'll just have to settle for my Alaskan shows and your blogs.
  9. We did the Food and Wine cruise from Fremantle on the Pacific Eden and yes, most of the timetabled activities that they put on cost extra. This was a bit disappointing. We had an awesome time and I would definitely book again, but maybe look at some other options such as the comedy cruise
  10. We were on Crown Princess for their last Alaskan cruise for the season and left Vancouver on August 30 and arrived in Whittier on September 7. The weather was awesome and we were fortunate. The best thing was as we arrived at John Hopkins Glacier, the naturalist on board told us we were very lucky to be seeing it. Apparently they close the entrance to the bay until September 1st as this is the time the seals use the area for birthing their pups. As the cruise ship season ends mid September, that only gives a two week period for cruise ships to enter the bay. So as you can see we were very lucky.
  11. Just disembarked the Eden today and yes they had a Pandora shop and yes they had a sale
  12. We took 12 cans onboard in our hand luggage and then found we had the cool drinks package already on our booking that they didn't tell us about so we bought 20 cans home. No idea why we weren't told about the drinks package. It was only while chatting to another guest that she mentioned it. Our card had the Cokecola logo on it.
  13. Thanks for your report. We are travelling on a short cruise out from Fremantle in April and looking forward to it. We have cruised on Star Virgo (4 times) and Princess Crown in Alaska before
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