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  1. Following with great appreciation. We were with you the Eclipse both Baltic and TA to Argentina last year, and actually talked to you at the specialty bar. We're on the reverse sailing in September. Would love to know if a Coffee Card is offered at Al Baccio Cafe during your sailing, and how did the "surf" package work out to only $84 with Elite Plus discount ?
  2. After reading reviews about the poor reading lights in the refurbished cabins I picked up a couple of USB portable lamps at CDN $5 a piece https://www.aa-e.com/usb-portable-lamp.html
  3. When we boarded the Eclipse TA last November we asked about a Coffee Card when someone was selling beverage packages. He said NO - get the non-alcoholic package. Even at the Al Baccio Cafe they said they don't offer it. After the cruise our friends told us that YES - they bought one, and when it was finished, they bought another one. We are on the Millennium TP in September and wonder if it will be available for purchase. We don't drink sodas, and enjoy the specialty coffee at Elite breakfast event. We'd use the Coffee Card for afternoon and evening.
  4. I recall it was around 15 minutes as the bus had to exit the area where the ship docked, pass through a number of gates and out of the port area, through some streets, and then back into a secure area to the main terminal. It was fairly well organized. The first groups disembarked in a good pace, then around group #16 there was a delay of some 20 - 30 minutes. We were in group 22, and disembarked about 11:15am. Our luggage was at the terminal, and it appeared that all the remaining luggage groups were also ready on the floor. We had to put the suitcases through a screening machine before exiting the terminal. Do you need more info about getting a taxi to your hotel ?
  5. Norma, thank you for the detailed accounts. I am reading every post with great interest, as we are coming on for the crossing to Buenos Aires. The daily program shows "Taj X on 5" under causal dining. Any idea what it means? Is Elizabeth Captain Club hostess still on board to BA ? Check if there are any changes coming to the program levels, as I heard from someone on the Solstice mention it. onyourmark
  6. I used to be able to view double the number of posts per page viewed. Cuts down on navigation. Has the feature been eliminated ? How about the Preview of a post before submitting it, so I can make sure the formatting of a "cut and paste" segments shows correctly ?
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