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  1. He was on our cruise! While my husband received his 100 day they did this great thing for Jeff! It was quite moving!
  2. I am not good at that! The stuff that was negative is forgotten when we get home! The stuff that is great is where we have been! If we have a bad meal the next will be better! The couple of times we had negative things happen on HAL they took care of it! We mostly travel on NCL and HAL! HAL for the itinerary and NCL for fun! Used to do Celebrity but switched back to HAL! Have been on most cruise lines as have been on over 50 cruises and hav never had a bad one! Love that all the NCL officers are coming over to HAL! They are all great and know how to interact with the guests!
  3. In Copenhagen we stayed at Crown Plaza! Number one reason was it was free as we have a lot of points with Holiday Inn! Make sure you go to the big food market downtown! Loved the cruise! We had perfect weather so we saw everything! Mostly did private tours with people off our roll call! Ship it is old! Inside the ship is quite nice as it’s been redone! Our balcony needed some serious work! Rusty and worn! But you need this small ship to get into some of the ports so we’ll work it! We we would do it again on the same ship just to see the beautiful sites!
  4. I cruised with Errol a few months ago! Julian was also on board! He was on NCL RM! Errol presented me with my 100 day medallion onboard the Statendam! Plus a big hug! They are all going to make HAL a even better cruise line! Although going on Encore in Dec!
  5. He did go to HAL! HAL gaining many of the great officers of NCL! We cruise both lines so we get to see them!
  6. Just got back from Copenhagen to Boston VOV cruise! Did not miss one port and weather was beautiful! Did have a few misty days but never any hard rain! Ship was old but nice! Crew was great! Food was sometimes good and sometimes bad!
  7. Did you book anything??? We booked TA on the Epic next April!
  8. Are you sure?? Usually aft balconies are larger! We are going in two weeks and have an aft! We try to always book aft!
  9. Can anyone who has been on the Zuiderdam recently tell me what kind of hairdryer they have! On the wall or regular one in a drawer??? I have thick hair and need a good dryer! Thanks
  10. As for the Antarctic cruise are you talking about the Zaandam ship??? Which ship is doing the world Voyage???
  11. We want to book the SA Antarctica for 1/2020! Going on the Viking cruise in July and would like to book onboard to get the credit they give you! Should we book now to ensure the price and cancel if it works better when we are onboard in July??? Seems like it’s a no lose other than have to pay deposit??? Any advice appreciated
  12. We have a comped PG on our next cruise! How can I make res ahead of time with out having to pay???? On HAL web site you have to pre pay to get res?????? Do I have to wait to get onboard???
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