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  1. We've brought on stuff in Key West too 😉
  2. I'm not concerned with what comes back to Canada - well versed in that. Concerned about what I can bring on in Athens, Mykonos, Naples etc...
  3. They check your bags and run everything through a scanner when you get back on board.
  4. We're in Canada and have brought stuff back/forth to the US so we know the laws ;) I just wasn't sure what the actual rules were when getting back on the ship - I feel like pre-packaged may be my ticket to getting it home.
  5. Not all cheese needs to be kept cold, I just don't want to have to toss a bunch when we get back to the ship. Hopefully someone from a European cruise will chime in ;)
  6. We are going on a European cruise in Oct 2020, some of our stops include Naples, Athens etc and I'd love to bring back things like oils, olives, cheese on the ship to take home. Can I do that if it's vacuum sealed? I know we can fly home with things in our luggage as long as we declare them at the airport. Just wondering what we can bring back on the ship. I'd be the one wolfing down all the cheese and olives at port if not, lol. RCCL policy - However you are free to bring non-perishable prepackaged food in limited quantities.
  7. We are looking in this area too, thanks so much for the review. I was thinking the same thing, so walkable!
  8. We are sailing next October out of Civitavecchia to Greece, just wondering what time we will pass by Capri and Stromboli. I'm assuming it will be night time as we port in Messina at 10:00am the next morning. On the way home, we arrive in Naples at 7:00am, so I am guessing too dark to see Capri then too? Just don't want to miss anything 😉
  9. It's the same thing, we just started call it the same as it's referred to on DCL
  10. BonVoyage is good, it's half pina colada, half strawberry daiquiri
  11. We were off the ship at 8am, at MCO Hyatt by 9am, using DCL transport. You'd be gambling with security but if you walk off early, you should be okay.
  12. Was really good, DD wants to go on it now 😉
  13. https://civitavecchia.portmobility.it/en/shuttles Checking out this link, I am reading it to say if you are on the shuttle from the ships between 11:30am - you can get OFF only at the fortress (which is a closer walk to the train) but you can use the Molo del Bicchiere (hop ON only) at anytime heading to the ships. Does anyone know exactly where this stop is? Google street maps updated in July 2018, but I don't see any stops marked between the fortress and just a bit beyond there (and then it goes back to a 2012 streetview closer to the ships) Could the little shaded area in my pic be the one for Molo del Bicchiere?
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