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  1. QUESTION: Have you tried other friends who might be willing to take one (or other) of the booked cruises? I sympathize with your problem! I had booked a TA from NY-Southampton in April 2018 for myself because my husband's vision problems had become so serious that he did not want to travel any more. I contacted a best friend from grammar school days and she joined on. In the end we both had to cancel, which was in the end a good thing -- weather on the cruise was terrible (ask Lyn) and there are other reasons I won't go into, just because they are extraneous.
  2. Regarding inside cabins ... We ourselves have never booked one, but in our early days of cruising we tended to book low-end rooms. I remember a Princess cruise to Alaska in a bunk bed room with a porthold in 1990 -- but I got some wonderful photos out of that porthole. More recently, once we bumped ourselves up to a suite (thanks to a wonderful offer from O), we've never gone back. HOWEVER ... a recently CC article mentioned that inside cabins are definitely now appreciated by many, even by people who used to book them. Part of this is because of Covid tra
  3. I haven't done anything close to an ATW but from what I read of comments from past ATWers, the opposite was true. Now, crew members who see passengers for 6 months may well treat them differently from the "others". BUT ... I've never been treated badly by crew members on short cruises. Why should it be different from longer cruisers? It's clear to us that we will never take a 180 day cruise ... would be nice! Mura
  4. Just speaking generally about noise, we've never had a problem on O's ships, even going back to Renaissance. So we've been on all of the "R" ships and both "O" ships. Obviously, some people are more susceptible to "noise" than others. Frankly, the worst problem we ever had was when we were in a VS on one of the "R" ships in 2006-- and that was when we were coming into port in the early morning. We just turned over and went back to sleep. We've been opposite the laundry room on Regatta (this was on Renaissance in 1999) and on never heard anything until we opened our
  5. We've done several Viking river trips, although not recently. So I'm not going to try to compare Viking to Oceania ocean voyages. I've read quite a few positive ocean reviews here (i.e. this Oceania board) regarding Viking. Drink policy on Oceania: there are two packages. The one with oLife is "with meals only". You can upgrade on board (or perhaps even before, we never take either package so can't vouch for that) -- for $20pp a day you can upgrade to the "anytime" package. If one of you wants to upgrade and the other doesn't, that's okay. My objection is the package is win
  6. The only time we ever had an Owner's Suite (on Regatta) it was a very last minute cancellation which our TA jumped on since I'd let him know we were interested. So you never know ...
  7. Historically, transfers from airport to ship have been on a fee basis -- and an expensive one at that. We've never paid for transfers ourselves, mostly because we come in early and leave late. Now, if you book a hotel visit through Oceania (at their exorbitant rates), THEN there is a free transfer. Rules may have changed since our last cruise, though ... Mura
  8. We have been in 9001 and 10001 and liked them both. (I too tend to prefer the Oceania Suites but that doesn't mean I am averse to the Vista Suites -- unlike many others here, we were never bothered by wind on the deck.) I visited 8003 (I think that was the number) and didn't care for the layout. You enter from the side of the aisle rather than the front, which may be the reason. One problem that we encountered (especially in 10001 because it's directly under the bridge) was making sure no light comes out of the stateroom at night. We got a call from the bridge one ni
  9. I won't get into the Overlord Tour argument -- although I think they picked a great name given where they are! When we were in Normandy on our own in November 2002 we hired a private guide (just for the two of us) who was recommended by our hostess at the B&B. This home had two rental apartments available, and the husband was a retired chef who prepared a wonderful dinner for us one evening. (I don't recall but I'm sure we were charged for that ...) We had three full days in Normandy -- we were based at Gold Beach. Our tours with our guide were marvelous.
  10. I've said this before -- but not to the OP. On our first cruise with Renaissance I looked into doing a day trip to Normandy from Le Havre. When the tourist bureau in Bayeux advised AGAINST our trying to do Normandy on a day trip, we ended up doing a private land trip a few months later which allowed us to have 3-4 days in Normandy plus another 10 days driving through France. Also, what is the port for Paris? If it's Le Havre or Rouen, you are still a ways away from Paris AND Normandy. You won't have much time in Normandy or Paris. Sure you will see something ... just not what
  11. OTOH, fairly frequently when we wanted to share in the GDR we ended up at a two-top ... which we did NOT want. It has always seemed to me that there are more than enough two-tops if that's what people want. Perhaps the real source of the problem is WHEN you dine, rather than a scarcity of two-tops. Mura
  12. When I saw the title of this thread I was afraid of what I would see. Sad news indeed.
  13. Clo, many MANY years ago -- I was just out of college -- I visited my college roommate in Portland OR and on the morning I left to drive home to L.A. I was given a bag of apples by Nan's mother. They were sitting in a paper bag right next to me and I blithely told the agent at the border that I didn't have any fruit, etc., with me ... totally forgetting about the apples. He had a funny look on his face when he looked at the paper bag but I suppose he assumed I wouldn't be so stupid as to lie about the apples ... As I drove away I suddenly remembered but by then it was too late, a
  14. We took a cab from the port (back in July 2006) downtown and it was a relatively quick ride. We shared the cab with a single passenger, so there were three of us. The ship had issued dire warnings about NOT taking a cab so the line wasn't long ... maybe four groups ahead of us and perhaps a 5-10 minute wait.
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