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  1. Waves DOES serve breakfast items ... but I'm not sure for how long. We usually have breakfast either in our room or in the GDR, so I'm not sure of the breakfast hours at Waves but I think at least until 11am. Check Currents, it has all the dining hours every day. As memory goes, yes, room service has breakfast items.
  2. That's a good question! But it seems to me we've had to go through customs when returning to our home country (USA) so I assume you'll be in the same situation. But that's a guess. I could be remembering wrong ... Butlers often perform a valued service in collecting passports, etc., but when face-to-face is required, I think you have to present yourself. Good luck! Mura
  3. Our experience has been that just about daily there is an "invitation" to buy the package in Currents. So you shouldn't have any problem waiting for the TA portion of your cruise. (Once you buy it, you have to pay the $$$ until the end of the cruise, another argument for waiting until the second leg.) Mura
  4. We have never taken the package, but I would say no. If you have oLife and take the offered drink package, you can upgrade on board for $20pp/day, so that's a benefit if you think you'll use the package. (We don't so we don't!) When you board they will make it very clear how you can purchase the package if you want it! Mura
  5. I guess I'm disagreeing a bit but that's because we were there on a two-week drive around Normandy. So for us the Mont St. Michele visit is one we won't forget. (And we were able back then to make the trek up to the top back then. I'm not sure that would work for us these days!) But I do agree that when you are on a cruise and only in port for one day, there are other options. I would vote AGAINST the Beaches in that case, just because of the drive time required. We spent 3 days there and could have spend at week. For people who don't think they will have the opportunity to return on their own, then they have to decide for themselves how best to spend their time. There is certainly MUCH to do if you are in port at Le Havre or Rouen. Mura
  6. Yes, you can take your own luggage off the ship ... assuming you can handle it! We have left early in the morning a few times, took our hand luggage but picked up our main luggage in the terminal. If you travel lighter than we do you should not have a problem. Lyn may have meant by "self disembarkation" that some took all their luggage, others have done as we did ... hard to tell! But for sure if you have transportation, etc., yes you can leave as soon as the ship has cleared. When we left RIVIERA in Venice in May 2018 we left around 7:30am, collected our suitcases downstairs and found our driver. We were at the airport in plenty of time for our 10:55 am flight home! (Usually we stay on for a few days but in this case we wanted to get home.) Mura
  7. But if go to the reservations desk on the day, or even better on boarding day, you may well be able to fix this. There are limits to the number of reservations permitted before departure. The table size you need could also be a factor. Ask when on board and you may well get that reservation. Be open to early and late times, and also different days.
  8. It's been a VERY LONG time since we cruised to Alaska -- June 1990 on Princess. But we did a flight from Misty Fjords (don't recall if it was a ship's tour or private, PROBABLY the ship). It was a wonderful day ... don't know if I'd do it again, though! I agree that it is pertinent here.
  9. Hmmm. It might be easier to find out the area where he will be serving and then book accordingly ... although that doesn't sound very feasible either! I suspect the ship personnel wouldn't want to take the time to switch a butler from one area to another even if a passenger makes a request ... that would probably also mean switching two butlers ... But I'm guessing.
  10. I don't think so. They have specific areas to cover -- it wouldn't be very efficient for the butler to have to go from one end of the ship to the other. We've had many butlers over the years, and they have all been quite good. Obviously, some better than others! But we never had the minimal service you have described. Mura
  11. It certainly can happen! On that NCL Buenos Aires-Santiago cruise I mentioned, we had a ship's tour from Chacabuco. The bus broke down just where we were having snacks: wine and hors d'oeuvre. They told us the replacement bus would be there in half an hour, it was more like an hour and a half. The hosts kept on serving ... there was a couple glaring at us because most of us were making the most of it. We indeed were very late back to port, but it WAS a ship's tour. We were on the last tender back to the ship. We met friends who'd just been waiting for us and joined us on the tender ... So yes, being on a ship's tour when "s**t" happens can be very handy! Had we been on a private tour ... well ... By the way, it looks like we have seriously digressed from the topic! Mura
  12. We flew to Nice from NYC in May 2018. We booked our own, business. Flew to Brussels, then to Nice. I HAD seen in early research (I think) what looked like a direct flight form NYC but that didn't happen. So perhaps I am misremembering. But we did NOT go non-stop. Mura
  13. It's correct that when we have booked these reservations it was before you could pre-book with SBC. Our last cruise was on Riviera in May 2018.
  14. Despite a number of dinners at La Reserve I'm not sure how to answer. Most of our menus (everything except the Bourgeoise) have had at least one meat dish (usually beef as the piece de resistance) and all have cheese some place. But it does seem to me that I have found menus at the website. I maybe wrong. If I am, it's because others have posted them here. Skipping one course because of meat or cheese wouldn't be a disaster, but if the menu has much of those items than I think you would be right to cancel. Somewhere I have past menus ... if I locate them in a timely fashion, I'll send them along. Mura
  15. I think you were very lucky! I'm not saying (obviously) that it's "impossible" to book on board. It really can depend on what other passengers want to do on your particular itinerary -- just as, on some cruises it's easy to get "extra" specialty restaurant reservations and on others it can be nigh impossible. We've been to La Reserve on several cruises and always booked in advance, paying by credit card. If you want to use SBC (or OBC) then it can be worth the risk to wait. I prefer to be sure that I will have the reservation! On the occasion when I had to cancel (because I had to cancel the cruise) the credit on my card came through quickly. Others have mentioned that even when the scheduled dinners are fully booked, if you can get others to join you it's possible to have an extra dinner scheduled. No guarantees! But it has happened. Mura
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