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  1. My chance to try to try ... Think I got it. This is from Cape Horn but on our 2002 NCL cruise, not O ... I'll try for more current photos later! Mura
  2. Paul, we did once have a refund of our trip insurance policy. I wish I could positively remember which one that was. But I think, I'm pretty sure, that it was when Ren went belly-up. Which is a difference situation from what is happening now. Mura
  3. As I said, I don't remember the name of the ship. It might well have been the Lofoten. Not being on the internet in those days (!) I didn't really keep a diary. I remember a young German passenger letting me use his camera when we were in the Trollfjord. It was night time and my camera, old even in 1975, couldn't do anything. Or perhaps he just loaned me his flash ... I would think that our "boat" carried more than 100 passengers but probably not more than 250. Now that you mention it, as I recall most of the passengers on our cruise in 1975 were Brits and Germans. There was a very obnoxious Italian group that boarded for 3 days mid-cruise. (I should say that it was the guide who was obnoxious, not her group. She felt that she could block people so that her people could get to the buffet first, and I made sure that she did not. Having traveled on NY subways for about 5 years at that point, I knew how to do it ... NOT that I usually do so!) Despite our small first class dining room, we had assigned seating for meals. Our companions were two older German ladies (these days we are probably older than they were at the time) and they spoke wonderful English and were excellent companions. In one of our ports -- perhaps Hammerfest, I'm not sure -- they wanted to climb the local "mountain" (not exactly the Rockies or Andies) but didn't do so because no fellow passengers were around and considering their age they were reluctant to do so alone. Back then boiled potatoes were served with ALL meals ... on the one occasion that they had fried potatoes they included boiled potatoes as well. That amused us. Beer was horrendously expensive on board. (Not unusual in Scandinavia even today.) We never considered ordering real liquor ... Still, a wonderful trip. When we returned home we discovered that close friends had a last minute trip a few days before or after us, although they only did it for 3 days while we did it for 12. In Trondheim, Ray, who was a great photographer raced to find a shop to develop his film. He gave the shop the mailer so it could be returned to his home. Unfortunately, he forgot to indicate his address on the form! And their cab driver had lived in NYC for some years ... I just saw Clo's addition ... On this cruises our shower did have a curb, but when we did a Galapagos trip in 1989 we had a last minute vessel change. Our first boat was a 3 room sail boat that capsized shortly before we were to leave. So we transferred to another boat that carried 12 passengers. We were only nine, but because of the four of us who'd been booked on the capsized sail boat, we had the bathroom that flooded whenever someone took a shower. And if you want to question our being in a bunk bed room on the Bergen Lines ship, don't ask me about our cabin on this motor cruiser! Even so, we loved it. Again, we were still relatively young ...
  4. We were younger them Susie! Just because we tend to sail in suites now doesn't mean we always did. And in that case Howard knew I was interested in the Norwegian coastal cruise, which at the time was booked 2 years ahead, according to the NY Times. Remember, this was in July 1975. When he called, just for information, he was informed that there had just been a cancellation for this first class suite with bathroom and bunk beds, leaving in 2 weeks, and he took it. I doubt I'd take bunk beds today ... but it wouldn't be impossible as long as he took the top one! Mura
  5. Before Hurtigruten was Hurtigruten it was Bergen Lines. (I'm pretty sure of that but could be wrong; I'm sure because the Norwegian itineraries are pretty much the same for both lines.) We loved our Norwegian coastal cruise (Bergen to NorthCape and back) in 1975. As with Hurtigruten, it was largely local traffic for one port or two, and also a mail boat. Some stops were as long as 15 minutes, but when we were in Trondheim I think we were overnight. We had one of the six first class cabins with an en suite bath, but it was very small with bunk beds. As I said at the beginning of this paragraph, we loved it. I'm sure Hurtigruten isn't using the old Bergen Line vessels from the 1970s ... they current ships certainly LOOK bigger. But they aren't immense. Passengers were mostly European back then but certainly not exclusively. And my recollection is announcements in English, but that's so long ago I'm not positive about that. Certainly we didn't have a problem with language. Back then my French, Italian and German were pretty good so announcements in those languages wouldn't have been a problem ... although any in Norwegian would have been pretty much useless to us, even though my mother's grandparents came from Norway to the U.S. around the 1870s. Enough! Mura
  6. Excellent advice, Paul. Easy for me to say, of course, since we aren't involved ... I'd be feeling the pain if we were! In the meantime we are hunkered down in our apartment and never going outside ... fortunately we have generous neighbors who will shop for us when necessary. One of them even refused reimbursement today!
  7. I remain increasingly happy that we aren't sailing these days ... not that I don't want to return to cruising, but these days it's not a great experience. I can wait!
  8. Capisco. When we book a cruise we almost always do our own hotels pre- and post-cruise, not to mention air. And we book these things very early most of the time. Hotels aren't a problem to cancel, but airfare is another issue! And yes, sometimes we pre-book opera or ballet tickets, even theater (depending on where we are) ... those are never cheap and NOT refundable. In June 2014 in London we joined a friend for Angela Lansbury's last performance in Blithe Spirit in London and it was so spectacular. The cast was crying, the audience (mostly young people!) was standing. It was so spectacular. Glad we didn't miss those tickets! And she was just fabulous! Mura
  9. I didn't think you were, Clo. I was direction my comment elsewhere ... or at least I think I was! Mura
  10. I'd say that two weeks in this climate isn't bad at all. Of course I can say that because we didn't have anything booked! Although I wonder if it's easier for them to refund a deposit (especially to North American passengers) than full payment ...
  11. They have a ton of refunds to issue. I would be patient. When we took a downsell three years ago we had the promised money within a few days. But they didn't have 29,000 awaiting refunds at the time ... Likewise, whenever we cancelled where there was only a deposit in question, we had the money very quickly. That was then and now is now.
  12. Orv, I agree that it's hard to believe that someone running a high credit card at outrageous interest rates would be in a position to sail on Oceania. But it's not impossible ... Definitely highly unlikely. That's the main reason I could see NOT to pay by credit card is all I meant ...
  13. Then I misunderstood when they referred to "balcony cabins". It's true that the suites also have balconies!
  14. Today's mail had two brochures from O and one from NCL ... And we haven't sailed on NCL since 2010 but we have sailed a LOT with O. Just not now! I was wondering why they would be a sending out brochures these days (although they could be trying to entice you to a log-off cruise) ... but it's certainly a waste of money. However, a phone call trying to entice you to book now ... I'm flumbuzzled at the idea. Please don't call me! The answer will be a hangup! Mura
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