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  1. I have no argument about that. The mask is more to protect the people you will encounter. I am not one who objects to wearing a mask or who will attack people who do! But it IS uncomfortable ... at least for me. Even when just walking down the hall to pick up my paper this morning (on the same floor) I fogged up my glasses ...
  2. Back to table size ... Back in 2010 on an "R" ship we were a group of 8. The organizer's TA arranged for a post-boat drill for us in Polo (or was it Toscana?) for all of us. (But I've rarely seen a table for 8 in the "R" specialties. Not that I was looking for them.) The captain's table in the GDR does hold 10 people as far as I recall but conversation is very difficult at such a large table. Capt. Flokos sat in the center whereas on prior "captain's tables" the captain was at one end and we were always at the other. Conversation was impossible in that situation! At least for us ... Of course, we did have closer tablemates with whom we could converse ... I would suggest that you'll do better to split up. And of course, if distancing is going to be in the near future then you probably cannot all sit at one table anyway. Maybe you can arrange a mix-and-match if your people so that everyone gets to dine with everyone else, just at different times. Mura
  3. I don't know that the current problem will continue forever. But the 1919 Spanish flu lasted three years, I think with three waves. I haven't heard that there was ever a vaccine for that BUT it was not that long before life went back to "normal" ... if you ignore the Great Depression and WWII! I have no crystal ball that tells me we'll have a similar time frame, with or without a vaccine for Coronavirus. I can only hope so. I am not looking forward to several years of home deliveries of groceries and depending on kind neighbors for the same. I hate wearing a mask because of the discomfort but out of consideration for the people I will encounter, I do. Its not so much for my protection as it is for theirs. I wasn't anticipating much travel in the future even before this because of my husband's problems. For now it's quite clear that we won't be traveling in the immediate future for sure. I hope to travel again ... can't blame Europe for banning US-ers given our poor record with virus transmissions. I'd love to go again but given my age, who knows? And we DO know Susiesan from a 2006 Oceania cruise ... while we don't agree on every point, she does do her research!! Mura
  4. We have never taken the drink package for two reasons -- DH doesn't drink much (orange juice, no ice please). An occasional sip of my wine. Sometimes he even orders a glass of his own! I might have taken the prestige package for myself if I could order a bottle of wine from the list rather than a short selection of glasses of wine. Since I can't, I will bring on a bottle (maybe two depending on the length of the cruise) of vodka for in-room consumption. When we're in a suite that gives us the 6 bottle package, again depending on the length of the cruise, I may or may not bring some extra on board -- or perhaps buy something on shore if need more. For the poster who felt that people who bring on more than 3 bottles are "breaking the rules", that is not the case. It's just a rule that is only enforced when people become obnoxious. A CYA rule, so to speak. People who bring more and follow the rules about where and when (and if a corkage fee is to be paid) and not breaking the rules. Of course, as Lyn has said ... who knows what rules will be in place in the post-Covid future. Mura
  5. Speaking of masks .. I have some nice ones I bought from a private source. But I hate wearing them! Whenever I exhale warmth results inside the mask. It's most uncomfortable. BUT ... since I'm in NYC where they are required I use them ... and since I'm rarely leaving my apartment these days, I will carry it with me and put it on if I see someone approaching. Now that NYC has upped it's requirements (or maybe I should say decreased them) on my short walk to the mailbox today about half the people I encountered were wearing masks. Then again, this is a small residential neighborhood even though we are very close to Cadman Plaza where lots of protestors have congregated in recent weeks. Even though we are only about 5 blocks away, we haven't heard any chanting. Yet. I see that Edgee and I have similar reactions ... I will carry the mask with me when I'm walking through our building and put them on when I encounter anyone. We were in China in May 2008 when pollution was horrendous, but none of us thought of using masks at the time. I have to admit that we probably should have when in major cities! The pollution in Beijing a few months before the Olympics was astonishing. I was going to end this post by commenting on something I saw today on a left-ish wing internet newsletter. I've deleted it because I don't want to be political here. But I found the comments very interesting. Write to me privately if you want to know what the discussion entailed. The main gist was why some people object mightily to anyone wearing a mask. You all probably know what these arguments are already! Mura Mura
  6. Not us, Paul! We were on the R2 (now Regatta) on our first Renaissance cruise. Of the Oceania "R" ships we have cruised on Regatta the most. So SHE is the one we would miss ... even knowing that the ships are all pretty identical. We were offered a bridge tour in O's early days, where we were sworn to secrecy about the event, and were absolutely thrilled to see that the schematic of the R2 was still on the bridge walls ... Mura
  7. Here we have to agree to disagree. While we love both the OC and the VS, we vastly prefer the fitness room to the -- for us, useless -- media room. We do use the media room for storage, however ... We've been in Deck 8 VS cabins on Marina twice, and in the OC aft cabins 3 or 4 times. We didn't encounter the wind problem that people complain about with the VS veranda, but it's true that there were some times when the deck furniture was tied down. But in OUR experience, those times were few and far between.
  8. Back to the flu ... My husband has always religiously gotten a flu shot. I was far more sporadic in the past, although I HAVE gotten the shot for the past few years. Well, I'm now in the age range where is very difficult if you get the flu ... I've never had any side effects from the shot. Back in the late '60s I caught the Hong Kong flu and I have never suffered as much with another illness as I did then. It was mostly aches and pains as I recall, but I was totally miserable. My office felt I was irreplaceable and called me back early ... so I suffered a relapse. After that they let me recover in peace. As bad as that Hong Kong flu was (hey, was it really from Hong Kong?) I'm sure a real Covid-19 infection will be far worse. So I await a vaccine, but I don't have many hopes that it will be soon ... Mura
  9. Mura

    Walked talkies

    When we were on NCL's GEM about 10 years ago the ship provided us with phones to call each other ... we never used them. The GEM as I recall had 1750 passengers-- or was it 2300? -- far larger than the "R" ships and also larger than the "O" ships. We never have felt a need to contact each other while wandering around the ship on our own ... then again, we've never been on a ship larger than GEM. We just tend to make a "date" as to when we will meet up later. Mura
  10. Just to voice another semi-opinion ... depending on the port and how long we've been there, we may opt for early embarkation (we're usually in a PH or possibly above) OR we may eat on shore. When we were staying Rome for a Civitavecchia departure, we didn't get to the ship until around 4pm. And that was for a 10pm sailaway as I recall. When we're leaving from Barcelona, we've usually been there for 3 days or so ... and depending on what we want to do that morning, we may go to the ship around 11am or wait until 2-3pm. We don't mind the zoo in Terrace on boarding days ... but I can see why others would! And if it's truly a zoo with no seats (this can depend on whether you're on an "R" or "O" ship), we're happy to have a late lunch at Waves. There's always dinner to look forward to ... Mura
  11. Probably because the first rule isn't a real rule. It's a CYA rule. I've never known anyone to be affected by it, including us. I don't usually bring a lot on board, so probably 3-4 wines and 1 vodka is my limit. But it's never been a problem.
  12. I once asked about guests in the cabin (for insuite dining from specialties) and I'm not sure that I'm remembering correctly. But it seemed to me that I was told there would be a charge for the extra two guests. Maybe NOT if they were also in a PH or above. I really don't know. As for the seating, while the table in above the PH level SHOULD be able to accommodate 4 people, from my perspective it did not. Jim/Stan objected when I said this! I do think I've heard that the butler can bring in a "table top" that would allow more comfortable seating for 4, but we never tried that. Of course, as others have said -- who knows what will be the options once cruising starts up again. If people still have to stay 6 feet apart ... in suite dining will only work for 2 people. Mura
  13. I apologize for the delay in responding because I've been battling my computer for most of the day and only am coming to CC this evening. But in reading the posts after yours, I think you have sufficient info! Yes, the interior of the aft OCs is smaller than the Deck 12 OCs, but we love that huge veranda! And not having an exit from the bedroom space to the veranda didn't bother us at all. Also, the second bathroom is a half bath rather than a full bath, which certainly could bother some ... but not us! We use the media room mostly for storage of purchases, etc., so that it is smaller in the aft cabins doesn't bother us at all. When we had a few private cocktail parties in our aft OC with tour partners, they were thrilled with the space ... for what that is worth! I doubt that it will matter in the end what you pick. These are lovely suites wherever the location. If in the future we might be able to sail again (not likely, but not impossible) I think we'd opt for the aft OC over a VS ... and price is not the main consideration! The Vistas do have advantages -- larger space, etc. -- but there is the wind issue on the veranda (which we personally did not experience the few times we were in a Vista) as well as that VERY long walk to the restaurants ... Mura
  14. We have only stayed in the aft OCs although we were booked in a Deck 12 OC for a cruise that we had to cancel. I'm sure we'd have been happy there, but we really do love the aft cabins. But that is US. One advantage of the aft OCs is that it's not hard to get to a restaurant. On the other hand, it might be better to have a long walk! When we were in Vistas on Marina Howard was able to forgoe his after dinner walk since he figured that the walk to and from the restaurants was about the same as his after-diner walk when we were midships ... The midship locations have their advantages as well. But we DO love the huge verandas and the wonderful views on the Deck 11 OCs ... Mura
  15. Maybe we should take over Horizons and set up 3 dozen tables? No, I guess that wouldn't work either. Besides, lots of us are reluctant to travel any time soon ... Personally, I'd love to have dinner with all of you ... just don't know when that can happen. Mura
  16. That may be more like watermelons and oranges! 😀
  17. Since our last cruise was in the spring of 2018 we did not see any of this. NOT EVEN when we had Noro on an earlier cruise (2015). But when you say you were having "inside dining" but the server changed gloves whenever she went to a different table, that makes me question if you had service inside your cabin ... When we were served in our cabin there weren't any other tables! Are we talking apples and oranges? Just asking! Mura
  18. An interesting question. Personally, I don't see why it should. But if they need to be super careful, I can see where there might be problems. I cannot myself see why they should be necessary. All they are doing is holding a bottle. Or opening it. Along those lines, how about butlers serving meals inside cabins? It seems to me that doing so could be more of a problem -- depending on what the new rules will be. Will the butler show up with a mask, gloves and a breathing tube? I guess cruising will never be the same ... at least NOT until Covid is gone. After all, the Spanish Flu did disappear ... but didn't that take about 3 years? Mura
  19. I agree that it can be a mess but in our experience it's far worse on the "O" ships. More people trying to leave at the same time ... When we left the ship in Rio (2013) it was particularly bad. This was on Marina. We were docked as far away as possible from the terminal, so luggage was loaded into 8 passenger vans -- one at a time. (The Regent ship that had had the same itinerary except for one port was up at the front ...) Two people in our group were smarter than the rest of us and they went down to the crew gangway ... they were out quickly without a problem., Those of us hanging around Reception had a MUCH longer wait. I was impressed by our General Manager (Dominique Nicolle) who was out there loading luggage into the vans with the rest of the crew.
  20. I think you are absolutely right!
  21. Agree also that an August cruise is highly unlikely. Already we saw today (maybe on another thread) that suddenly August cruises are "full up". That's generally a sign they are about to be cancelled. I agree with others that the most likely scenario is that nothing will sail before late 2020. I would LOVE to be wrong!
  22. I have seen complaints (or maybe just questions) here about being close to the elevator or stairs. When we have been in those locations it was never a problem. It's true that some people think they need to talk loudly, no matter what the time of day, when they are "chatting" with each other while they walk up/down stairs or wait for an elevator. We live in Brooklyn Heights, a very quite residential neighborhood in NYC (aka Brooklyn). Most of the time it's extremely quiet at night. We have a duplex apartment on the first and second floors. When I sleep on the first floor sometimes the students who know live in a nearby dorm -- after a night of drinking -- will walk down the street, loudly talking to each other. This is very rare but it DOES happen. That noise is much louder than what I ever heard on an Oceania ship, even when near the suspect locations. We also never had a problem when located near to a laundry room, not that anyone has asked recently ...
  23. Assuming Covid-19 continues for a while, it certainly will affect how any cruise line deals with seating at mealtime. It sure was easier in the "old days"! In that case, smaller ships should be BETTER. Shouldn't they? Mura
  24. Perhaps the method of choosing a table in the specialties will change so that there is an early and a late seating. But I'd be interesting in knowing what is considered "late". 7:30? 9:00?
  25. We aren't currently booked on anything so my answer is no, I wouldn't trust that everything will be back to normal by then. If it is, I could book then. I still have the problem of leaving DH home alone ... Not because he depends on my presence so much but because of his vision problems which is why he no longer wants to travel. But I'm with PaulChili ... I'd want a dependable vaccine on hand before I sail again. Mura
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