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  1. Very sad news. Sending healing vibes Bob's way. You are very good friends to stay with him! That HAS got to help. Mura
  2. I'm sure you would! I wasn't trying to convince anyone ... just give our feelings. I'd be happy with a Deck 12 suite as well. We once had one booked but ended up having to cancel that cruise. So -- so far we've only been in the aft suites. Sort of like the location for proximity to the restaurants, as well ... 🙂
  3. It may not be a matter of showers, but perhaps space? I remember years ago -- this goes back to Renaissance days, I think, so we're talking about an "R" ship Owner's Suite. That has a large master bath and a powder room for guests. This couple had intestinal problems and were delighted to have a second facility! As with you, we probably wouldn't need two showers. (Besides, in the OC suites you have the outside Jacuzzi ... might be cool at night, though.) But it's definitely more spacious with the full second bath. Not at all a deal breaker for us, obviously! Mura
  4. We have been in 11083 on Marina twice and 11080 on Riviera once. We love the aft suites. We did visit one of the Deck 12 OCs a few years ago and I decided then that I prefer the aft suites. Yes, there's more interior room on the Deck 12 suites ... BUT I love the extra size wrap-around deck on the aft suites. Although I admit a full second bath rather than a half bath would be nice ... but we can live with the half bath! Mura
  5. Considering that I had measles when I was 10, and I'm quite a bit older than that now ... not very easy to do!
  6. If it's silly you don't have to partake! It's a little thing, that's all. I wouldn't mind just being presented with one kind of chopstick ... as long as it wasn't one of those cheap wooden ones you get with takeout!
  7. I'm with Paul in that Jacques is our favorite venue on the "O" ships. We differ somewhat in that Red Ginger is our least favorite -- but I do enjoy the tea choice, the chop stick choice, etc. For us, we've always been Szechuan people so Asian Fusion doesn't do it for us. But one of our best meals ever was in RG when Jancruz arranged a pre-ordered dinner for 8. It was spectacular. And we celebrated another passenger's birthday in RG on Sirena in October '16 (a few days after MY birthday had been celebrated in the GDR) and while I, as a professional singer that was, usually cannot abide the waiters' renditions of happy birthday, in RG they had a charming routine that was JUST PLAIN FUN. We all have our choices. Mura
  8. Me too, Jan! Especially if we are far aft or forward ... If we want a 180 degree view, we go up top. Mura
  9. I looked for your Roll Call and didn't fine one. There are two set up already for May 2020: May 1st and May 25th. So you may need to get the ball rolling yourself. You might want to check into the May 1st Roll Call in case some of the members signed up are going on to your cruise as well. I have no idea how likely that is, but then again it isn't IMpossible. Those two are still with scant population: May 1st has 10 members, May 25th has two. I looked into setting it up for you, since I've done so before, but the "new" system is sending me in circles! Good luck ... Mura
  10. Exactly! In skimming through these comments I didn't notice if anyone mentioned best times, especially if you want to dine alone -- generally early or late! Other options are to share with people you've met up with already (say at your Roll Call) OR just to say I'll share with anyone you want. We've had some of our best dinners that way! (And never a bad one although I do recall one dinner with two women who we just didn't have much in common -- nor they with us. But it was still a pleasant dinner.) On our last cruise we ended up at a sharing table with two other couples -- British -- maybe just because we came in at the same time! But it was one of the best dinners we've ever had. And the food wasn't bad either ... On another occasion we were (again) at a table for six in the GDR and it turned out that ALL of us were musicians. That was very special indeed. It's always harder to get a table for two if that is what you wish, which is why booking an early table or late table can be your best option, unless you manage to enter the booking lottery at the earliest possible moment. In that case, the higher level cabins have a definite advantage. Mura
  11. Feijoada is one of our favorite dishes -- we have a few Brazilian restaurants in NYC that are quite good, but what we had in Rio was a heck of a lot better! And my favorite tipple in Brazil is either Brahma or cachaca! By the way, the Portuguese version of Feijoada -- at least the one time we tried it -- doesn't begin to compare to the Brazilian version! We were having a late lunch at Ipanema on our first visit to Rio in(March 1974 -- we were newlyweds. The Feijoada was fabulous, but the highlight was when the husband of the only other couple there came over to toast us. It was their 25th wedding anniversary and he hoped that we would be as happy as they were. How nice was that! Mura
  12. Aren't we both continuing to say the same thing????????????
  13. It was lovely and not very crowded when we were there in July ... but that was July 1977. The NY Times Travel Section will have an article this week on six places to go in Europe that are NOT crowded. Mura
  14. That was my original point, but then someone said something that reminded me we are talking about a very long cruise and going in for a fancy dinner -- whether the food is deemed fancy or not -- can get rather wearing. No one has to have beef wellington or lobster thermidor every night, that's for sure.
  15. Marina and Riviera are larger ships and so they have room for the two lounges. The "R" ships don't. But as Lyn says, there are several options for morning coffee. Mura
  16. I admit that when I answered earlier I was forgetting that this is a 6 month cruise which means oft repeating menus! So I can see being happy with Waves or Terrace as the time goes on ...
  17. Lots of passengers adore the food, others not so much. We all have our own taste buds and personal likes. Some like gourmet food, others are like Bob and prefer simpler food. My husband loves spicy food but his body no longer does! Nobody is wrong.
  18. Further to Paul, while some food is "fancy", I won't argue ... not all of it is, even in the "real" restaurants. It's easy enough to find a simple course or to ask for sauces (etc.) on the side. Mura
  19. I'm no interior designer so no suggestions ... BUT while I do like the larger bathroom I could do without the expanded walk-in closet. It's not that I don't like the closet: I do. But OTOH we always had plenty of storage room on the "R" ships -- even in the standard veranda cabins. So I could do without the walk-in closet if it gave better options for where to put a real dining table. As to tubs, it seems that O has been busily removing them ... I don't like THAT idea, but then again I'm one who doesn't mind a combination tub/shower. I know many disagree with me on that score. Mura
  20. We much preferred the PH dining table setup on the "R" ships. While we used the table several times for breakfast and dinner on Marina, it was only tolerable. Not really comfortable. Strange since the PH room on the "O" ships is larger than on the "R" ships and yet that was their solution. I wonder if the "upgrading" will deal with this issue.
  21. Oh, Pam, I'm so sorry to hear this. Healing vibes are coming your way! Mura
  22. I'm very surprised at the condition of your cabin on Marina, not to mention the poor service you describe. We've been on Marina more than a few times and never saw anything like you described. And it has never occurred to me to ask the staff to put the suitcase under the bed. I HAVE asked them to store a large suitcase (that did not fit under the bed) elsewhere and they were always happy to do so. Mura
  23. That's all well and good but I don't do coach anymore on domestic flights of 6 hours or so either! Maybe I would if they stopped reducing the pitch and width of the seats! But I'm too old and decrepit these days to handle cattle car situations ... For 2-3 hours I can handle it. Mura
  24. When we did the Lima-NYC cruise in 2015 we looked into Copa and nearly booked with them, but in the end we used FF miles. We used AA at the time: LaGuardia to Miami, Miami to Lima. We were in business class. I wouldn't do a long flight (like the second leg) in coach anymore, although for the flight to Miami we wouldn't have minded coach. I don't recall exactly, but I believe that we decided against Copa primarily for comments such as you've seen above where it isn't "really" business, but that wasn't the deciding factor at all. When we realized we had enough miles for the AA flights, we opted for a known quantity. From what has been said above, I wouldn't hesitate to use Copa for the right itinerary -- as long as you know what you are really getting. Mura
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