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  1. I would agree that often couples look for a private table in Terrace, but we have often shared there. I'm not one to ask if I can join another couple BUT if I see another couple looking for a table and we are a 40-top, we invite them to join us. It's not like Terrace ONLY has smaller tables. There are lots of 4- and 6-tops available. We also like to share in the GDR. It's been a great way to meet other passengers. Mura
  2. Mura

    Met and Greet

    Mia, Actually, I'm not sure! I don't think I ever got a specific email address to use. I probably asked my TA to forward the request to the ship. It does depend, I'm sure, in how far in advance you are trying to contact them. One approach might be to call Oceania and ask for contact information for the concierge onboard. Good luck!
  3. I'm repeating myself here but this is a newish thread ... In the past we did mostly DIY tours with other passengers. With the onset of oLife we did take their tours. We aren't interested in the drink package. We get plenty of OBC from our TA and the ship because we're "gold". We chose the tours selectively so that they were on the higher end of the ones offered, which meant that we got more back than we paid in the surcharge of oLife. You need to check these things out. In the future we might or might not take tours, depending on what we find. We've always come out ahead. BUT, that being said, the surcharge for oLife has consistently gone up so that we might opt out in the future. OBC can be handy if you don't want the drink package but still would be interested in buying some liquor -- whether in the bars or bottles of wine at dinner. Your choices on the package (as far as wine is concerned) are limited so we prefer to bring on a few bottles of our own and buy some from the list. Real oenophiles (we aren't) don't necessarily like the list but it suits our needs, even with inflated prices. Since prices can be equally inflated in restaurants, we just choose carefully. As others have said, do your research.
  4. Mura

    Met and Greet

    My experience has been that when I present a list to the Concierge they DO send out invites. The concierge decides on a time and place, usually early in the cruise. Once or twice depending on the itinerary that wasn't so easy. On the last two that I set up (both on "O" ships) we decided it was best to go to the venue right after the boat drill. In that case, invitations couldn't be sent out but everyone knew the time and place. We've never needed ship assistance (other than as I've described). It's certainly unfortunate if things weren't handled as well on the ATW this year, but that certainly hasn't been my experience. Maybe things are changing ...
  5. This is true, but since the ATW 2019 has been over for a few months, a new thread addressing the issue of what people do to protect their homes and equipment -- and also what it is suggested they bring along with them for a long cruise -- wouldn't be out of line. It's not as if people who are looking for these questions will automatically come to THIS thread. I have no real interest here since we don't intend to do a 6 month cruise -- our cats wouldn't let us. But lots of people are interested in the subject, so it seems to me that a separate thread would be a good idea. With a proper title, of course. JMO Mura
  6. On the "R" ships we tend to avoid Terrace at breakfast time (especially on tour days) because it CAN be difficult to find a table. It's not such a problem on the "O" ships. We rarely have had trouble finding a table for lunch or dinner in Terrace on the "R" ships. I should mention that we tend to go in later for those meals, definitely not opening time. These days we will have breakfast in the GDR on days when we don't need to be off the ship quickly, and on tour days we'll order in to our room. The one time in recent years when we took a downsell to a B1, we did have breakfast in Terrace on tour days and we didn't have a problem that I recall with finding a table. For the record, this was on Nautica. Mura
  7. Mura

    Met and Greet

    I'm surprised at Bob's comments. I won't deny that Oceania doesn't support CC Meet&Greets, but I've never had a problem either. These days they seem to want an email to the concierge prior to the cruise whereas in the past I just met with the concierge on Day #1. They always have provided space for us and a few nibbles -- nuts, potato chips and the like. In the early days -- I mean really early, when the yahoo Oceania board still existed -- Oceania would host M&Gs for groups that had at least 35 members. But CC took away the yahoo people (for many reasons that I won't go into) and that support ultimately disappeared. But I never had problems setting up a M&G ... then again, I was doing these for a single cruise, not a RTW cruise! Mura
  8. We also get a table first. I will say that it has sometimes been difficult to find a table on the "R" ships but we've never had a problem on the "O" ships. It's just that Marina and Riviera have so much more space than Regatta, etc., do. We will leave objects on the table to show that it's taken -- I remember seeing comments about people who have moved such objects while the original occupants were getting their food, but that's never happened to us. Often I will go check out the food given DH's vision problems these days. I may bring back two plates or just one. Or I will make two trips. Often we go through the offerings so that I can tell Howard what is there. And we always check out the menu posted outside first. We've never had a problem at dinner but lunch and breakfast can have its problems depending on how many people suddenly arrive ... We like Terrace a lot ...
  9. Mura

    Met and Greet

    I've set up a number of these get togethers, some for more than 100, others for 20-30. I always spoke to the Concierge to pick the time and space. Usually it was on the first sea day (if there is one) but they don't want it to conflict with the captain's party. MOST of the time we've been in Horizons but on our last two cruises -- one on Marina, one on Riviera -- there were a number of alumni groups on board who took priority in Horizons. On those occasions we were assigned the Sanctuary (Deck 14, port side, just forward of the Sun Deck). We were around 25-30 people for both of these and I actually came to prefer it to Horizons. That's because in Horizons people tend to sit at tables for four, and there was less of an inclination (usually) to circulate. There isn't real seating in the Sanctuary -- it's set up with lounge chairs which aren't conducive to groups sitting! So people did circulate, and there were plenty of waiters taking drink orders.
  10. We aren't pool people and I have no sympathy for those who think they can reserve a chair or lounger for the entire day ... so congratulations to all you folks to stand up to them. It's unfortunate that there are so many who think it's their right to monopolize space in this way, no matter WHERE it is. Mura
  11. I would disagree with those who say that Pisa can be missed. We enjoyed our time there. That being said, Pisa was a 2 hour visit for us (while others in our group climbed the tower we toured the Cathedral) and Florence is a 3-4 day visit, even without the museums being open. We chose not to go back to Florence, even using O's bus transfer, because the time to get there and back was close to the amount of time we'd have there ... and we'd spent several days in Florence the year before. So we did (as I said earlier) Pisa and Lucca. If you've never seen Florence, and think you might not have another opportunity, then by all means opt for Florence on your port day. Mura
  12. Mura

    Forgot Meds

    This could well explain why the pharmacy told us "aspirin" wasn't available whereas our Danish friends told us that indeed it is. We'd have purchased paradetamol had we known that it is the Danish version of tylenol ... although maybe not. I'm one of those people who finds plain old aspirin far more effective than acetaminophen. The staff at this pharmacy spoke excellent English but I wouldn't expect them to know the Danish terms for all of our every day meds.
  13. Mura

    Forgot Meds

    I may well be misremembering but I'm thinking that when we were in Copenhagen a couple of years ago we were told that aspirin was not available. I'll have to check my diary to see if this is true. Aha! I was right. The pharmacy told us aspirin wasn't available in Denmark ... but they had something that contained codeine! Later, when we spoke to our Danish friends, they said that aspirin IS indeed available in Denmark, so perhaps it was just this one pharmacy that didn't have it and they wanted to sell us what they did have. Not being interested in anything with codeine, we took a pass. Mura
  14. Better a day early than a day late!
  15. Weather is changeable as we all know. We had great weather both at Cape Horn and the Falklands, but the cruise just before us couldn't go on shore because the seas were so bad. They were there maybe two-three days before we were. Mura
  16. Way back when -- before Oceania came into existence -- we were on an NCL cruise from Buenos Aires to Santiago. We did go to Cape Horn --- and the weather was gorgeous that day. But no, we did NOT land on shore. If I'm remembering correctly -- always questionable -- you can go on land on some of the "expedition" cruises, but I don't think any of the bigger ships permit that. And maybe that is because THEY aren't permitted to take passengers on shore. But it's a wonderful view.
  17. Good luck with getting what you want, Clo. We generally have! So far if I'm calculating right you have an hour to go ... Mura
  18. But you wouldn't need to go into the GDR during meal times, would you? Many years ago I was giving a recital in Denmark after our cruise ended. This was on Renaissance and in those days the GDR had a grand piano in the far (aft) corner with a small dancing floor as well. We were able to rehearse in the GDR while waiters were setting up, etc. I don't know if they appreciated what they were hearing (!) but there was no problem with our doing so. So in your case, if you decide that working in the GDR would be appropriate ask permission from the authorities and you could easily spread out at a table. If waiters were setting up for the next meal, I'm sure they'd be willing to wait until you are finished with your work. It seems to me this could work ... assuming the authorities today would do as authorities did for us in 2001. And it's not as if the waiters start setting up right after breakfast and continue until lunch, then continued after lunch until dinner time. At least I don't THINK it is! Mura
  19. Remember that you are guaranteed a certain number of reservations depending on length of cruise and your cabin category. BUT you are allowed as many as you can get once you are on board. It depends again on demand. On some cruises more passengers want extra reservations than on other cruises.
  20. I guess you could all have shared that cabin since you were all #1! 🤣
  21. Clo, firstly if you are on a waitlist it's best to pay the deposit. That can boost you up above people who waited to pay the deposit until they get a room. Secondly, and probably more important, your TA can tell you just where you are in line. You might well take your chances if you are #4 or #5, but would you do so if you are #20? Mura
  22. It's good to hear that O has extended the "window" for the deviation fee ... but I would still suggest that the OP check out fares that they can get on their own and then factor in the deviation fee. Depending on the departure airport, flights can be inconvenient. We leave from NYC, for example, and getting to Europe even on a non-stop usually isn't difficult with the ship's air. But for people from the Midwest or even the far west, it can be different. And if they want better than coach seats, that's another reason to look on their own. Mura
  23. Well, since we have always booked direct with our TA I can't really advise you. It worked out fine with Renaissance and I suppose that it would with Oceania as well. It has always seemed to me (JMO) that the real advantage of transferring to a TA is when you book on board. So I go direct to our TA when I decide on a cruise.
  24. Mura

    Hotel Oceania?

    It will be interesting to hear what he has to say!
  25. True, the transfer is free if using their hotel package BUT you're paying twice as much for the hotel as you would if you booked it on your own.
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