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  1. I am Australian so we usually say Lift but for the internationals I thought Elevator may be more correct. I also see what you see as the misconception. All the stations have escalators and lifts. This may also clarify it. Cheers Clark
  2. South Australia is one of the few places you can easily get Sparkling Red wines. If you have chance to sample some please do.
  3. There can always be unforeseen circumstance with any form of transfer in Sydney. Our usual transfer from the Airport is using the train. They leave regularly from both the International and Domestic terminals. Lugging suitcases up and down elevators may be an issue for some but the trains are setup well. The current cost is about AU$18-19. Payment is via a purchased ticket at the platform, Opal Card or a contactless credit card (a new option). Often we have found that the trip is quick and easy with the station at Circular Quay being about the same distance as the length of the ship you are getting on.
  4. We go to So5 on Embarkation day for lunch and generally for lunch throughout the cruises. The all you can eat price is tempting but we usually do Ala-carte because we cannot eat that much and doesn't cost any more. We always enjoy our Spicy Mangotini's which aren't available at any other restaurant. They come out of the WCB. So5 is rarely busy for lunch and it is open every day. We do notice that sometimes there are more officers than passengers. Towards the end of the cruise it always gets busier as everyone is trying to use up cruise credits. We usually add up the remaining and give it as a tip.
  5. Did they fix the crappy window yet on the Solstice in Silk Harvest resturant? We did lunch in Silk Harvest in the New Zealand Fiords as a treat only to find that the window was milky.
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