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  1. Of course they are "spechail" .... Now who will check me in thats what I need to know Regards John
  2. Hi Folks It is an embarkation / disembarkation day .. for the 20 day segment 3rd December to the 23rd ,,, I know as i shall be boarding ... yes white bay a pain in the rear Taxi Territory I fear Looking forward to this cruise on what appears to be a nice classic style ship Regards John
  3. It seems such a long time until we join you on board on 3rd December ! I just paid the full payments yesterday and fixed my air transport from Melbourne to Sydney. We traveled on Pacific Aria in April just a quick trip from Brisbane to Auckland and had one of the large suites , we were a little shocked , the ship was very dirty and salt stained and every window was salt caked , the Varandah had not been cleaned in months. I know this is P&O and not HAL but Pacific Aria is a sister ship to Maasdam and we are concerned about her general condition I assume from posts by a number of seasoned cruisers that the ship itself is maintained to high standards We are very much looking forward to our cruise , this year has been very hard health wize and a nice comfortable ship is what we want ...along with good food and company So any photos taken around the ship would be most welcome Kindest regards John Jean & Elsie
  4. Hi Folks This is all fine .. but wait till you have to disembark on a day like it was yesterday .. I actually disembarked the casualty ward at our local hospital at about the same time you would disembark the ship ... in the rain and the fog and bitterly cold ... thats when station pier comes into its own .. its a disgrace , , Three thousand cruise passengers disembarking in the rain ... well done Melbourne An I live here and would like to see more ships use our port ,,,,,, At the moment I would not recommend it Regards John
  5. Hi MargoK hope you are keeping well ... I'm not so good ... (grin) Last MaxiVan from my home to Tulla Airport was $240 the standard Maxi was $220 ...just love our Melbourne Taxis
  6. From Station Pier to Tullarmarine airport // just about your only sensible option will be a Taxi // just pay the price and grit your teeth /// As a long term resident to MEL I know the issues of getting to and from our airport . expect to pay approx $AUD 120 for the trip Regards John
  7. I took measurements on board Ovation when I was on her ..there were a few venues where 90db was recorded ... you need to point out that such levels are damaging your hearing and you would be able to take them to court for exposing you to such damage. there are a number of free apps for your phone to act as a sound measuring device Levels above 90db ARE damaging hearing ... ask any audiologist Regards John PS FYI Noise Source Decibel Level (dB) How long can you listen without protection? Jet take off 130 0 minutes Ambulance siren 109 Less than 2 minutes Personal music player at maximum volume 106 3.75 minutes Pop/Rock concert 103 7.5 minutes Riding a motorcycle 97 30 minutes Using an electric drill 94 1 hour Most governments regulate noise exposure for safety reasons and the most commonly used maximum acceptable noise exposure level is 85 decibels over eight hours (a typical working day).
  8. December 3rd-23rd 2019 Maasdam to New Zealand and the Pacific Jean John & Elsie that Me the Wife and Mother in Law MIL is Elsie who will be 95 years young traveling with use Oldies Jean 73 and Me John who will have birthday no 73 on December 19th looking forward to this our first HAL cruise .....we have been cruising for many years now so this is indeed something different a new line for us Regards John
  9. VK3DQ

    Saga Christmas

    Hi Oh yes if I went on this I would certainly send you lots of pictures ,, If you recall I was scheduled to to a trip to Madeira for our 50th wedding last year but was taken ill and ended up in hospital and we took a couple of local cruises to make up for this as I was not well enough to go to Europe It a long term wish to return to Madeira its about 55 years since I was last there, I'm torn between a cruise or staying on the Island for a couple of weeks . In the old days you could get a cruise from STON to Funchal and stay and catch a later one back having 2 or 3 weeks on the Island , this was of course before the airport opened around 1964 I think (Bergen Line operated Venus on this service) Saga is for the over 50's and is no kids this is what I want ,and they have two new ships with all the bells and whistles that suit that age group so I think they would suit us , the Christmas cruise has an overnight in Funchal for the fireworks for New Year and of course all of the Islands and very spectacular in regards to Christmas celebrations both secular and religious. I could fly for a lot less than the cruise , however I will not do long haul flights in economy so its not all that cheaper to fly and stay somewhere very nice or fly and take the cruise I am very tempted but would like to see Saga's offerings for March and September 2021 where I suspect I might get a similar cruise for a lot less than the Christmas one The Cruise also calls in Lisbon which would allow me to visit the Amalia Rodrigues museum http://amaliarodrigues.pt which has been on my wish list for some time It does cover a lot of bases , a quick trip to the UK and some of my favorite Atlantic Islands , I expect it to be my last trip to Europe due to slowly declining health if I dont do it soon it wont be possible ... (sigh) But rest assured whatever happens I will report back to Cruse Critic Best Regards John
  10. Hi Folks I have been considering a cruise on one of Sag's new ships and this cruise for Christmas 2020/21 would fit the bill... any thoughts https://travel.saga.co.uk/cruises/ocean/where-we-go/canaries-cruises/canary-island-christmas.aspx?availability=2&duration=1-999&startdate=01/01/2020&enddate=31/12/2020&boardbasis=AI Comments most welcome Regards John
  11. Whilst we do love New Zealand and find the people friendly and hospitable , we have explored many of the cruise ports to the extent that its no longer important to get ashore in fact shore days with many passengers ashore is often the best time to enjoy the ship Best Regards John
  12. The Low % of Victorians cruising is a direct reflection of the low number of Melbourne departures .. a "new" cruise terminal is urgently needed if Melbourne is to remain a viable cruise port... Station Pier is a real mess .. just hope it not raining when you next use it Regards John
  13. Are you sure you dont mean Top End as this is all I can see for FEB 2020 https://secure.royalcaribbean.com.au/cruises/16NightAustraliaTopEndCruise-RD16K041?currencyCode=AUD&sCruiseType=CO&sDateMin=2020-02-01&sDateMax=2020-02-29&sailDate=02%2F09%2F2020
  14. What ship , wither bound???
  15. Bush Poets .. I do like Lawson .... IE "Do you think I do not Know" or even "The Bush Girl" Both sung nicely by Pricilla Herdman Showing my age now Regards John
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