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  1. Bush Poets .. I do like Lawson .... IE "Do you think I do not Know" or even "The Bush Girl" Both sung nicely by Pricilla Herdman Showing my age now Regards John
  2. Geee off again ... he's never home Enjoy Les , and please report back to us if you can Regards John
  3. https://www.atsb.gov.au/publications/investigation_reports/2019/mair/me-2019-005/ Regards John
  4. Ohhh VK3DQ in a Zodiac .... oh dear that would be a sight to behold the last time I was in an inflatable was when we attempted to get to Deal Island https://www.wia.org.au/newsevents/news/2011/20110219-2/index.php And thats another story altogether Regards John
  5. I know it has gas turbine engines 🙂 It looks to be a well balanced ship anyway another New Zealand jaunt for us ... and as you know we have been to New Zealand lots of times so the SHIP is our destination ... Regards John
  6. Hi Folks A Real long wit to this one .. what do we know about Serenade ?? Regards John
  7. Our Trip is the 3rd Of December to 23rd Dec quite a nice pacific islands jaunt ...
  8. Hi Folks A bit of a wait for our next planned cruise on board Maasdam in December... As you know we have just finished our cruise on her Sister Ship Pacific Aria and we hope to find a significant difference between the two ships Whilst we quite liked the interior of the Pacific Aria the outside of the ship was a huge let down we had a terrific suite which was let down by its huge lovely balcony being dirty . rusty streaked and furnished with tatty old furniture,,, just NOT good enough The splitting of the dining room space to make the three smaller rooms did have the effect to making the ship feel smaller as the "concealed" entrances to the dining rooms meant you could not see into them however the ship was comfortable with lots of cozy nooks to enjoy watching the world go by So what should we expect on Maasdam that we did not see on Pacific Aria?? OOk have to rush out to the Quacks Back Later Regards John
  9. Well now looking back would we travel on Pacific Aria or P& O again???? Well yes BUT only if there was not something else the ship and service was OK but more akin to a Ferry Crossing than a cruise Just about evry window of the ship was filthy and spoilt any sea views . Likewize our balconly was filthy almost unusable the furniture on the balconly was old tatty and dirty The exterior of the ship needed urgent attention rust streaks all over the place and the blue hull paint in desparate need of a repaint Crew were fine , food was quite ok inside furnishing was good plenty of places to sit and enjoy Entertainment was quite good Internet was a ripoff slow expensive and unusable for many hours at a time This is Nothing like RCL or Princess coming as we were from our last cruise on Ovation of the Seas Pacific Aria was quite a culture shock ...Yup a nice :"Ferry" to New Zealand ......yes an example of one of P&O hard working overnight north sea ferrys comes to mind in the decor and interior design so I would classify Pacific Aria as a cruise farry at least for this four day crossing to New Zealand... Best Regards John
  10. A qick and easy disembarcation today We are enconsed in the novotel in Hamilton for two nights Room are small and expensive.... I wonder if anyone has seen Vasco da Gama yet ??? did she get a paint job for her move to CMV??? Regards John
  11. YUP is tough when your icream melts 😁
  12. YUPis tough when your icream melts 😁
  13. Marked possition with gps alo lifebelt with light
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