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  1. Thanks very much ... sorry everything dried up had some drug issues also came down with head cold and chest infection Arrived home very tired Qantas having one of their days ..over all we enjoyed our cruise some small niggles mainly food issues the ship needs a new baker and a chef that serves margarine in a fine dining area needs to think again More later when feeling better PS Cruise director KAYE .. is a little treasure
  2. Cofee and good brandy. Hennseay will help. Smooth brandy indeed
  3. thanks for that I regret not being more able but my health has not been the best this trip... we are looking after the old girl she is not perfect but suits us the service in the Lido has picked up a level with the number of live cooking stations IE Pasta ... onthe other hand breakfast in the MDR has gon downhill a little cold eggs not the best but we report anything ths not right and the TRY to put it right not a nice day here in Tandine gray and no sunshire .... a gray mist on the seas face and a gray dawn breaking ,,,,,,,,, John Maesfield
  4. Port of Tadine Newcalodonia
  5. Not going ashore here isle du expensive de frog. And to be honest a bit too much oh a risk being steep steps wet with rain and sea spray. Too large a fall risk for the mobility challanged despite crews best efforts
  6. Elsie the mil gave me a big jar of chocolate saltanas to goarge on. And soon time for a medicinal JW and ice
  7. Have picked up a cold in the nose a few others including the Viper also desplaying symptoms
  8. Zodiacs are out this morning. Fleet of five in convoy. Weather gray and rain hot and humid. Happy birthday to me ..7 3
  9. I will have to ask Kaye the cruise director fot that info ///stand bye
  10. Calm seas partly cloudy sky.
  11. nice day at port D shopping concert our travling group vey hot two girls fainted but both recovered for tonights orange party sorry my reports are vague pain is a bad editor think this may be my last trip befor the skurge finishes me off darn it its my birthday tomorrow 73 not long enought too many people to meet places to go bugger limincello in ocean bar last night regards john
  12. Hi folks. They are putting up the Christmas trees and decorations. Ginger bread houses and a train set on deck. Six. Regards. John.
  13. Hi Folks Well all was ok in Suva but we are still not sure on the next two ports /// hopefully the agist list will ensure that at least the majority of Maasdams passengers are able to get ashore today will keep you informed Regards John
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