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  1. Hi Bazzaw Yes booked direct with Cunard .... best regards John
  2. Hi Bazzaw WE have refund from our QE 1st April cruise in our bank as of a week ago ... very relieved to actually get the cash back .. was paid direct into bank by cunard Good Luck Regards John
  3. I also agree still waiting for our 1st April QE cruise to be refunded ... I think its time for a class action against Cunard Frankly if I have not been paid by the middle of June , then its off to to the Lawyers fair is fair they have held my cash for long enough Requested refund 16/3/2020 still waiting An outstanding debt should go to a collection agency when it is 90-120 days past due. Regards John
  4. Hi Folks Nothing from my April 1st QE cruise as yet either And Virgin says they will not refund ..... Aint this fun ! Regards John
  5. Oh Leigh ... Chance would be a fine thing .......... My memory is not that good...... (Grin) regards John
  6. Hi Joe Public has seen references to windowless boxes on floating petrie dishes ....the publicity from diamond and ruby princess highlighted this ,,,, some here might be happy with inside cabins but I bet Joe Public wont be Regards John
  7. Who wants to stay in a windowless box on a floating Petrie Dish ??? Thats what joe public will ask . leaving inside cabins empty will reduce the number of passengers on a ship thus helping with social distancing
  8. But I doubt if we will see FULL ships ..numbers will have to be reduced , inside cabins left empty for example regards John
  9. Hi Folks Lets not forget that unless the cruise calls at Australian ports only , there is the issue of what other countries will be willing to open their ports ...I suspect New Zealand may but only to Australian / NewZealand round trips , however a number of the pacific Islands will not be willing to take a chance just yet Existing bookings would also need to be reconsidered for example inside cabins are going to be unacceptable and ships are not going to sail with all passenger space fully booked .... and then there is the issue of the crew that has to be sorted its going to take a great deal of time and effort to sort out these and other issues Regards John
  10. I had an order of Medical supplies arrive this evening and was astonished that they were NOT made in China they were from Denmark ... made me feel better and they were half the price of the brands that we have been buying from Chemist Where house these things are not cheap the last lot cost me over $100 for a weeks supply so very glad to find an alternative source from a reputable source Regards John
  11. I must confess to having a couple of cookbooks by the Two Fat Ladies.... "Yogurt is for people with poorly tummies"...there is nothing like cream Regards John
  12. Yes Just checked on Insure & Gos website ..no new policy's ...one would be very unwize to travel without travel insurance Regards John
  13. I agree with bazzaw its not just opening Australia and New Zealand , the entire issue of crewing has to be resolved thats not even considering how space will be used on board ships .. My guess now is that you MAY see some lines open at the start of 2023 and cruising will not look the same as it was before all this started and it will not be a cheap holiday any more thats my thoughts Regards John
  14. The only flights I can foresee are possible Australia --- New Zealand but not even those in the near future Regards John
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