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  1. Hi My "Reading" is a number of audio books on youtube of the James Heriot (All creatures great and small) books its a definite mental trip to another time another place Regards John
  2. I asked for that ..... but spare a thought for poor Boris!
  3. Yes Me too .......Dreaming of Queen Elizabeth ....
  4. Ditto ...Staying at home ..did have a brief outing to hospital yesterday ..given some intravenous drugs and then sent home They treated me quite well Home again an keep taking the tablets Regards John
  5. Hi Folks Wilsons Prom Australia taken whist on board Celebrity Solstice about 3 years ago Best wishes John
  6. I am beginning to loose it it seems the whole world is against cruise ships , well perhaps its time for LINERS to come back . many airlines are going to fail and there nay not be so many cheap fares about and there may be a shortage of capacity also ... so the trans Atlantic , Trans Pacific and Kangaroo Routes may stand a chance with a liner service Nothing like the grand days of course but 3 or 4 sailings a year Oh well .... I am so peeved with the outright stupidity of those who have no knowledge of ships or shipping , who are just lashing out at the first large white ship they see Better stop now before I get upset Regards John
  7. After all this Australia will be luck to get a classy ship such as Pacific Star to sail in her waters .....we might just see some of the ex Chinese gambling ships .......Lucky Dragons 1 , 2 & 3 .... what a mess ,,, Well as I said in another message we will be lucky to get a cruise to Tazwegia and Back ....... Ohhh Dear I am extremely vexed Regards John
  8. Hi Folks After we find "The Cure" for the virus it will take time to spread the cure around the world , it will take a great deal of time before some nation states allow cruise ships in their waters ... I think we all must prepare for the news of a number of cruise lines going broke . Fred Olsen , Saga , just a couple that spring to mind ....any other candidates you can think of?? Regards John
  9. Under the OZ Flag .... well I suppose there is TT Line (Spirit of TAZ) perhaps we can all get together and do a round trip when things get a little better , a sort of goodbye to cursing cruise , yep I like the idea a good meal and then a long session in the bar , a walk around the dock in Devonport and back in the bar to Melb... The Cruise Critic OZ branch farewell cruise Regards John
  10. Not a chance with official gloating they have turned away 750.000 tons of shipping tonight ...memories are not going to be short ,they will NOT be back Oh dear Cruising is Finished ...for a while at least... Sorry John
  11. Where will they lay the ships up at ??? in India or will they have a passage crew taken them to the US or somewhere else Norway for example in some fiord Regards John
  12. Hi Mic Well no one is going to want to linger in a far east yard are they ?? Even worse the Italian yards are not a good idea so where are we going to see 3 or 4 large ships laid up for a couple of years Genoa ???? where they first docked the costa concordia would hold a few ships Regards John
  13. Hi Folks I dont want us all to shut up.. thats not the way of things just dont say anything personal about anyone else .. talk about ships , and cruises and if someone says something you disagree with then explain what it is that you think is wrong ...dont call the person an idiot just because they dont agree with you After all you may be wrong! (grin) Regards John
  14. The Australian Press will never let the name Diamond Princess stand for anything other than pain ,,, no princess will have to redeploy her and rename her after a deep clean and possibly a minor refit ... .. perhaps she might go to the South American market (Spanish speaking) Regards John
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