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  1. RCI more than makes up for what they spend offering free drinks during HH. Alcohol tends to loosen inhibitions and impairs judgement -- think about impulse purchases at the shops, auctions and excessive casino gambling that come from those who had one too many -- and yes, that includes the majority of us at one time.
  2. This was one of the best aspects of cruising Pre-Covid. Now with the social distancing and mask requirements, it might be difficult to make new friends, and not a very chummy experience with old friends. 😢
  3. Just a thought... If the Queen Mary and QE2 could be repurposed as hotels and currently are, then it is possible other ships could be converted into land resorts, hotels, casinos and venues. Should we be years away before this situation subsides, it might come down to choosing between a radical change in business models or disappearing completely. I would choose the former. At any rate, I hope the cruise industry is looking seriously into a plan B, in case their plan A to cruise like pre-Covid-19 never materializes.
  4. Unless they are in international waters and tender people in. Not likely to happen though -- 24 miles out at sea for a meal is not very appealing. If they offered casino gambling that's another story....
  5. I can see some people living near ports going on a ship for a celebratory meal such as birthdays, anniversaries, etc. Not sure how big this market is and if it's large enough to justify the personnel necessary to offer this service at a level of profit that would be cost effective. In these uncertain times, creativity is important, but quick and temporary transformations in the giant behemoth cruise industry are very unlikely.
  6. Perks definitely have changed / evolved through time. No more chocolates on pillows at turn down, no more midnight buffets. The point system was changed by adding an additional tier and the way points are calculated. Now you have to ask for slippers if you can even get them. Towel animals are becoming more extinct. Quality of food in the MDR and WJ has declined (according to some). These changes did not affect the banner years cruise lines have had up until Covid-19. When cruising resumes, it will come with a lot of changes, not just drinks. Cruise lines need to survive while still making passengers happy -- not going to be an easy formula IMHO.
  7. 3, 4, or 5 rotgut drinks will not make a difference. Eliminating the DL HH might not make a significant improvement to their bottom line either. Making loyal clients dissatisfied by taking away perks, in the long term will cause more harm than good. If they do decide take away the unlimited HH drinks, I'm sure they will balance it with some additional perk that will make sense for both Royal and their loyal passengers.
  8. First they are not "required" to provide anything, secondly, it would create goodwill with their loyalty clients while also saving $$. A win-win situation.
  9. Actually if they close the DL and get rid of all the unlimited drinks, at 5 drinks a day on the Sea Pass card, Royal would save a ton of $$.
  10. While it might not be in writing, it is a well known custom and understood by all those that use the DL, that once you are in the DL during HH, drinks are not limited unless you are falling down drunk. I have seen people be cut off once a certain level of inebriation becomes apparent. Otherwise, there is no drink police in the DL. I was last on Empress which does have a limit since there is no DL. On Empress, you get the 3 drinks loaded on your Sea Pass card. They had a Diamond Event the first night with unlimited drinks but that was it. I believe there is one other ship that doesn't have a DL and has a similar set-up as the Empress.
  11. Understood that was back in March due to the Diamond Princess fiasco. Fast forward to July when the CDC no sail order is about to expire and cruising to resume - a government issues this type of warning for the first time...more powerful blow to the cruise industry IMHO.
  12. I wonder how many other countries will follow. Bad press for the cruise industry for sure. If the CDC issues a similar advisory for the US, the cruise industry might as well pack up, IMHO. "The UK Government has updated its guidance for cruise ships, advising all British people to avoid travelling on them. The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) said the new information was “due to the ongoing pandemic and is based on medical advice from Public Health England” and that they would “continue to review its cruise ship travel advice”. It added: “[The FCO] continues to support the Department for Transport’s work with industry for the resumption of international cruise travel.” One cruise insider told The Telegraph that this is “the last thing cruise needs right now” and that they expect cruise lines to be “privately furious”. Previous advice from the FCO, which was issued on March 12 as the industry paused operations across the globe in response to the spread of Covid-19, stated that British nationals aged 70 and above – and those with underlying health conditions – should not travel on cruise ships...." https://www.telegraph.co.uk/travel/cruises/news/government-fco-foreign-office-updated-new-advice-no-travel-on-cruise-ships/
  13. https://www.cnbc.com/video/2020/07/07/royal-caribbean-and-norwegian-to-partner-on-health-protocols-for-cruises.html
  14. Okay but other cruise lines operate out of PortMiami and Port Everglades -- not just Royal. One cruise line doesn't get to decide on redundancy issues to suit themselves. So both PortMiami and Port Everglades can remain open.
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