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  1. According to Travel Weekly, at the earnings call Michael Bayley said the following: "We've been in regular communication with the CDC at the maritime unit and at the executive level," he said during a call with analysts to discuss the company's fourth-quarter earnings. "We're literally expecting the technical specifications any day soon. It's an intergovernmental process between several agencies within the government that are reviewing the technical specifications. They've assured us that as soon as all of these things come together they want to get us back into operations."
  2. I'm booked on Navigator out of Miami in September -- hoping it will sail. 🤞
  3. It means he knew he was out of shape and not the picture of health — more reasons for refraining from doing what he did.
  4. BYOF & BYOB = Bring your own food and booze. Joking aside, that's one of the reasons I believe cruise fares will go up -- less suppliers translates into less supply, thus higher food prices.
  5. I really enjoyed the Inside Passage portion of my Alaska cruise a few years back. I was planning to go back to see the many things I didn't get to see the first go round, but then the pandemic hit and I put it on the back burner. I definitely want to see the Northern Lights next time around but I know that it's a crap shot. Also on the top of my list are helicopter flightseeing, glacier dogsled tours, heli-hiking, wildlife tours, glacier hiking, etc. Someday....somehow.... That said, I agree with sfaaa -- this thread was started as a ruse to disguise someone's real i
  6. Florida, the Caribbean and the Cruise Industry will call you when they need things "fixed". In the meantime, think about helping your local community.
  7. I imagine that cruises, when they do restart, will have limited capacity. I would definitely feel safer with less people and a shorter time frame which would limit my chances of contracting any transmissible diseases.
  8. In States where everything has reopened, like mine, things are pretty much the way they were pre-pandemic. The only thing remaining is the mask requirement to enter businesses. Gone are the gloves, social distancing, one way aisles, food and TP shortages, closed establishments, reduced hours etc. You would not know we are still in a pandemic except for masks. The disposable masks have been replaced with color coordinated fashion masks. We have been inundated with people from all over — time to leave! As for which method is safer, cruising or flying, there is not a black and w
  9. Thanks for the clarification. Whether it's a hand off from the right to the left or the left to right, in my opinion, holding and handing off a 30-40 pound toddler from an un-dominant hand or any object for that matter, from a 11th deck window is a recipe for disaster.
  10. I fully agree. Also, on another board, someone stated that there had been a man looking out of that same window a few seconds earlier. Apparently, the grandfather waited for that man to leave (you can see him by a pole crouching down next to the toddler waiting). When the man left, he led the toddler to that OPEN window -- not any other window -- there were fixed windows below, above, next to, etc. He sticks his head out for a few seconds, then picks up the toddler, holding her with only his right hand, he then switches to his left hand only and a few seconds later she disappears.
  11. Found it. This report states they are seeking tens of millions. That is consistent with this particular law firm in cases involving cruise lines. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7778743/Parents-Chloe-Wiegand-sue-Royal-Caribbean-death.html As I mentioned previously, the demand for the toddler's future earnings is on the complaint which can be found on the attorney's website.
  12. The future earnings demand is in the lawsuit complaint in writing and the demand for millions was mentioned in another forum written by a poster who quoted the mother as having said that in a media interview. I'll try to find that link. The lawsuit complaint is on the attorney's website.
  13. Especially since grandpa, despite being only 50 yrs old, was unfit, overweight and had health issues. At the point the toddler fell, it was reported he was holding her with only his left hand, which is like holding a 20 pound squirming object with your non-dominant arm over a railing suspended in mid-air. That has to be the epitome of the most stupid, wanton, reckless and negligent behavior on a cruise ship ever. I fully understand the parents' and family's grief as losing a child, especially in that manner, has to be the most horrific thing anyone could endure, and my heart go
  14. As an RCI stockholder I don't want my small stake in the company profits going towards this either, and I sure hope the Florida Federal Court judicial resources don't go towards a trial for this case -- it would be such a waste. Hopefully there will be mediation and be settled and done with. They could agree to no monetary awards and RCI placing warning stickers on the railing stating that the windows may be open. But no, the family wants millions plus the toddler's future earnings...such greed.
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