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  1. We are booked on Celebrity Millennium, part of Royal Carribbean International, on Friday, July 15. We have reserved Comfort Suites, Ship Creek which is near the train station and museum. ACT lists that hotel as a pickup location as well.
  2. The ACT booking page for our date states that the service is for Seven Seas, Silver Seas, and Viking Cruise Lines. The ACT rep told me to be sure and tell the driver that our luggage would not be going on a ship, and our baggage would be placed separately from that of cruise passengers. The rep also noted that if our luggage was not tagged for a ship, it would not be pulled with other luggage. ACT:will pick us up at our Anchorage hotel between 9 AM and 10 AM, and they estimate that they will be at the Seward cruise terminal around 12:30 PM. If all goes according to schedule, we will drop luggage at our hotel and have a late lunch...or we will find a restaurant, eat lunch, and then drop luggage. Whatever suits us on that day.
  3. UPDATE:: A.C.T. just called, and we can book their bus. 9 AM is earlier than what we were thinking, but it will work well with the hotel pickup. We should be able to make our way to Seward, drop the luggage at the hotel, and find lunch before exploring Seward.
  4. Thanks for the explanation and visual. That is what I was expecting. However, on previous cruisetours, the accomadation class has varied depending on cruise stateroom category. I suspect that those in suites might have the prestiege class. A private cabin with bunk beds will work for our short journey. With someone else is cooking, cleaning, and driving, I will not complain. We have become spoiled to cruising, and recently decided the way to get away during the pandemic was to repeat a road/camping trip we had enjoyed in much younger bodies. Lessons were learned on that trip. On a side note, I have been trying to contact A.C.T. Big Bus to inquire about taking their bus on the day we want to travel to Seward. I can book their bus to pick us up at our hotel at 9 AM, but it notes on the website that transportation on the requested day is for different cruiselines other than the one we have booked. It drops at the cruise terminal, but we can easily make our way from the terminal to our hotel independently. However, the logistics of keeping our luggage separate from that which they leave with the long shoremen, may present a problem. I have left a message on their web site, voice mail, Face Book page, and e-mailed with no response. I am guessing that they are not currently working due to the lack of sailing from Seward this year.
  5. Hmm... I typed in a long response to this post, but it did not seem to stick. The class of Via Rail class of service is described as "Sleeper Plus, Private Cabin" according to the cruiseline brochure. One brochure photo shows a large double bed filling the room and facing a window. However, a Cruise Critic reviewer photo showed bunk beds. It may have to do with the class of cruise stateroom booked. In our case, it is the lowest category of balcony. Cruise Critic reviewers have noted that we could save money by doing the tour on our own, and I remember researching options including taking a tour with another company or renting a car. This trip was originally booked for September, 2020, and then May, 2021--both cancelled by the cruiseline due to COVID issues. I really do not remember our reasoning for booking through the cruiseline rather than touring on our own. I am guessing there are too many moving parts that would not easily line up. However, with the current uncertainties of travel, it is comforting to leave it with the cruiseline. No payment needs to be made until next spring.
  6. Actually, this part of the trip is a cruiseline tour, so Via Rail is part of the package. We priced doing the tour on our own with the Rocky Mountaineer and opted for the less expensive escorted tour.
  7. Yes, our trip to Jasper from Vancouver will be on Via Rail. It is an overnight trip with sleeper and dining accomodations. We have never before spent the night on a train and look forward to the experience. I just checked the itnierary, and the rest of the journey will be by motor coach. As far as planning, this one was simple. Flights to Anchorage and Anchorage hotel are booked. Seward Hotel is booked. We have plans for activities in both cities. The hardest part is deciding on transport between Anchorage and Seward. We booked a hotel near the Anchorage train station and museum with an airport and around-town shuttle. That gives us the option of walking to the station or museum to pick up transportation or using the airport shuttle back to the airport for transportation if necessary.
  8. @GTJ and @don't-use-real-name Thanks again for your explanations and suggestions. We would probably prefer the train for the scenery if it left a little later in the day. I am afraid we would be lulled back to sleep at that early hour and miss the beautiful scenery, but we do understand the train schedule for picking up and dropping off cruise and airport passengers. We are staying one night in Anchorage and two nights in Seward and have lots of time to explore. We do have a Seward hotel reserved, but check-in is later than the train arrival. I am sure the hotel will hold the luggage. In Europe, we have found the coin-operated luggage storage lockers in train stations very convenient. Thank you GTJ for honoring my original question for the most economical transportation. I was experiencing a bit of sticker shock after pricing a car rental. The train is not that expensive when compared to the cost of a one-way two-day car rental or a hired driver which are both pricing over $1,000 for the trip from Anchorage to Seward. This will be our third Alaska cruise, and we have done the usual tours to Denali pre-cruise in the past. Those tours dropped us at the Seward cruise port without any effort on our part. Next July, we are taking a post-cruise tour from Vancouver to Jasper, Lake Louise, Banff, and Calgary. That leaves us free to explore on our own pre-cruise in Anchorage and Seward.
  9. @GTJ and @quack2 Thank you both for your suggestions. We were planning on taking the 2 PM or 3 PM bus, so we need to be patient and wait for the 2022 schedules to be firmed up and hope that cruising resumes from Seward next year. After we arrive in Seward, we wanted to go to Exit Glacier and book the 8-hour Kenai cruise/tour for the next day. If we did take the train and could not check into our hotel until later in the day, is there luggage storeage at the train depot? I know most hotels will store luggage as well, just trying to think through my options.
  10. @GTJ and @quack2 Thank you both for your suggestions. We were planning on taking the 2 PM or 3 PM bus, so we need to be patient and wait for the 2022 schedules to be firmed up and hope that cruising resumes from Seward next year. After we arrive in Seward, we wanted to go to Exit Glacier and book the 8-hour Kenai cruise/tour for the next day.
  11. The one-way Herz rental is crazy expensive, and the private car service I found was even more expensive. I do not think I tried the specific companies you listed, but I will. With cruising haulted from Seward this year, the buses are not showing what I need. I did find a decent price to rent a U-Haul. Much better than the one-way car rental. It may just be an option. I'll keep looking.
  12. We plan to fly into Anchorage and spend a Tuesday night in July, 2022. We have booked two nights in Seward prior to a cruise departure and need to transfer to Seward the following Wednesday. What is the most economical way to transfer to Seward? We would take the cruiseline transfer, but we are going in two days early. We are not opposed to the train but would prefer an afternoon transfer if possible.
  13. I have a lanyard that looks like that. Bought it at Walmart in the travel section. They have other smaller ones with a zippered compartment behind the plastic pouch for the card.
  14. There are usually some excursions you can take off the ship that leave the ship during the glacier visit and take you closer to the glacier. They are offered on our MIllie cruise. In addition to the glacier in Juneau, there is Exit Glacier in Seward where your Millie cruise either begins or ends. There are hiking tours of Exit Glacier Oops...I forgot that the 2021 cruises are round-trip Seattle. So, you will not visit Seward. Enjoy your cruise.
  15. Celebrity is offering a “Mil Rt Only” for Alaska. We received $329 pp for our 2C stateroom. On two other 2022 cruises, we are receiving $25 pp for OV staterooms. The $25 discount is called “Mil Sav” on the invoice.
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