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  1. Hubby and I both logged in through our email invitations, but no ID or information was requested when we logged in. We stayed with the seminar until they said their goodbyes. We received no follow-up emails, but I will certainly call if we do not get the points.
  2. I think I may have deleted the email thinking it was an ad, or I did not receive it. However, I was able to sign up through the Captain's Club newsletter.
  3. On the Celebrity site, click on the 3 lines in the top left corner of the home page. Then click on Captain's Club, then tiers and benefits. Scroll down until you find Power Up Points. There is a place to subscribe to the emails.
  4. Received the new PUP offer today. We booked the required Alaska/Rockies Glacier cruise tour back in May when we became convinced the same trip for September, 2020 would not take place. The fine print on the PUP email says "new booking,"which is not going to happen at the current prices. However, I am going to put in our reservation number and apply for the PUP. Nothing ventured/nothing gained. We are currently 65 points short of elite plus and hope to be there after our next two cruises with one more PUP.
  5. For our May Alaska cruise, the difference in the NRD and RD price is only $5 per person. Really?
  6. No Instagram account, but it opened up and played for me. Thanks for posting.
  7. Our itinerary on our booking confirmation shows "transfer to Calgary airport" as the last entry. Were you given taxi vouchers? We have a 12:30 PM flight booked through Celebrity.
  8. Hubby said his first cruise was on Harry E Yarnell, circa 1965--1968, several Mediterranean, some Baltic, and a few Transatlantic cruises.
  9. June 6, 1997, Celebrity Horizon 7-night Alaska, Seward to Vancouver. It included Sitka which I enjoyed as a world history teacher.
  10. Our May 21 Millennium cruise offers the post cruise Canadian Rockies tour from Vancouver. The train used is Via Rail east bound as suggested. I know the Celebrity web site is quirky to say the least, but I do not believe from what I am seeing that Celebrity offers a Canadian Rockies tour other than post cruise from Vancouver as suggested by NantahahaCruiser.
  11. I just double-checked our tour. Our overnight train is Via Rail, not Rocky Mountwineer.
  12. We have the post-cruise tour booked for Millie , May 21, 2021. We had it booked for Sept. 2020 before COVID cancelled everything. I have always wanted to do the overnight train, but I do not want to take the chance of Rockie Mountaineer not refunding if the virus continues to keep us from traveling. I have read that insurance does not pay for pandemic cancellations. Renting a car might work, but we would miss the train adventure. Thanks for all the suggestions. I will research and rethink our options, but for now we may as well stay put with our Celebrity booking to see if cruising even starts up again.
  13. The article left me wondering if the "positive" passenger who showed no "outward symptoms" has been tested again. A local professional baseball player tested positive to a saliva test administered by the team prior to the restarting the baseball season, but the player had no symptoms. He went to his personal physician and tested negative. His next two tests were also negative. With no symptoms and test inaccuracies, it is hard to determine if the player ever had the virus. That said, we will wait for a vaccine before going around other people. Prayers for everyone who was involved in this failed attempt to restart cruising!
  14. I have learned that I am addicted to cruising, planning, and counting down the days... I have learned that I need to be patient and content within my own bubble with hubby. I have learned to stay busy with housework, yard work, and home maintenance and to look forward to season changes--counting down the days to fall and cooler weather instead of the September cruise that was cancelled. I have learned to count my blessings. I am blessed to be connected on-line with the ability to order for pickup/delivery. I am thankful that I can communicate with others both on-line and through phone calls. We even meet with our church group once a week by ZOOM and family as well as doctors via FaceTime. I am thankful for Cruise Critic and other social media. I am grateful for YouTube and the ability of our church to stream services. We are blessed to have television as a source of entertainment and news. I am thankful for all the scientists, researchers, and volunteers who are working on vaccines and/or treatments. We owe so much to medical professorials who work endless hours in hospitals, sacrificing their own lives. There are new developments and technologies announced each day in the fight against Covid19. When I think about those who went through the 1918 flu epidemic without all the resources available to us, I realize that we are so fortunate.
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