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  1. Great attitude! Can't wait to get back on board. It's just that Florida is such a mess right now...
  2. With the new virus surging in Florida and the hospitals at near capacity, wondering if we should dare to cruise out of Miami? Final payment deadline is coming up for Divina and there seems to be no end to this pandemic in the near future. Would not like to be turned away at the pier or worse, to get sick on ship. Maybe wait until next year? Your thoughts?
  3. Is this observation based on the color codes assigned? Is there more specific info available? It looks like Meraviglia is "orange" under monitoring as of Aug 9th, while Divina is still "green".
  4. This is not over yet. Norwegian just won an injunction over Florida's "don't ask" rule.
  5. Green hydrogen, that produced from renewable energy like wind, solar and hydro is coming, albeit a ways off yet for enough to replace fossil fuel driven transportation. It has great potential to store and transport excess energy produced by renewables. MSC, as one of the largest shipping companies in the world, may well be right on the mark.
  6. Gee whiz, why cant we all agree to wear a mask in the elevators?
  7. Well if you are already Diamond what more is there?
  8. https://www.wlrn.org/news/2021-07-06/florida-cruise-ship-fight-goes-to-appeals-court
  9. I read it on the Miami public radio website. WLRN.org
  10. If you were confused regarding cruise ship sailings and regulations out of Florida, it just got worse. The feds appeal may change the rules and even the scheduled sailings out of Florida. Hang on, the roller coaster keeps going. Hopefully things will be settled before December.
  11. Well, this thread is far reaching, but I must comment: Street peddlers are much worse in Jamaica, but that should not be a problem for those who like to walk around, they know the course. But, having said that, Cartegena is a gem of architecture, much restored with govt funding, well worth the gambit.
  12. If you like to walk around town, Cartagena is a must see. The old and restored architecture is simply unparalleled, truly a world heritage. It does get hot however. Just cool off in the gold museum or one of many emerald shops.
  13. Well, if you believe everything on the nightly news, they did say "employees". But I got to thinking...Maybe they would pay me to get on the test cruise, and I would become an "employee".
  14. According to the nightly news, "test cruises" occupied by volunteer employees, from earlier press releases fully vaxed.
  15. On the tv tonight: MSC test cruise occupied by employees. According to past memos, fully vaxed.
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