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  1. 😢😢😢😢😢where’s the empathy.
  2. YES! YES!!! And definitely Yes!! I want to cruise again! And so does everyone who has commented on this thread obviously or they wouldn’t be still checking these boards. If you have decided never to cruise again, please save your sarcasm for something else and go home and plan your next adventure. Just not on a ship I’m sailing on because you are obviously the one who is never satisfied no matter what you paid for eating all day and being transported from port to port while sleeping in a clean maintained cabin twice a day. 😅 😌 phew! Had to get that off my chest🤗. Cruising is not to blame for this pandemic . Hope floats in me.
  3. Hope she is OK. She has not posted on Instagram for a few days. I love her posts and miss them.
  4. Exactly!!! Start with lower capacity and those who LOVE to cruise. We will be back!! Slowly but surely. Don’t be so negative. Positivity! Hope Floats❤️ 🚢 🛳
  5. I think cruise lines should start with short cruises to nowhere. Nothing better than days at sea.
  6. You should follow CaptKateMccue on Instagram. She posts every day and night the happenings on the Edge! It is so uplifting seeing her care for the remaining crew onboard waiting to get to go home. It’s the highlight of my day!!! Every night at sunset they cheer and blow the horn in support
  7. Muster Drill needs to be redesigned. Speech or Movie could be done in the terminal before boarding in smaller groups. Then after boarding, show up at your muster station at your leisure before sail away and check in with a crew member stationed in there at a table. Give your room number to them and you accomplish the task. You heard the speech, you located your muster station, all before sail away
  8. Thanks Helen! I will contact them and see. Yes my March 22nd cruise on the Edge was cancelled by celebrity
  9. Helen they let you even though a travel agent booked it?
  10. If you booked with a travel agent you have to go thru them. Celebrity has never let you deal directly with them if booked with a travel agent. So I do need to hear from them. Still waiting for my refund from Celebrity. Received my credit from Jet Blue
  11. Gorgeous!!! Congratulations Momma! Merida is a cutie. I read your blog in anticipation of my March 22nd Eastern Caribbean edge cruise. You had me so excited to embark. It wasn’t meant to be🤷‍♀️. Someday 🙏🏻
  12. Can’t Love this anymore than I do!!!❤️ Just Beautiful to see lemonade being made and Joy! I for one will be returning to Celebrity as soon as they let me!
  13. Thank you Noreen, I would love to read and see your pictures. Our cruise has been cancelled.
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