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  1. A beautiful child is gone, because of regrettable actions of the caregiver at the time. Its a tragedy for that entire family. I think this needs to go away from media, social media, and be resolved outside of the public eye for the childs sake.
  2. I may have to invoke my cancel for any reason now that Iā€™m hearing this....šŸ˜Ž
  3. Where may the games be broadcast, if anyone can comment on if big/championship games are broadcast, and what if any are the viewing locations/venues while on board. We are bringing team colors. TIA
  4. I suspect that no matter what you wear you will be recognized as a guest on the ship and not an employee. You might not be recognized as well dressed or best dressed, but to each his own.
  5. Moderno. Its a fill up at the salad bar and then all the Churasscaria goes by the wayside. BUT, the Pineapple is to die for. And so is the lamb.
  6. A&M Records, that's a Blast form the Past!
  7. Have never had a time in The Haven that I didn't like, or thought was the same as Non Haven on NCL. I have had upper end Suites on Celebrity and found service levels to be terrible, so my money goes to Haven first. Having said that, right now to Bermuda, $1,999 for Haven Cabins. Aft Cabins were at this price, Foward cabins are/were at this price. Courtyard are still at this price. The gripe about menus not changing are sort of silly, the menus in the specialty venues don't change either and you can order from the MDR menu any time you want in Haven. Try it you'll like it.
  8. The dinner lasts a bit longer than one and a half hours. I think the decision needs to be based on the time factor for this venue and what the kids can tolerate keeping in mind that this is a community table. Including three young children with limitations involves considering others in the decision process of selecting this venue. The experience is fun, its long and its drawn out. The food is really good though.
  9. This promotion was from 2018. This post was orignated in November 2018.
  10. Is there anywhere on board to get Protein Shakes or a Protein Bar? If not can we bring Protein Powder or Bars? TIA
  11. We think it's worth every penny. And right now, Haven cabins, excellent Haven cabins, are $1,999 to Bermuda out of NY. Hard to go wrong at that price.
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