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  1. My opinion is mine and yours is yours. The mere fact my opinion is correct is not important.
  2. If you book a cruise now, you are just a sucker. NCL is dangling pricing for cruises that may or may not sail. Once cruising does start, you will see deals and prices dropping a lot. Also keep in mind the current inflated prices are to get as many FCC's off the books as possible. Those are a huge liability for NCL.
  3. Already booked and paid in full. Back in the saddle baby!
  4. Yup, the difference between having a liberal in charge versus a conservative. Also why America is great and Canada, not so much.
  5. If Hawaii will not allow cruises until mid 2021 they should also prohibit ANY tourism until then as well.
  6. Rumor is NCL will allow you to gamble while logged into your account from home. FCC and credit cards are allowed to gamble with...... Top prize is a cruise for 2.......
  7. Alaska 2020 cruises are done. Period.
  8. AKA, a strong flu. If you are vulnerable, stay home. The rest of us need to live our lives.
  9. And that number of Chinese virus deaths is still lower than the total deaths in the US from the common flu in the past 2 years. Just a little more perspective.
  10. Nope, its a ploy to get people to burn their FCC's. They have a limited window to do so. NCL is jacking up pricing to reduce the real value of said FCC's.
  11. The problem is that is a 2019 mindset when cruising was very popular. We are entering a 2010 redux when cruising isn't so popular and people don't have the money or the will to cruise, unless it is dirt cheap.
  12. Hopefully I will get my refunds in the next 18 months.... For my convenience of course.....
  13. Get a good TA. They offer better amenities and lower prices than any PCC.
  14. I am looking forward to sailing on the Carnival Getaway sometime next year.
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