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  1. I will wager I have been on more NCL cruises than you and the line at customer service the last day/night is nowhere near 'huge'.
  2. What increases? The Discretionary Service Charge has always been adjustable. Adjust it to your liking and be happy. It really is that simple. NCL can raise it to $500/day and it would not bother me.
  3. NCL phone reps are great at giving answers. The only issue is were the answers correct? Many times they are not. CC boards are plastered with accounts of incorrect/deceptive answers from NCL phone reps.
  4. No. Even the ridiculous prices they charge at the pay restaurants doesn't get you a high end meal anymore. Food quality has fallen substantially in the last few years.
  5. Uh oh, I am going to be banned.....I am shaking in my booties. Put your money where your mouth is and cash tip above and beyond. You want the rest of us to do it. Lead by example.
  6. Thanks for the suggestion, but I will pass. I spend my money the way I choose. You are free to do the same. I encourage you to bring a nice big wad of cash to personally tip all those 'poor broke souls' you blather on about. It's clearly the right thing to do.
  7. Something else to think of, I reward people for personal service. That is the point of a tip. Trying to conflate tips with every single person working on the ship is ridiculous. Your money, your choice. My money, my choice. NCL allows that distinction, which is awesome.
  8. Very simple. On the last night of your cruise, go to the service desk and ask for the Discretionary Service Charge to be reduced/removed. They will have you sign a form. You DO NOT have to indicate a reason for your discretionary adjustment. The reason to wait until the last night is you cannot reduce/remove a Discretionary Service Charge until after it has already been posted to your account.
  9. It was the royal 'you'. Not you personally.
  10. Story is pretty clear to me. NCL made a small/minor mistake and offered her a very generous 'sorry'. The lady thought that was not good enough and continued to poke the bear. Someone at NCL said enough already and perma-banned her. Problem solved. I think the husband and kids can still go, but momma is verboden.
  11. Just be sure to pack lots of extra nickels and dimes. NCL will be taking those from you.
  12. Agreed. The menu prices are beyond ridiculous. Just more nickels and dimes I guess.....
  13. If you pack a power strip, any power strip, in your luggage, it could be confiscated. Completely hit or miss. Best advice, pack your power strip in your carry on. Much, much better chance of it getting through the screening. The screening prior to boarding is generally only looking for liquids and weapons.
  14. Chalk it up to experience. Your TA sucks. Never use them again. Next time get a reliable TA. For now, if the TA doesn't get back to you, nothing NCL can/will do for you.
  15. Most likely the shows will remain the same. On the Jewel class ships and below they take years to change.
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