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  1. They had a BBQ in the theater? Seems like a SOLAS violation.
  2. You absolutely won't ever book your 'free' cruise. You had only 12 months from the date you made Ambassador level. For your convenience of course.....
  3. You don't know the ship is 80% full.
  4. For all intents and purposes, if you are in a Suite, not a mini-suite, you get all the same perks just as if you are in the Haven. The only caveat is if the ship actually has a Haven area, you usually do not get access to the Haven.
  5. If your supposition is correct, then why would NCL not grant you the points? They are worthless right? NCL being petty. The actual answer is the points could very well mean something in the future. It was only a few short years ago when NCL revamped the Latitudes points system and those 'worthless' extra points sure mattered.
  6. Sure why not? Make friends with half the terminal before you board and maybe they can all board with you too....
  7. Yes, you only get the bare bones. Nothing extra or promos. As a final kick in the azz for being such a loyal customer to achieve Ambassador status, you get ZERO points on your free cruise. Thanks NCL. For your convenience of course.....
  8. I can, they didn't. NCL was once again the big winner in the casino. Same as always.
  9. On the Sun, you can wear anything, or nothing in the steam rooms. Been there many times, seen many things. The great majority of passengers don't even know there is a free steam room for both men and women.
  10. Much like man-made climate change, this is much ado about nothing. There is plenty of water for the canal to operate. This is just a temporary dry spell so they are making sure there will be no closures. The PC is the lifeblood of Panama.
  11. You spent a lot of extra money for very shoddy treatment. It definitely would have been addressed by me immediately to the concierge and/or general manager. Unless you notify them they are screwing up, they won't know and won't make corrections.
  12. I am often hard on NCL when I think they deserve it. In this case, NCL did not do anything wrong. If the cruise lines gave refunds or other compensation for passengers screwing up, ALL the cruise lines would go broke.
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