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  1. If only I'd have known! I thought it was a great cruise, apart from the crowded pool decks on sea days. Can't believe how early people claim deck chairs (and how many of them!!!!)
  2. Just caught up on your live review--I was directly across from you in 7593 and I thought the location was great. No noise from below (except during 70s night). Food in the MDR was great, and the staff was amazing. Thanks for your review. We had a really bumpy landing in Indy, too. The last 20 minutes of the flight were really white-knuckle. Winds gusting up to 60 MPH. Was very grateful to land safely.
  3. Price is currently down to $46.00 per day -- least expensive I've seen in since booking this cruise.
  4. It took a few months for them to figure out my cruise points (my last few cruises were solo, so double points). But just a few days ago I finally got my Grandeur block from my cruise in February. It took a while for my cruise points to finally work themselves out on the website and C&A. Glad it finally did--so happy to have my block from the Lady G.
  5. I should hit 140 points on the last night of my next cruise in March. What is the possibility they will be aware of this, or should I just contact C&A afterwards if I don't receive it? Sailing on Grandeur, which was one of the first RCL ships we sailed on.
  6. What awesome news! Congratulations, Bob. I know you will be a great host for this forum.
  7. I also love the smaller ships.....Radiance class probably my favorite, followed closely by the Vision class. I was so sad to see that Legend was being sold--we sailed on her shortly after her debut, and was one of my favorite cruises ever (got to sail on her again more recently). Love the Radiance class because of their views out to the sea--my favorite part of sailing. I have sailed on FOS several times and it is a beautiful ship with lots to do. I really enjoy their Promenade cabins (love the extra view over a regular inside room).
  8. I love the Promenade staterooms--have stayed in them twice. Have really enjoyed the little bit of extra space that the window seat offered and really enjoyed watching the parades or just people watching on the promenade. No noise issues on deck 7. I think it was worth a slight premium over a regular inside.
  9. Happy New Year to you and yours, Host Andy. Wishing you all the best in 2016. Thank you for all of your work to keep this forum a great place to visit. Your contributions are very much appreciated.
  10. Nelie--sorry this cruise didn't work for you on Legend. We were first on Legend when it was a new ship--sailed through the Panama Canal when she was less than a year old. We just did another cruise on her this past February for 10 nights, in an interior cabin. The ship was in great shape, and the crew was amazing--some of the friendliest and most helpful staff we've had in a while. The service was the best we've had in many cruises. Interior room was small, but well-designed, and the ship had plenty of places to sit inside and enjoy the ocean views. I would not hesitate to sail on Legend again. Hope you get to experience this wonderful ship sometime soon.
  11. I've been in 1114 and 1110. Love the location, and have 1110 booked again for Bermuda in 2016. Very quiet, and convenient to many things.
  12. Thanks for the help with the restaurants--not sure how I missed that on the website. You're right about my mixing up my "M" class and "S" class....should not post late at night when tired :). Very excited to sail on the Equinox, but will enjoy another cruise on the Summit before then.
  13. We are sailing for the first time on the Equinox January 2017. Can anyone tell me what the 3-night specialty dining package for purchase includes? I'm trying to figure out which restaurants are included. This is my first time sailing on an M-class ship,and am so excited. We've love the S-class ships, and look forward to the extra amenities. Thanks in advance for your responses.
  14. I actually made these today. I don't think I had my "savory base" quite right....too much sun-dried tomato. But, the rolls themselves were perfect. I cut down the recipe to 1/20th of the original. For my savory base, I used 2/3 soft sun-dried tomatoes, 1/3 potato flour and some italian seasoning. I ran it all through the food processor until it was pretty much the consistency of flour. I think next time, I would reduce the sun-dried tomatoes to 1/2 or slightly less, and make up the rest with the flour/italian seasoning. For the steam, I placed an empty baking pan in the oven as I preheated it. I put some water/ice into it just as I place my savory bites in, and I sprayed them with water as they were taking for the first 5 minutes. For our first effort, we really enjoyed them!
  15. Thanks, C-legs--I absolutely did mean the Normandie....it was a wonderful experience on the Summit. Looks like the menus are similar, if not identical. This package seems like a great price, so we have booked it. Can't wait!
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