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  1. Do we know what they will charge. A covid test a embarkation?
  2. Then don't sail. I am choosing lines that are practicing caution. To each his or her own, enjoy whatever you do.
  3. Keith our contract says we have a fee, so we would not get 100% of our deposit back, if I read it correctly.
  4. What is the day 5 antigen test? Also in US tests take up to 3 days to turn around still. What insurance did you use? Am finding to hard to find insurers that cover covid and trip cancellation for covid. Thanks for the info.
  5. Was just reading Bahamas Gov covid requirements and fines. Sadly I saw none of this covered in the crystal information about the Serenity Bahamas cruises, and our travel club coordinator also did not disclose. I realize things will change but it is hard to make decisions about cruising when so much is left unspecified. Any clarification would be appreciated since Crystal, unlike other cruise lines, does not appear to offer 100 % refund if cancel more than 60 days before cruise. Questions are about Visa and requirement for negative covid test. TIA
  6. I have sailed and cruised 200 to 600 passenger ships before. Is there any details on what the new Covid capacity might be for Serenity ? Also I know it depends, on what happens in the next few months, but since they require vaccinations will this mean there will no longer be children in most itineraries.
  7. I realize things will change but can someone tell us how Crystal is planning on handling how people can get Covid test to renter US? Yes we will be vaccinated but trying to figure out if we also will need to provide COVID negative test to get back into US.
  8. Covid negative test required to get back in US. Does anyone know how Crystal will be managing this?
  9. Testing for many is still bring required to be done in ATL CDC, unfortunately the WH was very slow to certify testing in labs across the country. 24 - 48 hours is still what is quoted.
  10. Please be careful about posting videos and links to "medical " advice that is not CDC or infectious disease personnel..
  11. Unfortunately since the passengers were not isolated, it is not correct that they do not interact with other cabins. Some choose to continue to connect with nearby cabin mates, thinking I feel fine so no harm.
  12. If people are wondering why this maybe spreading so rapidly on ship it ,at be time to stop blaming crew. Think about all those folks that assumed since they were not coughing or feeling ill they could "visit" other cabins. Let me say I hope everyone recovers but quarantine does not mean I feel okay so I can socualize with next door neighbors. Or I can do what I want when I get home.
  13. Bathing suit cover ups are requested in all dining areas including waves. In Terrace men tried to come in "swim" shorts and were kindly asked to change at dinner hour. Also please be sure suits are dry if dining in waves Terrace, no fun sitting on damp cushions after someone has dined wearing damp suit. Food for thought.
  14. Hi all. Love the idea of whale watching but concerned about motion sickness, don't do fishing because of boat motion. Love to hear people's experience. Awful lot of money to spend and then be miserable.
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