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  1. Thanks everyone for your advice!
  2. I’m looking at a cruise that ends in Barcelona. The best EZ air flight for me is at 10:30 AM. That seems awfully early to me, but would Princess offer it if there was a big risk that you couldn’t make the flight? My friend thinks that it must be safe if they’re offering it. I’m not quite so trusting? What’s your experience in Barcelona??? Should I be concerned? Thanks.
  3. I’m going on my first Medallion cruise this year.
  4. Princess really didn’t have to give you a future cruise credit from issues that were weather related. Cruising has it’s risks. I think it was nice that they gave you that compensation, but it did have an expiration date. I understand that you’re disappointed in losing it, but I don’t think you have reason to be angry. It really wasn’t money you paid, so I can see why insurance wouldn’t cover it. I was on a HAL cruise once where I was kicked off the ship when it broke down. They gave me a future cruise credit that was valid for a year. I was lucky that I could use mine. I think you’re right that you probably should have applied it to your earlier cruise. It doesn’t hurt to pursue this further, but I don’t think there’s anything here to be angry about.
  5. I like Princess, but I’ve also sailed on HAL and NCL in the last year. I enjoy my loyalty perks and it does sometimes affect which cruise line I select. I think Princess offers a good product, but it’s not what it used to be. I think that’s true for most cruise lines that I’ve been on recently. As for loyalty snobs...... I have seen a few. It mostly has been with people trying to get on tenders faster. I do wear my card on a lanyard because I often don’t have pockets and don’t want to carry a bag. I actually have found that non-elite people sometimes have more issues with the loyalty level than elites. People try to look at my card and when I give them a questioning look they say their trying to see how many cruises I have. I’ve had other people give me a hard time about being elite. It’s mostly in the form of jokes, but I’ve never teased anyone about their loyalty level. I just tell people that being elite just means that I’ve spent too much money on cruising. Princess cards used to have a picture of your ship on it. I wish it was still that way. I was disappointed when they switched to colored cards. It’s been a long time since I’ve been on a Royal Caribbean cruise, so no personal experience there.
  6. Sorry to hear that you’ve had these problems. It’s good that Princess tried to make it better. It does give me pause about choosing that cabin. This sounds like issues that could be recurring. Thanks for sharing your experience. As for R748, I do remember it was dark.
  7. I’ve been in R748 for a 10 night cruise. It is a porthole ocean view. I loved the location The only downside was the door to the deck banged loudly all the time. The main reason I noticed them missing is because I had one of those cabins. It’s interesting that their are passengers in them now. I’m currently looking at R746 for an upcoming cruise next year. I think I would love the balcony and the location. Thanks everyone for your comments.
  8. I found an older deck plan for the Crown and it looks like there wasn’t an R745 that was a balcony. R745 is an inside.
  9. I looked at three different cruises at different times and those cabins aren’t on the diagrams online. I wonder why they took them away. I cruised in R748 once.
  10. I just did a screenshot of this today. It’s for a cruise in April 2020.
  11. I’m sure someone has probably answered this question, but I can’t find it in search. I’m just curious what happened to these cabins. Does anyone know?
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