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  1. Clear packing tape works great. I cover the tags (like laminating) and use the tape to connect each end when I attach to the luggage handle. It works so well that I can hardly get them off later. I keep a roll of packing tape in my suitcase.
  2. Ah. You’re probably right. Too late for me.
  3. When I was on the Regal in November the beds were hard. They had the pillow top added, so it wasn’t as bad as the old concrete slab, but they were still hard. We asked for foam toppers which only helped minimally. The pillowtops were nice when they were new, but they’re mostly compacted and hard now. I know the website says that the Regal and Royal are scheduled to get new beds in 2019, but I don’t know that they always update it immediately. I’d be happy to hear from someone that they’ve started to change them out. Let us know your experience in June. Personally, I’d rather have the new beds (that they’ve advertised for years now) instead of the medallion tracking system. I do like the great new internet, tho.
  4. Yes, I have read the announcement. It’s now 2019, so I’m asking if the beds have been replaced. I keep hoping they will be changing them before my cruise this fall. The difference is like night and day to me. Still keeping my fingers crossed. 🤞
  5. That’s probably true, but the mattress I had last year was nowhere near the new ones.
  6. Thanks. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that it still happens before I leave. I can always hope.
  7. Good luck. I understand making those choices. I love cruising solo, but I enjoy a good friend’s company, too.
  8. I was on the Regal in November and they still had the old beds in my deluxe balcony cabin. I’m going on the Regal again later this year and I’m hoping that they’ll have been upgraded by then. I know the Regal was scheduled to get the new upgraded beds in 2019. I have my fingers crossed. 🤞 Does anyone know if it’s already happened? Thanks.
  9. Book as a single and change later if you want. I did this last fall and had no issues.
  10. I always liked 3 for Free, too, but I agree that it’s unlikely that it will apply to a November cruise if it’s repeated. I don’t like Sip n Sail because I don’t drink anything but water. Remember, you can ask them to remove the amenities package and give you a reduced price. I have a big cruise booked for next year and I saved a lot. It will be a lot cheaper for me to pay my own gratuities. I don’t know if they will always let you remove the amenities package, but it doesn’t hurt to ask.
  11. Thanks to everyone. This makes me feel better about it. I still think I would prefer to make my own, but it will be a new experience. It will be fun and I’ll be on a cruise!!!! 🤗
  12. Wow. Thanks for the picture. Now, I’m looking forward to trying it. I hope they don’t have long lines for salads.
  13. Thanks. I eat a big salad every day while I’m cruising. I really look forward to it.
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