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  1. That’s interesting because somewhere before the post I left off on, someone said they had luck shifting from western to eastern. If you scan through, they said “made me 😊”, so look for the smiley face. Someone at Royal must’ve put it through when they shouldn’t have. And it think someone else was able to also. Same thread. 🤔 Thanks for the answer.
  2. Someone save me...I left off at page 15 a few days ago and have a question for a friend...has anyone had any luck getting lift & shift to work for southern Caribbean, when there aren’t any summer choices? Has anyone been able to shift a southern to an eastern or western?
  3. That’s what I’m thinking. I was hoping to save my TA a headache. We cancelled Anthem May 29 out of Southampton back on March 18, and optimistically booked Oasis July 11, figuring it would just roll over to March 2021 Oasis cruise if it didn’t go anyway. They still have not applied the FCC and have given us until (through?) tomorrow to either have it appear or make full payment. I have no intention of making another payment. My sister and family have also booked (and are doing Carnival next year, so would opt for refund) and I hate to leave her hanging by just letting my booking expire. So...was hoping for the cancellation announcement that was hinted at on FB yesterday to clear up the whole mess.
  4. Anything else on the call...especially anything to corroborate that FB post about not sailing until end of July/early August?
  5. Yes, several mentioned a regular Wednesday webinar, but this was definitely today. Not many people seemed to know about it. I’m guessing if the info is out there, it will be covered tomorrow for TAs. Will you let us know what’s released?
  6. I’m looking for corroboration for a post on a RCCL group Facebook page - frequent cruisers, not official RCCL people. Here’s what someone posted:
  7. I’m with you...hats off to Carnival’s media department because they’ve manager to make the latest round of cancellations look like a positive thing. And I would be among the first to be excited if I thought there wouldn’t be months more of cancellations to come. The most positive thing I’ve heard today is the president say he thinks there will be a vaccine by the end of the year. That’s what’s going to make a difference for the cruise industry.
  8. Looks like Carnival has cancelled everything until at least August 1. RCCL should be out soon. 😔
  9. I was more hopeful when I booked it. It’s the only time we can go. We do have spring break booked next year, that will be our next opportunity.
  10. Ah...I think we just hit 75 days. That must be it. Well here’s hoping one more week will allow them to process the credit from the cruise I cancelled 42 days ago because I am not handing over more money for a cruise that surely isn’t going! 😂
  11. Not sure if the specifics, but after being on hold with resolutions, they agree they had told her it would be on hold until May 31. They’ve reinstated the bookings and the price, and will hold until May 7th by which time they swear the FCC will have processed.
  12. When I cancelled a cruise under RCCL’s cruise with confidence program, I asked that it be applied to a July booking. It was about March 21, because that’s when they came out with a policy that said you didn’t have to make a payment if you were waiting on FCC. I’ll put a screenshot of that policy below. So I check the booking every so often to see if there’s a sale on the cruise planner items. I checked a few days ago when people reported on CC that they were getting great prices on beverage package. Couldn’t pull up the booking. I waited because the website is awful but after two days asked TA to look into. Apparently they changed the policy and cancelled my reservation with no notice whatsoever. And yes, I realize the odds of this cruise sailing is minuscule, you can skip leaving that comment 😂. I’m posting this to give a heads up to anyone who is holding a booking without payment, while waiting on FCC, to keep a close eye on your booking. I think it’s only available to US customers anyway.
  13. This is fascinating! I’ve seen nothing in the media until now... https://thepointsguy.com/news/artania-last-cruise-ship-passengers-at-sea/?utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook&utm_content=055C7F66-850B-11EA-AAED-4CFF39982C1E&utm_term=Editorial&utm_campaign=facebook
  14. Can you imagine what the cost of a Disney park ticket would be if they have to drop their attendance numbers by 50%? If only half the normal number of people can enter a park each day? The demand will be so high that they could put any price they want on it. For less crowds, people will be willing to pay it. But if rides operate at 50% capacity - every other row blocked off for instance - then lines won’t be any shorter. So you’d pay more and the same long waits? Hmmm...
  15. I’d love to add a joke here, but I’m afraid most of you wouldn’t get it. Because of the quarantine, I’m only telling inside jokes. 😂😂😂
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