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  1. We cruised from Miami last April, on the Equinox, and Celebrity was using the terminal that is closest to the mainland. I believe it was Terminal F or G. It is the tented Terminal that RCCL used for many years when sailing from Miami.
  2. They showed that terrible movie on Oasis and Harmony last year. Much too loud, to the point of being painful to the ears.
  3. Airlines have hundreds of planes making multiple flights per day. The cruise line has, at most, a few dozen ships; with a captive audience for up to several weeks at a time.
  4. He is the absolute best waiter we have had in more than 40 cruises! I always pronounced his name as "Neeno", but I started to wonder if that was correct after our cruise.
  5. Does he pronounce his name "neeno? or Nino (spanish pronunciation)?
  6. Thank you for the information.
  7. Which RS did you have? We are in 1241 in a few weeks.
  8. Remember that your cell phones will switch to local time and will not necessarily match the official ships time!
  9. One thing we would add to this list is a small square rubber bathmat. We are in our 70's and the tubs and showers can be slippery.
  10. My wife has mobility issues and cannot climb stairs. Is there elevator access to the Retreat sundeck? Thanks
  11. Great news. He has been our favorite waiter out of 36 cruises! Wonderful man to converse with every day. BTW, we are cruising on Equinox on Oct 2, 2019 so we will see him then.
  12. Is the waiter Nino still onboard Equinox in the Luminae restaurant? He is an excellent waiter!
  13. I would say Yes. Even though suggested attire is for a more dressed up evening, I have seen many people still in jeans and polo shirts in all of the dining venues. About the only time I have seen people turned away is for wearing shorts and/or flip flops to the MDR in the evening.We have alwlays enjoyed formal nights and dressing for dinner (still do!) however the trend is to a more casual do-your-own-thing mentality. Do what you wish, don't worry about what others think. Although having read recent cruise ship news, it is probably best you don't show up for chic night dressed as a clown! LOL
  14. We think the best side would be portside for the sail down the river. But there are interesting things to see on both sides of the river. It is amazing how far out to sea you will be and there are still numerous oil drilling platforms.
  15. IIRC, It is required that you be onboard at least 90 minutes before scheduled departure time. If you are not, you will miss the cruise. This is a government requirement for sailings from the US, not sure if the same rule applies when leaving from a Canadian port.
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