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  1. Has anyone received any PUP's this time? I thought it was usually on the 14th. I hope I didn't spend so long on the Wellness thing for nothing!
  2. I am never surprised when IT problems arise with Celebrity. I had the same issue as the opening poster, where I was seen to be under 18. I could not get to the choice of arrival time as the continue tab was greyed out. This was when using my laptop. I switched to the App, and it worked for me. But now some other anomalies. I added a name and phone number for my emergency contact on the App. When I go to my details in My Account it has now changed my phone number to that of my emergency contact. I then linked my sister's booking to mine on the App. It all looks fine unti
  3. There is no reason why not as long as they meet the government guidelines for UK Domestic cruises. This is the link I posted earlier in the thread. https://www.gov.uk/guidance/coronavirus-covid-19-cruise-ship-travel Simply means no more than 1000 passengers and groups of more than 6 or two households cannot mix indoors. I expect the first cruises are no longer on sale due to the restrictions.
  4. Was 12-12:30 the earliest check in time offered? I like to board good and early to get to the Concierge Embarkation day lunch in the MDR, a lovely relaxing start to the cruise. This usually closes entry at 1pm. I think that will be a bit of a rush. I wonder if the time for this will change? I hope so. It is one of the benefits I enjoy.
  5. Yes - sold out. I tried to get a further reduction on my fare for the current Captain's Club discount offer and was informed that as my cruise was now sold out there was no fare to price match it to.
  6. That is such good news about being able to disembark at ports. Thanks for the link, it is so easy to miss changes and updates if you don't look at the Celebrity website every day.
  7. I believe we really won't know what the restrictions will be until each actual sailing. Things could be relaxed or tightened along with Government guidelines as well as Celebrity's own rules. They will learn as they go along. If we get out of Step 3 it will make some difference, as that also has restrictions about mixing on board, even if on the same booking. It will be much more relaxed if we make it to Step 4. This is the part of the Government guidelines referring to Cruise travel Coronavirus (COVID-19): domestic cruise ship travel - GOV.UK (www.gov.uk) As
  8. The Cruise with Confidence will allow you to claim a cheaper fare if one becomes available. So if you want to claim the Captain's Club discount it will be based on the current fare. So it could be higher. I contacted my Agent to try to get a Captain's Club discount, but as my cruise (3rd July) has today been classed as sold out there is no current price to price match to. You cannot simply claim the discount off your fare. It is hard to explain, I hope that helps.
  9. I have just sent an email to my agent and hope for the same. Was it in the form of OBC. I am hoping for 10% too 😁
  10. Yes, it is. I confirmed this on your previous post with the transposed figures. You have changed the title, but your opening initial post still states 2143. My head is spinning after all this - I need my cruise, in a slant balcony cabin. Enjoy yours. I am going on a UK cruise in a few weeks, and can't wait. Sorry for the confusion.
  11. Yes, that is definitely on the slant - and a larger balcony. In your original post you stated cabin 2143 - so you transposed the figures. So that is the cabin I looked for. Then, just as daft, I also transposed the figures, back to what you meant. Duh! This is all rather strange. But the outcome is Yes, it is a great position, and a great balcony.
  12. Yes, all the slanted balconies are much larger than the normal ones, but if you look on the plan, 1243 and 1271 are not on the slant. Good luck.
  13. I also always choose the larger slanted balconies. There is much more room, and although I have noticed it can be very slightly darker inside the cabin, I am happy to forgo that for the extra balcony space. I do wish Celebrity would include a sunbed on these balconies, especially now the footstools are no longer provided. I just looked at the deck plan - and 1243 is not a larger balcony cabin - nor is 1271, are you looking at the right deck plans on the right ship? celebrity-silhouette-profile-1962.pdf (celebritycruises.com)
  14. This is the link to the Captain's Club offer. UK Cruises from Southampton 2021 I UK Staycation Deals I Celebrity Cruises
  15. Not sure if it is another of Celebrity's famous IT glitches, but I notice that the 3rd July sailing is no longer on the Celebrity website. Hopefully it will reappear soon. I am booked on this one and so excited to be getting back on a cruise ship. I have been a bit concerned now that there is speculation that the Government's Step 4 may be pushed back by a couple of weeks. In Step 3 the guidelines are that UK Domestic cruises are limited to 1000 passengers or 50% capacity, whichever is the lowest. So if we remain in Step 3 could the cruise could be oversubscribed? The limit will be
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