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  1. I say that if you can afford it, have fun and splurge! You will not feel out of place; Queen's Grill is not full of snobs. Your stateroom will be lovely and large, and you will be inclined to spend a lot of time there. But you should also venture forth and enjoy the Grills Lounge, which is very pretty and has great coffee in the late mornings, when it is almost empty! Anytime dining is a big plus for us. Expanded menu and the opportunity to order off menu (within reason) can be attractive. You will have a concierge who can be very helpful and will allow you to avoid the lines and attitudes at Guest Services. IMHO the butler's services are over-sold, although some of the butlers are quite expert, some not so much. Have fun, life is short, enjoy every minute! BTW, we find Princess Grill to be a nice compromise, larger stateroom, anytime dining, access to the Grills Lounge and Concierge, but at a lower price.
  2. Eventually this virus problem will settle down. As that begins to happen, it might be a good idea to pour into cruise ship corporation stocks, if you like to play the market.
  3. I say give it a try and see if AZ is your cup of tea. There are some guaranteed positives such as the smallish ship atmosphere and the affability of the passengers. You will see the senior staff out and about. Special events will keep you engaged and partying. But note that there will be limited activities on sea days.
  4. Useful information in these tense times for all travelers.
  5. tv24


    Happy that you've had success with the internet, Ivog! That was not my experience in all of the days we've been on Seabourn. Maybe the satellite connection has been upgraded? I will be optimistic for my next sailing.
  6. CCL stock price has dropped very low. 2020 may indeed be a good time to buy. We have god our money's worth in OBC and have no regrets on our 100 share purchase. Not a major part of our portfolio, happily.
  7. We've always had to use the fax. Once we had to go to a copy center to use their pay service fax.
  8. We usually travel Princess Grill. We ask our TA to pre-arrange a table for 2 which usually works out. There are a lot of 2-tops in PG. One time we got seated at a big table, we asked for a change with the PG maitre 'd on the first day and it was arranged right away. You also asked about the food in PG. A different menu than in Britannia, somewhat more fancy, but not much opportunity to order off-menu, which is a feature in Queen's Grill.
  9. You will be somewhat unique in your white dinner jacket, but will not be forced to walk the plank. When you dress up and look really good, you can dance around the edges of the standard dress code on formal nights.
  10. Here's another idea that works for us: We call room service when we are up and around and order something and it usually appears in about 15 or 20 minutes. Note that we eat light, yogurt, fruit, juice and coffee, but sometimes get something more, and we still get prompt service. Not an absolute guarantee, but Seabourn handles this type of quick order much better than other lines.
  11. There is another TA...the Odyssey on March 28 and we are on board. Is this the TA for artlee?
  12. You can ask your TA to arrange for a large table in Queens Grille. Or you can try to arrange that once you are on board by speaking with the maitre'd. And as others have suggested, if you are at a table for 2, the tables are very close together and your neighbors may socialize with you.
  13. tv24


    They will be included in your room charges unless you have a booking that has gratuities included as a perk.
  14. If you want or need to be midship, then P1 is your choice. We very much like Princess on the QM2.
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