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  1. Boardwalk Cafe? Iffy on any crossing, but on a RT you should hit at least one calm sunny day in June. And you will have lots of opportunities to promenade on deck. I too would love to book a QM2 crossing for 2021, but we are holding off awaiting a vaccine and clarification on where international travel is going. We are also awaiting tons of money in refunds on cancelled cruises so we are not willing to commit any more $$$ at this time. But once health concerns settle down, we will seriously consider joining you!
  2. Wow. Bad news for a lot of passengers and cruise lines.
  3. Good Morning JPH: Today we received the first amount of refund from SB. It was $249, but sadly we have received no explanation. We need an explanation because $249 does not relate to any of the line items in the cruise plus air fare that we need refunded for a total of $7851.66. So we will wait to see if and when we receive more money and whether we get any accounting from SB. Thanks for your spreadsheet efforts.
  4. Yeah, we noticed this offer as well. And yes, I would love to book a future cruise on SB, but...can't board any cruise ship until there is an effective widespread vaccine. And I am waiting for thousands and thousands of dollars from SB from cruises they cancelled and have not yet refunded. So no love for SB today.
  5. Paul, sadly, I don't think SB is reading. Just us chickens here.
  6. Ooops Sorry for my confusion. But happy for Happy Hoppies.
  7. Congratulations Swaxxy! Your set of circumstances matches ours in terms of dates. So maybe there is some hope for us as we patiently wait.
  8. I am longing to return to the QM2, but alas, as a senior citizen, I will not return until there is an effective widespread vaccine, and that does not appear in the near future.
  9. We usually skip breakfast, although it was always great on Seabourn. Instead I have fond memories of dinner in the Collonade as it is so informal and pleasant. The newer Thomas Keller dishes were pretty good. But I just like the informal atmosphere, coupled with the table service. Like a friendly neighborhood restaurant at home.
  10. I just now received an email with links that brought me to Oceania's web site. All of the summer 2020 cruises are available on the web site. So either they need to update their web site, or they are selling cruises that are not likely to sail, and thus in the business of holding customers cash.
  11. I love Seabourn and have lately been dreaming of a return. But I am waiting for thousands and thousands of dollars in refunds for cancellations, and am not willing to commit any more money to the corporation until there is a vaccine. I am 69 and too much at risk to board any cruise ship. I would love to cruise again in 2021 and Seabourn would be my first choice, but my crystal ball looks very cloudy right now. They are getting no more of my money in the near future.
  12. We received a brochure in the mail today, first one in a long time. It listed lots of cruises from August, 2020 on, basically the entire inventory and schedule, business as usual. The prices are low and it was fun to fantasize, for a hot minute. Then I realized that most of these will never sail. Will borders be open, will convenient flights to and from be available, can one be assured that no one with the virus will board in August/September/October? So what is going on? Is this some sort of desperate corporate game to get customers to make deposits and early payments to generate some cash flow? This left me feeling very cynical and without much love for Oceania.
  13. Well it could be worse than our unending waits for cruise refunds. Today I received an email from the company I used to rent a tourist apartment in Lisbon. Our cancelled Seabourn crossing was to have left us happily in Lisbon in mid-April. After the crossing was cancelled, I cancelled the Lisbon apartment and negotiated a partial refund around March 22. The email today apologized for the long delays in processing refunds and announced that all of us waiting will have to wait until September 1! Yikes! That's more than 5 months after my cancellation! I fear the rental company is going bankrupt, although the email continues to assure that refunds will be processed. On the other hand, today I learned that the hotel we were to have checked into in New York City on June 29 will continue to be closed. They have promised refunds, and even though we booked through a third party with a non-refundable prepaid, the third party has agreed to process a full refund within 30 days. Good news...and bad news.
  14. More bad news for the cruise industry. I think there will be other ports banning ships until there is a vaccine.
  15. Cruise scheduled for 10/3/2020 Cancelled by Seabourn 5/5/2020 Requested a refund of deposit 5/7/2020 No response from Seabourn 5/10/2020
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