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  1. So happy that you enjoyed your laundry service since the overall state of the Noordam is in such depressing shape.
  2. Never been to Dubai; it's not on the top of my list. I would compare the Marina's dining room to a big conference room at a Marriott hotel.
  3. Yes there is a cheese trolley and yes it is disappointing. I am also not a fan of the cheese selections in Kings Court. Sort of like going to Costco.
  4. Steve: Sadly your first 2 wishes will not be fulfilled. The wifi quality is very poor and there is no commitment at this time at Cunard to improve it, apparently.
  5. Our one time on "O" was in a Penthouse, as recommended by several friends. The stateroom was spacious enough, but you are correct. We added in a drinks package and had to pay for gratuities, so it was quite an expensive crossing. We have been lucky to find better buys on Seabourn. But we did love the cuisine on "O" and found it generally better than Seabourn. However, with your comments, I now wonder if I will consider "O" again, as cuisine quality would be my motivation. I guess it would depend on itinerary.
  6. Thanks, Phil. I was going to ask about this, but you answered my questions.
  7. My favorite suite perk is access to the specialty restaurants. We have our butler set up alternating reservations when we board, Prime one night and Aqualina for the next. We can cancel if something else comes up.
  8. This is bad news. I will admit that it's been almost 2 years since we sailed on the Marina. The food was great, but I also admit that it was the major reason to sail "O", otherwise it's not all that distinguishable from several other lines. And the cost is somewhat higher than competitors.
  9. tv24

    Azamara, worth it?

    I know you like HAL. We've sailed on HAL a lot and have always enjoyed our experiences on that line. But we do prefer AZ even though it is usually more costly than HAL. AZ is much more upscale in many ways, definitely in terms of the design and interior quality of the ships. I also think the food quality is better by a bit. But most of all, the ambience is more pleasant, more convivial, just a lot of friendly polite people. Give AZ a test drive.
  10. We've sailed once on the Marina and spent some time with a great guy who sails regularly with"O" and his Lesbian friend. We had several dinners together, and the 2 of them organized the CC meet and greet. Otherwise the only other identifiable gay folks on board were the staff. We never felt shunned, nor did we feel embraced. We enjoyed the experience because of the extreme high quality of the food. As Keith has detailed, come for the food, and perhaps for the beauty of the ship's interior, but forget about everything else.
  11. We have been on this segment before. It's a great way to travel from the UK to the Continent. However I encourage you to take advantage of all the that QM2 has to offer, including the Britannia restaurant. There will be one formal night and you can enjoy this wearing a black jacket, black slacks, white shirt and tie. You can wear these clothes while touring the continent (probably not the tie). On the other night you can dress informally. If you don't want to pack the dark clothes, you can wear whatever you want in the buffet, but there will be few other place for you to wander in the evening. It's a beautiful ship and if you pay the fare, you should try to take advantage of all of the features.
  12. We were on the Quest's Antarctica cruise this past fall. We opted for the $400 unlimited internet package which we shared between the 2 of us and were happy with it, although the band width is not close to what you find on land. The free laundry machine are very large and are often not being used.
  13. On my many days on board Cunard, I have never seen box lunches available. Actually I have never seen them available on any other lines as well. And reading this discussion, I can understand why cruise ships avoid this service.
  14. We often don't know exactly where we are going and when, but we know that we will return to Cunard so we make an open deposit for a future booking and eventually get a modest amount of OBC.
  15. One of my favorite features on the QM2, or the other Queens. We love Bamboo and Coriander, but always have to ask for extra spice in our dishes. Sometimes we are successful. But always the menus are interesting and well-executed.
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