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  1. We've done both: An excursion and a walk. The walk was fine, and as UKtog has indicated, lots to see. It's a great city, vital, beautiful, lively and full of history. Looking forward to a return.
  2. We are actively considering a full world cruise...on another line...and are very attracted to the many days of sheer bliss, the extra perks for WC guests, and the special service. However I have some reluctance due to fear of repetition of food. The work around for that would be to eat some meals off the ship. Another issue for me is the repetition of activities as the WC is made up of segments and each segment would have many of the same activities. But I do note that the first poster is considering QM2 WC, and we all know that the QM2 has the broadest array of activities on the sea. Lovely to be able to have these dreams and realize them if we choose to.
  3. Mike: Glad that you enjoyed the diners in Queens Grill. We were on a TA in September and met some wonderful folks at the LGBT cocktail parties, and we met some not-so-wonderful people. We had dinner with the wonderful ones.
  4. Dance! Dance! Dance! Dancing every night and sometimes lots of experts to watch. Weather in November? Cold to be sure. You may be rocking and rolling or the passage may be smooth. Who knows! But if it is rocky, the QM2 is your best vehicle to manage the turbulence.
  5. A lot of us like the Old Cuban, available only at the Thomas Keller venue. We love the fact that they have Dubonnet available in the bars, great over ice before dinner. Otherwise we are Manhattan guys.
  6. Never ever saw fresh oysters, including the Queens Grill. Does any cruise ship have such a food product? I doubt it since just about everything served has been frozen or put in some sort of packaging so that it can be shipped in containers.
  7. If this is from Seabourn, it is likely your luggage tags plus some fancy information about your cruise. Nice to have, but the helpful agents at dockside can help you tag your luggage when you arrive. And you can print something like an e-ticket to show that you are a paid customer.
  8. I think Cunard would be very careful and re-route the World Cruise if the situation gets very hot.
  9. Wear the white bath robes provided in your stateroom! Why not?
  10. Shopping with the Chef does not always appear in the Herald. You need to ask at Seabourn Sq. when you board and insist that you want to be included. Even then, you might get a blank stare. We have never been successful in getting included in a Shopping with Chef experience. Maybe next time? Or maybe I should give up?
  11. To the original question: We sailed on the Sojourn through a number of ports in Asia and there was no effort to provide any dishes on board that had anything to do with the ports visited. Moreover, when Asian nights were featured in the Collonade dinners, the cuisine was woefully inauthentic and sometimes inedible. We were told the recipes were designed and controlled at HQ in Seattle. This is a sadly weak area for Seabourn. So as others have suggested, if you crave authentic Asian food on your cruise, eat in port and have a great time! And then come back on board for a cocktail and a steak. Or maybe 2 cocktails.
  12. We have been on Seabourn twice: A very long cruise on the Sojourn in 2014 and another very long trip on the Quest in 2018. Could not document any changes between the 2 experiences other than the introduction of Thomas Keller and the demise of Restaurant 2. Same food, same service, same lovely friendly passengers.
  13. The Pavillion Pool will be open and popular and the atmosphere will be humid. So bring your swim suits!
  14. I agree with Wripro that the Market Dinner is an OK change of pace after you have tried the other dining venues. In our experience, it is not the best food available on Seabourn. As to the Market Lunch, it is a huge affair offered once on each cruise segment where the kitchen is open for you to explore and pick out your menu choices buffet style but in the kitchen. Last time we noted that the menu choices were simply a rehash of all of the dishes that had been available in the buffet upstairs and on the menu in the dining room, nothing new or unusual. Just the oldies but goodies. We do not like to overeat, especially at lunch time, so this is far from our favorite Seabourn experience. But many passengers dearly love it. And it can be a bit of a bun fight.
  15. Ooops Yes it's to Bridgetown. You had me in a mini-panic.
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