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  1. Wow, that looks splendid. And we will be there right in the middle of next year's regatta. Awesome.
  2. It appears, then, that some reschedulings have advantaged the customer and others not. I'm not surprised that you've cancelled. We have decided to accept the offer made to us although are still waiting to confirm that until we get a reply to our query re flight home.
  3. Don't know about the food but that's one cool 3-piece suit!
  4. Got ours too. Same spiel as yours but we are content with that as far as the rescheduling goes except that our return is 4 days later from BGI instead of MIA. I've asked for them to provide flights from BGI but am not hopeful. Cancelling and rebooking the flight scenario (taking into account flight costs, arriving at LGW instead of LHR, car parking etc) puts me about £600 out of pocket. Its enough to be annoying but not so much to be a deal breaker particularly as we are getting 4 extra days and included shore excursions. On the whole, in a world where children are starving to death, we don't feel too hard done by.
  5. As soon as I get any positive communication I'll post on this thread.
  6. I accept no responsibility for any accuracy in my previous statement!
  7. Speaking to the SS office in London, they expect to have individual cruisers' options ready by the end of the week. The last time we had a cruise rescheduled we received a comprehensive email detailing all the options. Coincidentally, this cruise was already a rescheduled cruise so we are on our third itinerary for the same booking!
  8. So, I'm not alone. They will, however, cook it for you. OH loves the Grill so I get forced along a couple of times each trip. I would say, however, that the quality of the meats is consistently outstanding.
  9. I'm with you on Japan, Mysty. I'd live in Kyoto tomorrow given half a chance.
  10. If we were taking the SS air package I'm sure it would have worked out but we are, or have, booked our own. I shall wait to get official word from SS before rebooking, though.
  11. Very pleased with the itinerary changes but the different return airport may cause us some serious admin issues!
  12. Our original booking was FLL-FLL 16-23 March. That has changed to FLL-Bridgetown 16-27 March. Haven't heard directly from SS but this is now showing on MySilversea. I am expecting some issues with flights as I have the LHR-FLL return flights for the original dates and will now need to change the return section - if there are any reward seats left! The new itinerary looks interesting though:
  13. Very many thanks for your comprehensive cruise review. Great stuff!
  14. So far? No information yet. The wind schedule between 27 Dec and 6 Apr sailings is not on the website. On MySilversea our 26 Mar Cuba itinerary remains unchanged I'm not panicking yet but would be disappointed if things weren't clear by the end of this month.
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