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  1. Tothesunset

    Just Back from Silver Spirit - Disappointing

    Maybe I'm just an easy-going individual but I really don't find being asked for my suite number an unduly demanding situation. I merely need to recite 3 digits. On the Whisper last month we were asked a few times in the first few days until the relevant inquisitor knew us by sight. It seems such a small thing to even mention, never mind complain about.
  2. Tothesunset

    Caribbean cruise on the Spirit

    The earliest we have boarded was 11.30 am when our transport got us to the ship unexpectedly early. And we still were not first aboard. Suite number is irrelevant. 12.30 will be fine.
  3. Tothesunset

    Silversea Water Cooler: Welcome! Part Five

    Americans with guns kill more Americans every 3 months than the 9/11 terrorists did. Or 4 times more every year. War on terror - good; war on guns - bad? I don't get it.
  4. Tothesunset

    Newbee Question - what to wear?

    Which part of England? Geordieland? The West Country? Birmingham? It seems there are as many forms of English as there are people who speak it - even the descendants of the Angeln from Germany who give the language its name.
  5. Tothesunset

    Athens to Muscat - The Middle East with a Muse

    Each day is another treat with more pictures. Thanks for taking the time to post them.
  6. Tothesunset

    Live Whisper 18 - 31 Oct.

    What I don't understand is how one labrador can produce so much hair in two weeks and then have the intelligence to hide it from the ministrations of my mother's vacuum cleaner. Really, you could stuff a mattress with it. Such a shock, always, to get home and find that the room steward isn't available any longer. Hope our fellow travellers on Lady Whisper are now safely home. It was great to travel along with you.
  7. Tothesunset

    Live Whisper 18 - 31 Oct.

    Back home safely after taking 3 hrs 50 min to do the 2 hr drive from Heathrow due to traffic and road closures. Just what you need when jet-lagged, tired and fractious!
  8. Tothesunset

    Live Whisper 18 - 31 Oct.

    And if I may be allowed one further grumble, we are in the Delta Sky Club lounge as Virgin do not have their own lounge here. The Virgin Clubhouse at LHR is a triumph, the place we are sitting in now is a dump with terrible food on paper plates and uncomfortable seating. I agree JFK is also grim. I suppose most airports are to a greater or lesser extent.
  9. Tothesunset

    Live Whisper 18 - 31 Oct.

    Today's top tip. If you get the opportunity to arrive at MIA for your Virgin Upper Class flight to LHR then don't arrive more than 4 hrs early. Also be aware that the tour that drops you at the airport can only stop at the north terminal and it is at least a 20 minute hike to the Virgin check in area. Is MIA the most user-unfriendly airport. Oh, yes!
  10. Tothesunset

    Live Whisper 18 - 31 Oct.

    So the Everglades are really just like the English fens. But bigger. And hotter. And with more alligators.
  11. Tothesunset

    Live Whisper 18 - 31 Oct.

    So that's it all over. On bus now to the airport via an airboat ride in the Everglades. Only 180 days until the next one!
  12. Tothesunset

    Live Whisper 18 - 31 Oct.

    Aye. We get regular weather updates from the dog-sitters. I suppose we will find out for ourselves in a couple of days
  13. Tothesunset

    Live Whisper 18 - 31 Oct.

    Yes, we are still here. There was maybe 24 hrs of lively seas but not as bad as it might have been. It's hard to do a daily report when each day is much like the one before. Tomorrow sees us say goodbye to the Whisper so there's something of an end-of-term feeling on the ship. And the occasional whispered conversation about tipping. But we are feeling signally virtuous having donated to the crew fund (and been thanked by several crew) and can therefore relax on that score. We have been fortunate with the weather these past few days and spent the afternoons on deck - it's been easier than usual to find a suitable spot. It's especially gratifying when it's been so cold and wet back home, of course. Our butler is called Fernando. Mrs TTS won't let me ask him if he can hear the drums
  14. Tothesunset

    Athens to Muscat - The Middle East with a Muse

    It's like Belfast. But sandier!
  15. Tothesunset

    Live Whisper 18 - 31 Oct.

    And talking of wine, the Tokaji available on the connoisseurs list is exceptional. If there's one thing guaranteed to get me excited it's a good dessert wine; they don't come much better than this: