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  1. I think we need some cheering up. Below are 2 souls who really don't care about Covid, the sinking cruise industry, mad politicians or even the state of the household finances. Only 2 things matter: 1. Food. 2. Ball game.
  2. What a terrible time you've had Lois. But I hope you'll be surprised how quickly things heal up with modern meds.
  3. This is my son's 7-month-old Irish Doodle (Poodle - Irish Setter cross) and he's every bit as fluffy and cuddly in real life (the dog, not the son).
  4. And this one doesn't know what all the fuss is about. Or care, for that matter:
  5. Anyone else think it's time for a doggy picture the brighten up the day? You don't? Well, you're getting one anyway:
  6. I'm sure the people on here wishing to plan their cruise future are grown-up enough to realise that unsourced musings on CC is not a definitive resource for their needs. Stifling discussion - even if some of which is plainly nothing more than confirmation bias or wishful thinking - to protect people from themselves seems a little autocratic and outwith the spirit of this forum. But that's just my wholly unscientific opinion. I hope that doesn't render it unsuitable for posting.
  7. Of course. The milk chocolate variety is only for the taste-challenged.
  8. Look, let's get one thing straight here. In terms of biscuits (cookies, if you must) there are McVities Plain Chocolate Digestives. The rest are irrelevant. Hope that helps.
  9. Canada truly is the world's most civilized country
  10. Every time a new batch of cancellations is made I can't help but feel some despair for all the SS employees that are seeing their livelihoods being slowly strangled. And also the knock-on effect to the families in places like the Philippines whose income largely derives from their relatives at sea. I can't really get too upset about missing a cruise or two (and getting my money back) when I remember the hardship being faced by so many in the industry. It's heartbreaking.
  11. Not just the CDC but global Health Authorities agreeing to measures allowing cruise ships into their ports. Not much point in the CDC giving the green light if the rest of the world says go away.
  12. If all the cancelled cruisers opt for FCC, its going to be a long time, even when cruising restarts, before they start taking in real money. As each month passes does anyone else wonder if the cruise lines can survive in anything like their current form. Especially if, as seems increasingly likely, the world economy goes into reverse.
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