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  1. So far my cheapest PPPD for a Solo cruise was for a 14 day TA cruise from Barcelona to Miami for $75 dollars per person(solo) per day, including taxes, gratuities and port fees. But then airfare is also a factor to keep in mind.
  2. That's amazing. Thanks! Tell me how you could book a Holland America for that please. I don't get it.
  3. What was the length of the cruise? So the cost per person per day was what? And how much would the taxes increase that price per person?
  4. I am able to cruise because I work hard to find the cheapest cruise price per day that I can. I have to also consider what it will cost me to fly to the Embarkation port and to fly back home again as part of the overall cruise deal. Tell me what your best cruise price was per day and whether it was worth the cost. I honestly find the work of finding the best cruise price all part of the cruise adventure. I'd love to hear your best cruise deals, both Solo and otherwise.
  5. I cruise a LOT different than most people do.. I always cruise Solo, as cheap as possible, as long a duration cruise as possible and always Sail-Away. I really don't care where my cabin is. Or really where the ship is going. After sleeping in hostels in Mexico and Central America for $15 Dollars a night, any cruise cabin is utter luxury! I just like being out on the open ocean and not having to cook, clean or drive. I always carry good ear plugs and I even have 12 hours of rain audio on my Android Tablet if it is REALLY noisy, like when drunks sit outside your hostel room and sing old Spanish songs all night. People really are WAY too picky and spoiled. For me cruising is about adventure, not luxury. I travel Sail-Away deals on cruise lines like NCL because they are CHEAP! But, that's just me.
  6. chengkp75, have you had any updates on what this recent failure really was and how serious the damage really is? I don't think we know if the new problem is an engine issue. Is that right? Thanks.
  7. You don't really believe that the serve staff and house keepers get the total gratuities? Don't be silly! This is just another way to earn some income. I don't blame them. I just see it for what it really is. If you want it, you pay for it. A LOT!
  8. I'm sorry, but I'm confused. The Star hasn't done it's transatlantic voyage yet. The Star 14 day transatlantic trip begins Nov 22 from Barcelona to Miami.
  9. Thank you for all of your great knowledge and info. I feel much better now that my cruise from Barcelona will probably sail as scheduled. We may miss a port of call or two, but I am ok with that. I leave for Spain in 7 days. I can't wait! Thanks again!
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