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  1. We are on the same sailing. My email says to plan to arrive after 3PM. We are planning to be there for 11.
  2. Do you have an iPhone? If so there is a wifi assist setting that uses data to boost for better coverage when the wifi signal is low. You can turn it off in your settings. I found out the hard way when I fell asleep listening to podcasts and they played all night. I am not sure about other phones, but I am sure they all have something similar.
  3. My son turns 18 the day we board the Anthem next year (March 1). It will be interesting to see if the M1 is on there.
  4. Found it. It says M1. I only know because my son looks old for his age and last year he was 17 and had been watching me play slots in the casino all week and one of the last nights someone asked him for his card and he got the boot. The employee showed me where it was
  5. There is something on the sea pass card that indicates a minor but I forget what it is. I will look at a few of my sons to see if I can figure it out.
  6. Thanks for reporting back. I am hoping to get good use of it next week. We are staying Thursday night at The Embassy Suites by the airport then Sheraton Old San Juan for 2 nights. I see 4-5 Uber rides in my future and I am glad to hear to it is working well and reasonably priced.
  7. md80 fan - Do you recall who the Schooner and the Bull & Bear entertainers were?
  8. we got it for $22 CAD I think. The total is $196 for a week. We now have friends coming on our cruise and they just bought for $75 a day so $629 each. I don’t have the heart to tell them what we paid lol
  9. yes I understand but I was just correcting the assumption above that Del’s friend could not have upgraded their drink package. Since I have been cruising with royal I thought they had only had two alcohol package options - select and premium - and then the Select was removed And premium became deluxe near the end of 2016. edit: I just googled and found this In an article on gambee’s site. It looks likes the only difference between Ultimate and premium might have been coffee/tea
  10. I am a pack rat and have all my Cruise Planner emails from previous purchases. I purchased a Select package on 7/10/16 for a 8/26/2016 cruise. It is perfectly feasible that Del's friend had prepurchased a Select Package (beer and wine) and upgraded to a Deluxe onboard.
  11. I find the frozen ones a little harder to drink now with the cardboard straws. By the time I get to the bottom of my drink, the straw is always soggy. I have to learn to drink faster 🙂
  12. We are sailing Jan 2 on the Indy. We have tentatively booked the Unlimited Dining Package. We have only done the BOGO or 3 night package previously. This is a 5 night sailing. The details in the cruise planner state: For one low price, you can enjoy multiple entrees and visit multiple specialty restaurants every night of your sailing. Does this mean we could eat at a restaurant for an early dinner (ie Chops or Giovanni's) and then grab some appetizers at Playmakers while we watch a football game? I assume Indy is like other ships and Tepanyaki and Chef's table are not covered? Thanks! Jess
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