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  1. I have been listening since the show started! I have really enjoyed it, although it was kind of a bummer listing to the episode that was played during the week I was supposed to be on the Oasis 🙂
  2. I do not know where my calls have been answered from but from what I was told by the last two reps I spoke with (neither of which had any noticeable accents) all of the booking reps (including Club Royale) are working from home. There was some minor call quality issues in both which I chalked up to them talking over a VOIP line.
  3. I got club Royale to check and my husband and I both got this offer as well
  4. My mom just got a free interior offer. She is Choice. She has sailed on RCL 3 times, once a couple years ago on Liberty, Freedom in Nov 2019 and Anthem in March 2020. She might get 400-500 pts a cruise
  5. They can be combined but I believe you would get a balcony if your offers are for ocean views.
  6. Here are the two 20MRO offers we got. We ended up booking the 11/8 on the Oasis and and 11/15 on Allure. For the 20JFS offers, we ended up booking two cabins on the 1/4/21 sailing on the Anthem. I did not get a list for that one, but from what I understand it was any length sailing in Bahamas/Caribbean not on a holiday and excluding Odyssey.
  7. Yes they said the tier freebie we got this year was good through March 2022 and we should get another one next spring also good through March 2022
  8. So I just checked the site and our "missing offers" are now loaded. Does anyone have copies of the available sailings for these offers? The 20JFS expires tomorrow and 20MR01 expires on the 31st. 20MRO106 2020 SEP-Q4 SAILINGS MAY OFFER (20MRO1) OCEANVIEW + $50 OBC 20MRO107 2020 SEP-Q4 SAILINGS MAY OFFER (20MRO1) INTERIOR + $25 OBC 20JFS103 2021 JAN-FEB SAILINGS OFFER (20JFS1) - 20JFS103 OCEAN VIEW + $100 FREEPLAY 20JFS104 2021 JAN-FEB SAILINGS OFFER (20JFS1) INTERIOR + $50 FREEPLAY
  9. Just got off the phone with Club Royal. It is only the the latest suspensions that are being able to move their bookings. I believe she said it was for sailings after June 12 and it must be done by June 6. It needed to be the 3rd suspension or later. Ours was the 2nd suspension so unfortunately did not qualify for rebooking with the offer we had. She did say that she can see based on our play that we both should have received some of the more recent offers that came out, but neither of us did so she is going to email Club Royale management to request some of the offers opened up to us. She told me to check the site again on the weekend if she does not call me back. I asked about the expiry date of the tier offers. She said they got an email about the change to the expiry date in the last day or so and the email specifically says the new 3/2022 expiry date for this year's tier reward will NOT affect us getting another one for next year. I assume that should have an asterix beside it *barring any changes to the program*.
  10. For the comp cruises there was no FCC and the only refund was the port fees/taxes. I had chosen the FCC option to see what would happen and all I got was the tax back on my credit card (which is all I really expected).
  11. We did have a comp one on May 20 on the Oasis that got cancelled. I will give them a call to see what they say
  12. I hope not. I was fine with the way it was and will be disappointed if we do not get our 2021 cruises as well
  13. Yes to points on comp and double on solo. I believe studios are single pts because the rooms are intended for 1 person
  14. My offer now says it expires March 2022. I swear this said 2021 last week
  15. Good luck!! I hope you get to make the changes you want 🤞
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