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  1. We have not been getting drink packages lately as we get free drinks in the casino but I do have the drink package for this cruise as I lucked into the $18 Glitch and how could I pass that up? I usually end up with a bottle of champagne from the casino anyway. From what I understand, I can switch the amenity from towel to champagne at any time for future cruises so we will see how it goes after this first sailing. For this cruise, my husband, son, and I are all in separate staterooms. Does that mean we will get 3 towels?
  2. We are sailing on our first cruise since turning Diamond Plus on March 1. I just called C&A and requested we get the towel as our amenity. Does anyone have a picture of the towel they give? Is it half decent or should I call back and request a bottle of wine instead? I am already second guessing myself. 🤣
  3. Got our assignment today. We did end up with 10628, but it still says Suite. Gotta love RCL IT 🙂
  4. They also no longer allow you to use your free day then purchase the remaining days with the 30% Prime casino discount.
  5. Enjoy your cruise! I am so happy they lifted the passport ban - it was complete overkill!!
  6. 7 or 8 depending on whether you are talking Jan-Dec or just over 12 months.
  7. Well that is confusing lol. Does that mean it is $2.15 plus $11.75 for the way there and $2.15 back?
  8. The first thing I do when I am unpacking my toiletries is fold a facecloth and put it in the soap dish before I put the soap in. No more soap slipping through the slots! And I agree with all the comments about bringing your own shampoo and conditioner. I cannot use the stuff in the dispenser - it dries out my skin/scalp and also make my head breakout even time. Hubby uses it though (he is also almost bald and does not have sensitive skin).
  9. Thanks for all of the advice everyone! I think we might just drive and park from the sounds of it. Is there a toll between EWR and Manhattan?
  10. We are a group of 11 sailing on Anthem of the Seas on March 1. We are staying at the Doubletree at EWR. We are driving in early on Feb 29 and are planning on spending the day in and around Times Square/Central Park after checking into the hotel. We will have cars and can park in Manhattan but I know it is very expensive from past experience. Is there a more economical way to get us over there without it taking forever? We may not all be returning to the hotel at the same time. There are a few seniors in our group who won't want to be walking around all day & night. Unfortunately it is not an option to change hotels to Manhattan. Any suggestions would be appreciated!
  11. Fellow Canadian here. My son turns 18 on March 1 which is the day we board the Anthem. He is looking forward to legally have some beverages in Nassau 🙂
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