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  1. Yes, there is a check in area. It is next to the coffee shop on deck 5. Also, be aware on the Vista that the Hub app did not work 3 of the 7 nights on my last cruise and we had to check in at that area instead of requesting a able on the app for those 3 nights. So if that happens to you, that is the spot you go for a YTD table. It was not just my phone/app. There were many grumbly folks each night. That was disappointing and I reported the issue in my after cruise survey.
  2. First, please, please know that peanut allergies are not the same as "nut" allergies. Peanuts are legumes. I have a mild peanut allergy (thank goodness only mild) that also happens to extend to peas, beans, and other legumes such as lentils. Now, that said, make sure he does not also have nut allergies. Some people claim frying in peanut oil would not trigger a reaction in most people allergic, but I do not trust that info, so avoid whenever possible.
  3. Price the Carnival shuttle and then compare it to a mock booking for Uber or Lyft.
  4. Print the screen just in case! I am sure you are fine, but I like extra comfort. 😉
  5. It's been nothing but glitchy for months now so that should be of no surprise to the rep. Clearly, they just don't want to say that!
  6. Canned sparking water is OK but not bottles, no. Ship's water is perfectly fine. If you just cannot do that, you can buy water on board for a premium.
  7. Perhaps, unless you are docked. Then there could be an issue but Vista is OK in Cayman today.
  8. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2722226-a-glorious-new-years-eve-cruise-review-of-glory-1229-sailing/?do=findComment&comment=59224655
  9. Back from your cruise and need to speak with someone? Contact our Guest Care team. (800) 929-6400 Mon-Fri 8:30am to 6:30pm EST Saturday 9:00am to 5:00pm EST But probably better done in writing. Carnival Cruise Lines Guest Relations 3655 N.W. 87th Ave Miami, FL 33178 Also Guest Solutions Support: guestsolutionssupport@carnival.com
  10. Yes, you can dine solo anywhere with no issues. they just portion the plates out depending on how many are eating.
  11. https://cruiseradio.net/how-cruise-ship-butter-is-causing-an-uproar/
  12. No more pats of butter. They use crocks now to cut down waste.
  13. I searched around to see if I could get more info. Have never cruised out of Mobile. Info was sparse, but it sounds like it's about 4 hours. And, though nobody stated this specifically, from comments here and there it sounds like only single-shot, one alcohol drinks like a vodka tonic or a Jack and ginger ale, etc. No martinis, etc. Limited beer menu with only the basic domestic macros and Thirsty Frog Red. Limited wine list at dinner as well. Sorry I found no exact menu! But hopefully someone will. Oh, and also, like a 10% tax during this time.
  14. They had one flavor only when I was on Vista in Sept. Mixed berry.
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