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  1. We went with DenRus in 2009. Complete St.Petersburg Tour. They were excellent and arranged a private car to transfer us to a palace to view a folkloric show/reception the evening between. They will do smaller private custom tours, also.
  2. SHIP: Silhoette CABIN #: 6172 DECK #: 6 CLASS: 2C AREA: Midship BED NEAR: verandah QUIET: Very quiet BALCONY VIEW: Obstruction of white lifeboat davit on left 1/3 balcony. Top of lifeboat parallel to balcony floor. BALCONY SIZE: standard WIND/SOOT A PROBLEM: NONE PROBLEMS/COMMENTS: a very quiet cabin, davit obstruction might bother some but didn't bother us on a very busy Mediterranean cruise itinerary.
  3. Agree with you whole heartedly! We just returned from Puerto Vallarta this past Monday, after spending 10 wonderful days there. We felt perfectly safe at our resort (Dreams Puerto Vallarta), and in town. We were to dinner a couple of times in the evening in the Old Town. Muggings can, and do unfortunately happen in most major cities throughout the world. People need to use their common sense.
  4. No, it isn't necessarily more prevalent on the Solstice class ships. We returned from a Southern Caribbean cruise on the Millenium, Feb.14 ( fantastic cruise overall) and there was a couple who continued to smoke on the balcony throughout the cruise. This couple also were "door slammers", so we considered where this behaviour came from. Perhaps a first cruise and they didn't know how any better? They were from North America, the deep south. Agree, there should be better survaillance.
  5. We just got off the Millenium this past Monday, and they were were all operational.
  6. We'll be staying at the Sheraton Old San Juan; would the CVS be close to the hotel?
  7. Oh brother,that's right, let people enjoy what they enjoy.... Personally enjoy Caribbean lobster well over Maine lobster. Much sweeter.
  8. I don't know. What I do know is that our steward had a rather funny look on his face when we found this bag of liquor etc. under the head of the bed. Not sure if he didn't realize that we did not know this was common practice amongst the staff... or maybe there are a lot of people who just don't check their accounts, and leave the ship...
  9. Just be sure to check your account at the end of the cruise to ensure they didn't charge for all the items removed. On one of our cruises the cabin steward put the items under the bed, in the bag, and when the they went to lock the mini bar the night before we disembarked, we were charged for its entire contents:( This was quickly rectified by making a call to the purser:) Have a Great Time!
  10. We agree with remydiva... Our ages are 47 and 53 and we just completed this 14 day cruise to Hawaii this past March. We have traveled with different cruiselines over the years, including Princess. Unfortunately, our weather was very cool (which cannot be helped, of course) and rainy; and we found the activies were geared more to a very senior demographic. Sadly, we also found that Princess' standards have slipped, especially in the food department. The food was very unimaginative and bland. The Crown Grill was excellent however, and the service received from the Golden Princess' staff, overall, was very good . We will definitely return to Hawaii in the future. For a land vacation. Just our opinion...
  11. Agree completely with BillyBob123. Exactly what we were thinking; the "shotgun effect". Create pandemonium and fear. Oh, and look who really won this one.... Have a Very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
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