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  1. She may be incorrect, but my TA told me that it isn't Azamara that might require a negative test prior to boarding, but the country that you are flying into. She said we could test at home before leaving or perhaps there would be testing at the airport at arrival. That is the reason why it's stated "may require a negative test". Her take was the cruise lines were trying to go along with each countries' requirements so they were able to continue cruising to and from the different ports.
  2. Perhaps they will give us a list of approved site in the embarkation city? I really liked what American Cruiselines (I think that is the group) are doing. They added a hotel stay pre cruise, are testing everyone then and transport you to the ship the next day.
  3. I just feel bad for the crew having to enforce the mask rules, no matter what they turn out to be. Liz
  4. I totally agree! And perhaps add some more variety to the options. Liz
  5. You have a good point. I guess I am just super anxious to get the show on the road, whatever that show may be.
  6. Is it only me or does it seem that Azamara is dragging it's feet on announcing what their vaccination policy will be? Liz
  7. Sorry, no. I didn't realize there was a difference until I started to read this thread.
  8. We have had the same experience in the past. It should be easy enough to rebook with the new promotion.
  9. We have done numerous cruises on Azamara, one on Oceania, and one on Seabourn. I think you can find snooty people anywhere. On our Seabourn cruise, we sat with a couple who continually told us how well of they were, one night at dinner on Azamara, a table mate ignored me until she overheard where I grew up. While we love Azamara, Seabourn has the little extras that Azamara doesn't offer like complementary movies, caviar and cabin beverages. Not to mention a larger cabin and bathroom. While they don't have an Amazing Evening or White Night, they do have several special events - my
  10. We actually had our seat costs refunded by Emirates last year when our cruise couldn't dock in Dubai and we had to disembark early. Of course, this was in the beginning of the Covid craziness.
  11. yes, I'm looking at the Med on the Virtuosa. thanks in advance Liz
  12. hi I am thinking of booking my first MSC cruise in the YC. Is laundry included in the YC perks? Are you able to get into the shows without a reservation? I've read that there may be inconsistencies with the included beverages. Is there anything else I should be aware of? thanks! Liz
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