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  1. Mine was taken at 9.45pm from the ship! But it was July.
  2. P is for Pasteis de Nata (Lisbon) Lovely Porto Poppies in Bruges
  3. Other pictures of Oslo, including the Sculpture Park.
  4. I thought my landline was rock solid but right at the beginning of lockdown we went about 2 and a half weeks without ours and, therefore, no internet! What a time to not have internet!! That’s when I was glad for my mobile and why I went to a sim only deal as I was racing through the data on my phone! Luckily it was fixed 1 day before I got my work PC and phone ready to work from home. They are both plugged into my router! It’s crazy I just push the 4 digit number to transfer a call like I would in the office and I am through to the office or someone else working from home!
  5. Like Sarah it’s a while since I’ve been, probably because it’s not NT! It is lovely though and I remember a marvellous rose garden.
  6. In my job I often have to confirm telephone numbers, it’s amazing how many people only have a mobile now- and not just the young. I find a lot of over 60’s do too. I can’t quite make the break from my landline yet, even my mum prefers me phoning her mobile now so she can sit in her chair! (Yes I know she could have cordless but they didn’t like the sound on it and went back to a corded one 🙄)
  7. I finally relented back in March when our internet was down for 2 weeks and got a sim only deal. I ran out of data on my phone so quickly without using my house WiFi - now I have masses of data for about 5 or 6 pounds a month less as well as unlimited phone calls and texts!
  8. Yes that’s what I do. Very low cases round here at the moment considering we are heavily populated.
  9. I’ve just had an email from the cottage owner with lots of details About the place and also a document about local services that you’d find in a book normally in the cottage. Now it’s emailed due to Covid. We were planning to eat in quite a lot but I had been looking online and the first restaurant he’s recommended is the one I was thinking of booking for hubby’s birthday! I think I might actually have to think about packing now 😊
  10. You’ll recognise us now if you see us wandering along the beach at Westwood Ho!
  11. Been to all of them Harry, love Chartwell the house feels like a real home.
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