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  1. P&O SUE

    Tables for 2 on Britannia

    I’m a bit late to this thread but just thought I would add that there are more tables for 2 on Britannia than there are on Azura and Ventura so we found the wait was virtually non existent for tables for 2 in Freedom dining. The main shows are normally 8.30 and 10.30 but on Britannia, being P&O’s largest ship they sometimes do a 6.30 show. This was good, see the early show then go for dinner without rushing to see the show after!
  2. P&O SUE

    Ventura N907

    What a shame, I’ve docked twice in Amsterdam on a cruise, once overnight and the location is brilliant. I’ve noticed next year’s cruises when they normally do Amsterdam and Bruges had changed to just 4 night cruises to Amsterdam, that will be even more frustrating If they go far out and there’s no other port either.
  3. P&O SUE


    It's always interesting that the same cruise attracts different reviews. Must admit I'm trying not to worry about the recent Azura reviews as I'm booked on her for 2020 for a special birthday for my husband. Having said that I've had 3 cruises on her and always had a good time. Shame Captain Camby isn't on Azura at present as he is a good captain (don't care what people say they do influence the atmosphere onboard like a good Headmaster) I'm going on my first Princess cruise in June so I'll see how they compare. Although I'm the sort of person who always enjoys my holidays.
  4. Yes we did ours online last year using our phone for photos. So easy to do and the new passports were with us in 5 days, very pleased with the service.
  5. P&O SUE

    who will be our captain ?

    No he was really good for us! Saw him round the ship lots. Even bumped into him near our cabin twice! Someone else said he was really good with their disabled daughter.
  6. P&O SUE

    who will be our captain ?

    Can’t believe Captain Banache didn’t allow photos, he had loads taken with people on our cruise.
  7. I've noticed P&O are actually using Rotterdam in future cruises (as well as Amsterdam) I thought it was because of the difficulties getting in and out! We left Amsterdam at midday and it was lovely watching our transit out through the lock.
  8. P&O SUE

    P&O trialling once a day room service.

    Interesting, when I was on Ventura back in June I was asked for the first night did we mind if he didn’t do the ‘full’ service. Re changing towels twice, of course I don’t change them twice a day at home but I have a heated towel rail ! If my towels are still really wet in the evening I would want fresh ones.
  9. P&O SUE

    Shuttle in Copenhagen

    Thanks for the reply, unfortunately I don't think the HoHo bus runs after about 6pm and I wanted to visit Tivoli Gardens in the evening! Aah well might have to brace a taxi
  10. P&O SUE

    Shuttle in Copenhagen

    Hello, we’re in Copenhagen in July and it’s our first cruise on Princess. We’re in port until 10pm and I wondered if the Princess shuttle buses run right through the evening? Also does anyone know where the shuttle bus drops off please? Thank you
  11. P&O SUE

    Anytime dining

    Ok, thanks for that. The Princess site gave the impression there were 4. Perhaps I misunderstood.
  12. P&O SUE

    Anytime dining

    Thank you
  13. P&O SUE

    Anytime dining

    Thank you that's great
  14. P&O SUE

    Anytime dining

    Hello all, I've just booked my first Princess cruise for next year and have chosen Anytime dining. I'm sailing on Sapphire Princess and am looking at the FAQ's. There seem to be 4 anytime restaurants. How does it work? Can you choose which one to go to or are you allocated one?
  15. P&O SUE

    Wonderful Copenhagen 2018 edition.

    I was afraid that would be the case, shame I would have liked to have seen Tivoli lit up! Thanks for replying.