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  1. I would just like to add (and I have missed St Peter's Port 3 times out of 3!) that it's the swell there that is the problem. Notorious apparently. I'm sure they don't want to miss a port because of the hassle they'd get from passengers as well as the refunding of the tours etc. Also they have to re-arrange extra activites for an unexpected sea day. On Brittania in 2017 we had an extra lecture from the onboard speaker and extra films etc.
  2. I think it's the new way they "write it"! For example the 7 dayers to Lisbon Porto Vigo and Guernsey are billed as "Iberia and Canaries" - I'm sure they'll be someone complaining they didn't get to the Canaries and back in 7 days!!
  3. Great to have some positive feedback on your experience, thank you.
  4. Ooer err I agree with the previous poster who said the grey maps were not inviting - they're horrible! Typical - yesterday I "saved" a few cruises and, of course, now they're gone! 🙄
  5. I’m going to try and visit Rosenberg castle when I go if that interests you.
  6. We saw the larger inside cabins on a ship visit and they are definitely larger than a standard one. Enjoy your cruise!
  7. I have been on 3 cruises that should have called at Guernsey, each time we didn’t get in. The first time (2012) we went to Cherbourg but had sea days the other times. This was in June and July! Luckily have been to Guernsey via a ferry (lovely place) but would be nice to go again!
  8. I get at least one piece of post a fortnight from P&O (which I don’t want!) but I don’t opt out so I can receive brochures etc. As yet I haven’t received a brochure and last time the ‘Moments’ magazine came out I didn’t get one. Very frustrating!
  9. 😊 I know it’s quite an effort!
  10. The first way I tried didn’t work so I tried a different way! Ive just tried again and it’s really hit and miss! It’s not in the search box at the top of the page, after you click ‘book a cruise’ there’s a box that comes up under what month etc you want that says ‘ or search by cruise number’ and that’s where I put the number!
  11. Well that is odd! As you say should say ‘sold out’ EDIT- I’ve just searched for G003 and it came up! And said ‘sold out’ 😊
  12. If you put the cruise number in the search box you can still bring up the cruise details. I agree though, annoying!
  13. Thanks for posting Peter, glad you’re enjoying your cruise.
  14. I’m a bit late to this thread but just thought I would add that there are more tables for 2 on Britannia than there are on Azura and Ventura so we found the wait was virtually non existent for tables for 2 in Freedom dining. The main shows are normally 8.30 and 10.30 but on Britannia, being P&O’s largest ship they sometimes do a 6.30 show. This was good, see the early show then go for dinner without rushing to see the show after!
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