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  1. Bizarrely I found mine in my junk folder! They don’t normally go in there from P&O! I also cancelled in the first batch of cruises but I thought about it for a day or two before I did it.
  2. I’ve still got hope (although it’s getting less!) for my October cruise and the good thing is my insurance was paid before Covid so I’m covered but if I moved it I won’t be covered. I know this as I had an email from my insurance company telling me they wouldn’t after a certain date!
  3. It’s likely we’ll postpone to the following October but it’s not quite the same is it. I’m wondering about earlier in the year as we’ll really need a holiday by then. Anyway much worse off than me just sad.
  4. So sorry to hear your news Avril, it’s heartbreaking. Big hugs xx
  5. Regarding Iona being well booked for next year I’ve seen lots of posts elsewhere of people on Iona rebooking for the same week next year as their current cruise so I’m not surprised at all.
  6. I’m in the same position, kitchen can be used but looks a bit of a mess as walls bare and it’s not a new house! Also built in fridge and freezer didn’t come, to be delivered in a month apparently! my husband was going to do the tiling, put down the flooring. He’s got the weekend off this weekend, would have been perfect time to get on with the tiling, but of course we can’t buy any!!
  7. Sorry to hear of your hard time and what must have been a shock for you both, I hope things improve. I’m feeling down this morning but hearing your story I do know I’m luckier than many. I had a stent put in nearly two years ago now. Luckily I didn’t have a heart attack, it was caught in time. I went to the GP’s with chest pains after walking uphill. Ended up having an angiogram then a stent inserted not as an emergency case. I was told I had a 90% blockage in my artery!! Last year I was made redundant, started a new job in October. Got to work two weeks ago today (I have Wednesdays off) and found hardly anyone in. Discovered many had been sent home with long term conditions. Well I asked my GP after my stent did I still have to say I had heart problems for travel insurance as I feel fine now but obviously trying to be careful with diet and having daily BP and cholesterol tablets. He looked at me and said quite firmly ‘you have congenital heart disease’ Gulp! Anyway when my manager came in I told her and she packed me off home! On Monday of this week I had a call from her telling me they’d had a risk assessment and I could come back the next day! So I went back in Tuesday and discovered most people weren’t in! Plus there were terrible IT issues and I couldn’t get into my PC for my whole 5 hour shift! Frustrating to say the least. They’d spaced the desks out but one of my colleagues got too close a couple of times and when I said we were supposed to be observing social distancing she got quite grumpy! After I got home I got another call from my manager saying they’d had another meeting and giving all the problems they’d had I was to stay off again!! I was massively relieved but originally they were supposed to be organising home working. So no idea what’s happening now! Sorry for long post!
  8. I’m due on Azura in October for my husband’s 60th birthday. A cruise that has been booked for nearly 2 years. i hope it’s safe to sail but I’m really starting to accept it might not happen now. I know there’s more important things going on now but I’m so sad mainly for my husband as it was perfect timing ( his birthday falls on the first sea day) Also an itinerary with several new ports for us. Anyway, welcome to cruise critic John, Azura was our first ship we sailed on so she has a special place in our hearts.
  9. I’m exactly the same, I was in the first wave of refunds as my cruise was 10th April. It said 45 days at the time, but I’m quite tolerant as I know they’re swamped at the moment. I’ll post when I get it and how long it took! Be aware I had a refund invoice that had the cancellation fee taken off and was shocked but then noticed another email saying to ignore the cancellation charges. Both these emails had gone to my ‘junk email’ for some reason.
  10. I don’t think it’s too bad in here but news sites and the dreaded book of faces gets too much! I wish you well.
  11. I know what you mean, for some reason I checked my CP for my October cruise last night and all the excursions were there to book 😩Made me really sad that I would have been excited normally but now I’m just sad as I’m not convinced it will go ahead now.
  12. I quite agree re not watching too much news. I stupidly read too much just before I went to bed a couple of nights ago, took me 2 hours to get to sleep!
  13. haha yes in the same cabin 😃
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