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  1. Ooh I was only looking at my Personaliser yesterday! I have 2 cruises booked for next year and haven’t had that email yet.
  2. Also aren’t the smaller ships going on mostly longer cruises? Great prices for Iona to Norway in 2021 but no way can I book that far in advance!
  3. Thank you, most useful. I always find they fall off the P&O chairs!
  4. Love it! I’m always telling my husband a woman can never have too many handbags! The only times I’ve restricted myself I’ve regretted it! 😂
  5. Ooh I like the sound of that hook!
  6. This is exactly what happens to me, I’m opted in and I ended up requesting a’Moments’ via Facebook last time. I’ve got the small brochure - I’m very very surprised. I actually didn’t sail with P&O this year so wondering if this is why?
  7. I've got mine - but it's only the small one! I was quite excited though - first time I've had it in the post before it goes on the website! I had to phone up forthe brochure last time!
  8. I must say that review does paint things in a different light. Thanks for posting. I’ve missed Guernsey 3 times and the moaning by people saying it looks calm. They should all read the review just posted.
  9. I was surprised it was still there!
  10. We arrived back the night before to avoid a storm and weren’t allowed to get off. I didn’t want to get off, I wanted to stay as long as possible!
  11. I've just seen someone on Facebook really moaning they got in last night but couldn't get off until this morning but was kept awake by the noise of the unloading!
  12. I’ll just comment on the press coverage. Earlier in the cruise Azura picked up some migrants near Barcelona. The press reported it was ‘ a 3 day cruise from Cadiz to Barcelona costing £2000’ Words fail me 😂😂 As if Azura did a 3 day cruise between those ports 😂 No wonder they think it’s luxury at that price!
  13. Thanks for your review. I’ve only been on a 4 night cruise on Oceana but we loved her. Loved the atrium and the Cafe Jardin, fabulous to have a leisurely breakfast or lunch there on a sea day. Glad she seems to be coming back to Southampton in 2021 as would like to go on her again and don’t like flying.
  14. Yes I booked my Princess cruise last year on Black Friday. Inside cabin but only £549 each for 7 nights! Prices for drinks onboard much more expensive than P&O though. I’d been watching the prices for a while and they definitely go down from launch. I like the fact you can choose your cabin too. Overall I prefer P&O but I can’t book on launch so will probably book another Princess one in the future.
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