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  1. I agree, Ruth. Thoroughly enjoyed this cruise. We would book it again next year if it were offered.
  2. I'll jump in here for my DH, who dislikes the NYT digest. We don't subscribe to a daily because my DH enjoys going to the nearby "quick mart" for his daily sort-of-local newspaper & a coffee. I have suggested we just have it delivered but he likes his morning routine. So we are not completely uninformed bumpkins because we don't subscribe to a daily newspaper. 😲
  3. There is usually a bulletin board near the Exploration Cafe for posting notes seeking others to get together for various games. I think I remember seeing that on the Amsterdam.
  4. Small clothes pins for hanging items on the retractable clothesline. I have found them in “dollar” type stores, I think.
  5. Can completely relate to missing dinner. We were on the Maasdam June/July this year. We spent the evenings in the Crow's Nest from Happy Hour/Sail Away until the light faded which is really late that time of year. Sometimes dinner was just the hor-d’oeuvres at Happy Hour. Just could not tear ourselves away from the views.
  6. IMHO an Alaska cruise is all about ALASKA not the entertainment etc. We have been on our 3rd Alaska cruise this July on the Maasdam (21 days) I think we went to only one or two of the shows because we couldn’t tear ourselves away from the views. That said, we are low maintenance travelers and have always enjoyed the HAL experience on their ships. Have not been on the Koningsdam yet but it sounds like you will enjoy the ship especially Alaska.
  7. Update. I called HAL (Holland America Line) this morning & got the story they are "working on it". It was suggested I post a reply to the HAL Blog but I don't think anyone looking at booking Shore Ex is going to read the blog to see what excursion reviews are posted there. I also sent Feedback per the tab that comes up on the lower right of the webpage Just trying to be the squeaky wheel. :-)
  8. I would like to post reviews of some of our shore excursions from our last cruise but I can't figure out how to do that on HAL's website. I know I have done it before & recall it wasn't intuitive. Can someone give me some clues. TIA
  9. Thanks for your great trip report. We are so jealous. Have to ask -- do you put together your cruise schedule or do you have a fantastic TA to string these cruises together?
  10. Sunshine Lemonade. Fizzy lemonade very refreshing after a port day.
  11. We sailed on the Rotterdam last summer & found magnets don't work so well on the walls. Don't remember if the door will hold a magnet. We solved the issue by using 3M Command™ Spring Clips. They are like clothes pins with the 3M adhesive strip. Just remove them carefully. There are 3 dispensers in the shower with body wash, shampoo, conditioner. There is music in the Ocean Bar, iirc, with a small dance floor. There is also a dance floor in the Crow's nest but I don't know the schedule there for dance music. There is a outlet at the desk area with a standard US plug & a Euro type plug. We bring a small combination plug that has 3 additional plugs. I tried to look it up to see what the proper term is but couldn't find anything similar online. Hope this helps.
  12. We went to Vietnam on a HAL ship in 2017. The ship took care of the Visas. Easy peasy. Can’t comment on Cambodia.
  13. Add another one (2) that would go to Cuba again & in fact will be going again in April this year. We went last March on the Veendam. We have no complaints about the ship or our tours in Havana & Cienfuegos/Trinidad. The show at the Tropicana was amazing. Due to time constraints of our son & his GF this year we will travel on RCI to Havana only.
  14. Thanks for your review mamaofami. We have booked the same ship & itinerary for this April. Your info is very helpful in our planning process.
  15. We did the 3 night Triple Denali + 7 night cruise in 2015. I don’t remember if I booked it on the HAL website or through our TA. Are you looking at 2019? I see a number of options on the HAL website. The list wasn’t that easy to find. It is under “Where we go” header. Then scroll down to “Alaska Land + Sea”. Perhaps someone who knows how to find a list of whole ship charters will respond. That is beyond my expertise. 😏
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