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  1. Even though we haven't done a LOT of cruises (22) I hope I NEVER reach this point where I take it for granted. I still marvel at the beauty, both outside (the majesty) and most of all the interior ( the vastness) of the ship. Mac
  2. A BIG amen!! Which we all enjoy as long as this OLD broken down body will and can carry us ! An old sage once said, Something like, 'It is sad, that youth is wasted on the young'. I heard it in Jr. High when I was fifteen but it never meant anything till I got much older. 😥 I sadly thought, 'How totally true'. Then I realized that there's nothing we humans can do about it but GO as long as we can. Mac
  3. And gliding on that BEAUTIFUL blue-green ocean, that seems to go on to infinity !!😁 ( not having to neither clean or cook, ain't bad either !) Mac
  4. Yes, after posting my comment about the gym hot tub, it dawned on me that just maybe the little cannon balling kiddies aren't allowed in the gym area. Sorry about that. Mac
  5. No, not off topic at all, my wife and my sis love hot tubs ( except when the kiddies start doing cannonballs and diving in them) but, kids will be kids but thanks for the info !😃 Mac
  6. Oh, How true, how true.. Our first Alaskan cruise was in 2010 on the Carnival Spirit, We're from Atlanta and Atlanta that June was 97 degrees and with humidity it's a very WARM 103 degrees. So we didn't even pack a long sleeve shirt or light jacket ! Boy !! Were we in for a shock !! We had no idea what too pack cloth-wise and I didn't even know Cruise Critic even existed. We immediately went down to the ship's store and picked up two heavy hooded jackets. At least she didn't pack a swimsuit for the pool. Come this summer Alaskan trip packing WILL be done differently, believe me. Mac
  7. Ahhhhhhh !! Thank you BOTH !! I saw 'something' mid- deck that could possibly be a pool w/cover but could not tell about width or length. I knew about the Aft pool but knew that pool is a bit 'breezy' in the upper states. I'll mention to the wife and my sister they can pack swimsuit and check out the mid pool. Once again, thanks EM and sunonfire. so much ! Mac
  8. Were taking a ten day Alaskan cruise out of SFO next June. My wife and my sister LOVE doing the 'pool thing' especially during the summer but once you're up near Seattle (even in the summer) it can be a little chilly for an outside pool. I've checked all the decks and can't really tell if there's anything bigger than a kiddie pool. We've sailed on the Miracle before for a E. Caribbean cruise but that was many years ago and didn't bother to check for a indoor pool. The ship may have an infinity pool but she has heard, and this may not be true, that nude swimming is allowed😮. She is NOT interested in that scene. If anybody knows about an indoor pool and can offer any info, it'd be appreciated. Thank You, Mac
  9. Out of almost twenty cruises-eighteen were balcony (seventh deck or higher) and on every cruise I've walked out and looked over the side and wondered, 'Could an average male ( I think most suicides are males) take a strong enough LEAP too clear the deck and distance to propel himself over the deck rail😩'. I know with the balcony chairs, one could climb up on the rail BUT it'd definitely NOT be any form of a 'running start' after that too complete said act. And one has to wonder if the person takes the time too wonder, 'What IF I fall SHORT (by, say 3 feet) and merely break my neck and am paralyzed from the neck down'. I guess if someone's in such a DARK place to think about this act they're not worried about, 'What IF..' the act fails. Mac
  10. I met a 'stonewall' of bitter silence IF I ENVEN mentioned plugging in the stove and cooking for a change. She'd come up with some lame excuse about 'it'll heat up the kitchen, or I'll HAVE too do the dishes, (Yeah, like HER hands would touch dishwater ! LOLLLL) blah, blah,..' (you can see where her attitude was headed). SO I just got tired of beating my head against the marriage WALL. Besides her Dad gave her a plat AMEX card for dinner expenses saying HE would pick up the bill !! I figured, 'What tha heck'. I really did get sick of eating out EVERY night though. Mac
  11. Ha Ha !! Sounds like my Ex, she KNEW where the kitchen was, BUT never stepped foot in it, in fact she couldn't even boil water (ore even tried because she wasn't interested) but , in her defense, she really couldn't boil anything because she unplugged the stove🙄 We ate out EVERY night for eight years !! I knew EVERY local eating establishment's menu by heart ! Sorry, I know this was off topic about cruising😢
  12. Exactly !!!😀 That's what I do especally one day when we're at a port where I might not feel like getting offf at. The DH loves either the pool/casino during the day (she's very limited in her walking distances) so she and my sister are busy doing either or both during the day. While I will spend the day out enjoying the balcony then will walk around the outside and many of the inside decks, just exploring the ship. I LOVE the vastness of the ship,and enjoy exploring both inside and out. I'm not a roast in the sun 'pool' person, so I leave that too those who enjoy it. I know many love to sit in the sun, read,drink or sleep. And isn't that what its supposed to be about ? Doing what one likes OR doing nothing at all, if it makes them happy. Mac
  13. When the cruise shuttle turns the corner, and I actually SEE that BIG, white floating MOUNTAIN !!😁 Even sitting here (almost SIX months before our next cruise) just thinking about that happening, I get thrilled ! It's slow torture, slowly watching the days pass till....Well, you understand😞 Mac
  14. Women!!🙄Always know HOW to make us men look BAD !! And loving it ! As we men never seem to catch on.. Mac
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