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  1. Oh I know, I'm not in an hurray I'm just built that way, I guess. I'll think about a question about anything and can't quit thinking about 'WHAT is the answer ?'. And I wonder about it until I satisfy my curiosity. I knew the steward would know I just HAD too scratch that itch'. Sorry, if it confused you. Mac
  2. Thanks So much for the info !!๐Ÿ˜ƒ I appreciate ALL who quickly replied. Mac
  3. We (three adults in one cabin) are doing a 10 day Alaskan cruise in August this year and thought we'd try to take less clothes and try the self serve washer/dryer services on deck 8. Does anybody know if deck 8 has those machines and if so their location. I have studied the floor plans for deck 8 and cannot seem too locate them Also can we bring our own powered detergent or are we required to use the ship's ? I looked in the FAO on the Carnival website and the info I could gleam was that every passenger deck had 3/4 washers and dryers but not their location on each deck. Each machine cost $3.25 per use (most ships charged your S&S card, while a few still used quarters and powder was available for purchase. This'll be the first time we've ever considered using them on a cruise. Any info would be greatly appreciated... Thank you, Mac
  4. We ( I and my wife) both have a 20oz Yeti we bring on the cruise, I use mine for the coffee (using one of their white coffee cups, too fill it up) and my wife uses her w/ice and water, filled in the same method, for the pool. We both are very careful NOT to come in contact with any disposal nozzle. Mac
  5. Boy !! I love, LOVE those old pictures (esp the Mari G !!) She was my 'first' !! Yup, I was a cruise 'virgin' wayyyy back in '89. I even looked her up a couple of years ago and see she's called the Magellan now but still hasn't been scheduled for razor blade factory. These pictures bring some GREAT memories ! Mac
  6. I wouldn't imagine the wait staff would mention it but perhaps one of the senior staff might. But then again I guess it'd depend on company policy even for them too approach a passenger about it. I cant believe a cruise line like Disney letting it slip by without it being addressed.๐Ÿคจ. Mac
  7. Ahhhh !! Thanks so much !! When Id attempt to download the steakhouse menu, the last page would never download so I'm glad to have some news about it, Once again, thank you. Mac
  8. We're taking a Xmas cruise and already made reservations three months ago in the steakhouse but no dessert page. Just curious if they're still making changes and that's why the page is missing. Anybody heard a definite reason why it's missing. The wife likes the ice cream or the fruit and cheese platter but I'm usually too full to even thin about dessert.. ๐Ÿ™„ Thanks, Mac
  9. You might consider trying the Florida east coast departure ports on Cruise Critic boards and see if anyone knows of a parking area near the port. We (my wife and sister) have done 17 of our 20+ cruises out of Port Cbut we always do the park N sail at a local hotel the night before the cruise, leaving our vehicle parked athe hotel for the cruise. The parking is included on the fee and the hotel arranges a shuttle to the cruise port which is usually a twenty minute ride. Mac
  10. Ohhhhhhhh how I WISH we could be gone for a couple of weeks' !!๐Ÿ˜œ Living on a fixed' income were doing good to afford a 7-10 day criuse !! Much less a thirty day (or longer) but it is on our 'bucket list' for some day. Just speaking for myself, Id love too do a transatlantic, since we both LOVE sea days. Mac
  11. After our third cruise (that's when my wife realized she positively LOVED CRUISING) I walked into the livingroom, the second day back, sat down across from her, and asked with a straight face, 'Where are going for meals, today ?? Seaday brunch, MDR or buffet ??' She stared at me, and I swear choked out in a tearful voice, 'Ohhhh Please !! Don't say that !! I MISS it soooo much !!๐Ÿ˜ฉ Then, I knew I had created a TRUE 'cruise addict' ! And we've never looked back !๐Ÿ˜ Mac
  12. Also (hopefully) the non-white, possibly blue, would be a red flag to the room steward that it's not property of the cruise line. Mac
  13. Good luck, Brooke ! Have a FANTASTIC cruise ๐Ÿ˜ Mac
  14. That's what being a good 'parent' not an adult who WANTS too be thir child's 'friend' (as a lot of todays parents want to be) they seem to rather be a 'buddy' (thus, bringing themselves down to the 13-14 year old child) rather than a adult figure. Mac
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