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  1. I found this to be the case for several tours in Alaska. When I tried booking directly through the tour provider, I found I could not do so, but had to book the tour through Princess.
  2. I also have been able to check Viator for tour descriptions that include the companies' names. I then check their individual website for more information, to compare prices, and especially nowadays, their refund policies. While Trip Advisor shows the same tours as Viator, it does not usually list the tour provider name. (I believe they are both part of a travel group that includes Cruise Critic.) Reviews can be found on both Viator and Trip Advisor websites.
  3. Regarding your credit card(s) - make sure you take one that does not charge a foreign transaction fee. This has been alluded to in previous replies, but I wanted to emphasize it. This will save you money every time you use it on shore in another country.
  4. Yes! I have never had a problem scheduling flights several days before and after the cruise. Just input the dates you want to arrive and depart, and EZ Air will list the available flights.
  5. Thanks so much for the info and link! I have been suspecting for months that the cruise won't take place, but I keep hoping for the best!
  6. We have a cruisetour booked beginning this November, 2021. We would be travelling from the US. What are the chances that this cruise will actually be available to us? Does anyone have current information regarding travel to and within Australia and New Zealand from the US? I don't mean to hijack this thread, but it seemed pertinent to the topic. Thanks in advance for any info anyone can provide!
  7. You can also check out the ports of call sections on these boards. They have lots of info for just about any port you want to visit! Here is the link for Northern Europe & Baltic Sea: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/116-northern-europe-amp-baltic-sea/
  8. The Jewel of the Seas is a great ship for this itinerary as it has a lot of inside areas from which you can look outward to view the scenery and ocean. It has lots of glass! We did a transatlantic cruise on the Jewel that included Ireland and Iceland, and absolutely loved it!
  9. We had Cabin C743 on the Crown Princess on our last cruise in 2019. It was category BD and was the last stateroom on the starboard side - as far aft as you could get without paying for an aft balcony! It had a slightly larger than usual Caribe deck balcony, and we found it to be a great location. It is not considered "premium," but had great views and a large balcony. As mentioned previously, there are not couches or loveseats in any of the Crown's balcony rooms as far as I know. I believe you would have to upgrade to a mini suite to get a couch on that ship.
  10. I would say it depends on what you are hoping to see and do on the particular cruise, and if you have visited either country before. DISCLAIMER - I have not yet been to Australia or New Zealand, but have booked a cruise & cruise tour for Nov. 2021, with fingers crossed! Since this will be our first and probably only trip to the area we wanted to see as much as possible that our limited time (and funds!) would allow. With that in mind, I would choose Itinerary B because it includes an additional port in Australia (Melbourne). I would also encourage you to arrange a few extra
  11. With a cruisetour, some tours are already included. The cruisetour description should specify which ones are part of the package. You can do some things on your own, but in Alaska, my experience was that you usually had to book tours through the cruise line as Princess, at least, seemed to have an arrangement with the tour operators to handle it this way. I would recommend booking any tour you really want to do ahead of time, as many are sold out well in advance of your arrival at the lodges. Here is a link to the Alaska boards, which is filled with loads of great information:
  12. Another thumbs up for the forward viewing areas on these decks. We enjoyed our time in Alaska from the forward Caribe deck.
  13. Well, we booked a new cruise for November, 2021, for destinations that have closed borders currently. I think that's optimistic! We already have all our cruise accoutrements. We did get new passports in March of this year for a May cruise that was cancelled. Does that count?
  14. Thanks to everyone who shared their thoughts and experiences! We were lucky enough to secure an assigned cabin when our Travel Agent called Princess to book the cruise. They gave only a few options from which to choose, but at least I know our location, which will be much less worrisome. I did request no upgrades in order to forestall any surprises, as recommended. Like many others, we prefer a deck with cabins above & below. And as mentioned, a larger stateroom with balcony space is ideal should we be confined to quarters. We selected a mini suite (our first!) A402. Here
  15. What have been your experiences when having Princess "choose for you?" We are looking to book a deluxe balcony or mini suite on the Royal Princess for a sailing over a year away, but are unable to select a cabin for either of these categories. The only option available is having them reserve a stateroom. This has never happened before. I like to select our location and have never done a guaranteed stateroom on any cruise line. Is it worth the gamble? Or should I expect to end up in a noisy location or in the worst cabin? Thanks in advance for any information you can share!
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