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  1. Do you know what the flat rate is? I have the same thing, but I don’t want to waste hours on the phone if it’s not a comped Cruise.
  2. Has anyone heard any news on if Adventure Ocean will be open when cruising starts. My kids will be devastated if AO isn’t open and I could see Royal not announcing it.
  3. I have no problem getting food in the windjammer, my issue is getting a table that is cleaned. if they take care of that problem, I’m all in for breakfast or lunch there. I prefer more formal dinners.
  4. Royal needs to change this policy immediately or they will definitely have people sailing when they shouldn’t be. A 1000 refunds are better than having a ship quarantined for 14 days off the coast. Somebody isn’t using the smart side of their brain. Hope it works out for the op.
  5. My daughter will turn 6 two weeks prior to our cruise. My other daughter will be 4. Does anyone know if they will allow a 6 year old to drop down to the 3-5’s? They will be fine either way, but would prefer them together.
  6. It has to be for a sailing between 4/1/20 and 3/31/21. You can use your prime cruise on a cruise you already booked as long as it is not past final payment. Royal will give you the cheapest interior cabin rate off your booking. Give yourself 2 weeks extra, because the prime rewards aren’t always available to use on 4/1.
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