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  1. My oldest daughter was 2 weeks away from her 3rd bday and while they sympathized with us, they said the 3-5’s was too busy. This was on Oasis two years ago. We have a similar situation coming up this fall on symphony. Next daughter will be a month shy of 3, hoping because she will have an older sister, they will allow the move up.
  2. They do a hold up to twice a day for all charges. Then they charge your card for the entire amount on the day you leave the ship. I had $1700 in pending charges on my last cruise and then they ran the card for an additional 1700 that posted the next day. One by one, the pending charges have been going away, but it was annoying for a few days as an extra 1700 was being held.
  3. Just got back from the Mariner 3 night cruise. We docked at the pier on Saturday and the stuff that is finished really looks great. The pool/lagoon is incredible. With one ship there, the place seemed empty and that’s with half the island still under construction. I think it could easily handle to large ships. A few of the crew told us that there may soon be 3 night cruises to Coco Cay only, no more Nassau. 2 days at Coco Cay.
  4. I saw something online that said navigator is going to have ages 3-11 combined on a trial basis. Has anyone seen or heard this? Sorry op, a little off your post.
  5. Kids sail free is by far the best deal. It’s the only deal that I even look for anymore as all the others seem to end up within $50 of the final price.
  6. Does anyone know if Royal shows any of the NCAA Tournament games at Playmakers or anywhere else? I don’t think the cabins get CBS, but they used to get a form of TBS or TruTv which both have games opening weekend. I’m not sure if they still have those channels or not. Hopeful they have something on in Playmakers or the casino.
  7. I was on the Allure last Sep and we visited the windjammer each night to feed the kids before sending them to adventure club. I was shocked at how good some of the nights were for buffet offerings. They had a seafood night which included crab legs and a few different trays of basic sushi rolls. I didn’t really check it out too much because we were eating at Chops later. I did not not see any lobster, but I did not go to every station. It def had a seafood smell that night. Also, why would people take pictures of lobster in the buffet. That would never occur to me ever.
  8. Sep through mid dec usually have a lot of ksf oasis class cruises. Then again in Jan and feb. You just have to wait for the sale to start again, but those cruises always tend to have them. We have saved a ton of money ever since Royal started the ksf promo. It’s the only one that actually gets us to a price we’re comfortable with. Only one more year though until kids start real school so it looks like summer cruises at full price will start soon.
  9. Each ship has an events coordinator that you can contact to help you with that stuff. I believe the email for ours was something like events at harmonyoftheseas dot com. They got our specialty restaurant booked for 24 along with a cocktail party prior to it. I think we got the email address from Royal after our TA decided it was too much work.
  10. Yes, yes I did. I only played that machine because I hit $1000 on a $5 top dollar machine a few minutes earlier. Was gonna play 5 spins and hope for the best. I still walked away after the win, but that would’ve been a big help at that time in my life. Oh well...,
  11. It’s on Independence and Vision. I’m pretty sure I played it on Harmony also. Top Dollar is addicting if you hit the bonus early. I played a $100 machine in Vegas once (200 for max bet) and got the bonus on the second spin. I had $7500 on the 3rd option and hit the try again button. Ended up with $1900. Had about 50 people watching in disbelief when I didn’t take the $7500. Something that always haunts me.
  12. It depends at what point you lose your cup. Last couple of days, they just give you a new one, no questions asked. Middle and earlier, they check to make sure you have the package on your account. This is based solely on the 11 people we know who lost their cup on our last 2 sailings. Allure and harmony.
  13. We did our first grand suite on Allure and I don’t think we can ever go back to a standard balcony cabin. We have 2 young kids and when we walked past a thousand people in line waiting to get luggage and get through customs, my wife and I basically looked at each other and said there’s no going back. We skipped the entire line and were off the ship and in our car service in 5 minutes. Standing in line with 2 young kids for an hour (and not getting to go on a ride) is not fun for anyone. It’s suite, no kids or nothing for us now.
  14. I just finished an Allure cruise that left on sep 9th. I bought a 12 pack of water and taped a luggage tag to it. Nobody said a word to me and it was in at my cabin door at 1:30.
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