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  1. This is very true. Do not use a TA just for perks for a large group. You will need a lot of help with dining, any group events you want to do and keeping track of payments.
  2. I can’t agree with you more...this thread basically means my kids will not be using the arcade on any Royal ships. I don’t want to read fine print about arcade credits—-that’s absolutely ridiculous. I am also moving close to using the cash accounts.
  3. Pretty sure they will start combining age groups. I know I read that they will test it on Mariner and navigator first, not sure if that has already started. When I first read about Royal trying to combine AO into one large group, I didn’t think it was to get more cabins in the area....should’ve known better.
  4. This is the same thing I’m trying to do next summer. We really wanted to do early July, but I’m very nervous the free cruise won’t be offered until mid April. It looks like the Alaska cruises are the best value for the prime cruise. Glad it worked out for you. I tried calling 5 different times and all the agents said there was no way around it once final payment hits, this at least gives an extra week if necessary.
  5. On my last cruise to coco cay, there were several crew talking about future 3 night party cruises that stayed at Coco Cay overnight and had two full days there.
  6. I thought terminal 18 at PE was so fast and such an upgrade over everything else when it opened. It was crazy to me how fast they could get an Oasis class ship boarded. I just assumed there was nothing that could be done to speed up getting through customs at the end of the cruise. Then I decided to give Terminal A a try. It is without a doubt the easiest, fastest, most effective port I’ve ever been through, coming and going. I live minutes from PE and will now use the port of Miami as often as i can (and I am not a fan of Miami). We never waited more than 2 minutes in any line.
  7. I’ve been on 3 cruises so far with a Bamboo Room and for the most part, it’s either closed or empty every time I walk by. My guess is that it’s not doing that well. As for Wonderland, I love it and will be eating there again in a few months, but I think it gets very little repeat business. I wouldn’t be surprised to see either of these on Oasis, but I don’t think they make it.
  8. On the Mariner, yes...That ship is more of a party atmosphere now and I bet there are plenty of people who show up in shorts every night.
  9. There is one night that is just called “dress your best”. We definitely saw some people dressed up getting photos, but it’s not a mandatory thing. Plenty of shorts that night in the mdr.
  10. I must have the I can’t afford anything look because after 20+ cruises, I’ve had the upsell only twice. Both times in the windjammer for night 1 at Chops. Both times I said no thanks before they could get started and that was that. The waiter in the mdr usually mentions the up charge items while going over the menu on night 1, but it’s not really a hard sell, just letting us know it’s available.
  11. We were there in early April on Mariner and the place seemed empty other than the first beach areas. We were in the large pool/lagoon along with maybe 20 people total. Obviously the water park wasn’t even open yet, but the place felt huge and empty. I think it could easily handle 2 ships once everything is open and probably a third. People just need to walk past the first beach areas. Lunch time might get a little stressful if they don’t add more tables, seating
  12. I got an extension for 4 days and was told that after the initial final payment date, there would be no refund of the deposit if the cruise was canceled. Paid the rest on the third day and everything worked out great.
  13. My wife and I were on Allure last year and while she was getting the kids enrolled in adventure club, I purchased the drink package for just myself. Nobody said a word to me. My wife also bought it 20 minutes later and the person asked her if everyone over 21 had the package. She said yes, but she said it didn’t look like they checked. Soooooo, good luck. I’m guessing 1 out of 25 might let you do it, but then there’s no telling if they catch it later.
  14. I would think September is the safest month to go, but........my family is going On Symphony in Sep and there are 9 total kids coming with. Kids sail free is too good to pass up when the kids are younger than 5. I’m not so sure about pulling them out of school for a week after 5, but that’s just me. Good luck, I definitely understand how annoying it can be in the dining room and around the pool decks and the elevators and the windjammer and pretty much everywhere else onboard. I often find myself talking in my head about how there are too many kids while I have my two by my side. Lol.
  15. We are looking at doing the 3 night package, but our number 1 choice is Winderland (Symphony) and we have 10 people. Has anyone had problems finding available times at Wonderland when waiting to book onboard?
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