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  1. He told us they can work no more than 11 hours a day. They work 6 months straight with no days off. They get a few hours off in the afternoon depending on the ports and if they have safety drills, etc. scheduled. He also said someone fills in from 10pm to 8am but they must also start at 6am to make sure all the breakfast orders are being prepared. I think he was telling the truth, but then again the no room service on the last day wasn’t true! 🤷‍♀️
  2. I guess because he was great the rest of the cruise and my sensitive heart thinks of people who have less than I do. I think working 11 hour days without a day off in 6 months has to be tough. It’s my nature and I can’t help it. I agree it wasn’t a smart thing to do, but my hubby handed it to him when I was still in the bed since he came early! Ugh
  3. We just got off of the Riviera last week. Our butler for the most part was wonderful until the last night when he told us we couldn’t get room service the last morning only coffee or tea. So we asked him to bring us tea at 7am since we had to be out of our room by 8am. He knew from every other day that we always got 4 cups of tea (2 pots) and on the last day he showed up at 6:30, with only one pot. I also read in currents that room service was available for breakfast. I think he purposely took out the breakfast cards out of the rooms, so he didn’t have to serve anybody breakfast. I understand that they have a lot to do before the next guests get on, but that was wrong. We still gave him an extra tip but I was very annoyed!
  4. A passenger that just boarded the Riviera in Montreal sent me a picture of the bottle and it is the Germain.
  5. This was for the prestige package and yes in the Reserve. We did it last year on the marina. I think there were only a few select wines that were not included. I tried to figure out what days it might be again, because the tapas were so good, we didn’t want to go to dinner afterwards!
  6. We have had two glasses each of champagne brought to us in our cabin. It would be so much easier if they brought you the bottle, but they won’t. One extra thing you also get with the package is the nice wines at the wine tasting. They have it usually a couple of nights on the Marina and Riviera.
  7. OK I guess I exaggerated by saying everything. LOL I just meant so many of the stores were completely emptied out. There were so many streets that we walked down that didn’t have anything open. We did get off early though. A few places were open in that center park and we did get dessert at a bakery. I just think it would’ve been nice to have been there when it was more lively since I always wanted to go there. It was still beautiful!
  8. Lucky you! Yes, the town was like a ghost town! Such a shame! As as for my post above, I can’t figure out how to edit it, but it is supposed to say my husband wore a collared shirt not colored! LOL
  9. We went on the Marina last November from Civitavecchia to Monte Carlo. The weather was mostly 60s I would say. There were a few warmer days also and few rainy days. Two of our ports got changed, but we ended up going to two other lovely ports. The only negative I can say is we went to St. Tropez and it was almost all shut down. Most of the stores and restaurants were completely emptied out for the winter. We toured the Citadel and then ended up back on the ship for lunch because there truly wasn’t anything else to do. The rest of the ports were fine and we just loved walking around on our own exploring. We would go to the pool area after touring and have some cocktails in the hot tubs. It was usually empty by the pool so we had our pick of chairs. As far as dress, my husband wore khaki type slacks with a colored shirt in the evenings. I pretty much wore long sleeve, wrinkle free dresses and packed leggings and dress booties to wear with them on cooler evenings. You will see a little of everything as far as dress. We never encountered rough weather. Marina is such a lovely ship and it was top notch. It was our first cruise on Oceania and we loved it so much that we booked Riviera this November in the Caribbean. Have a lovely time! Feel free to ask more questions!
  10. Last November we went on the Marina from Rome to Monte Carlo. Before the day of our cruise our first port of Portofino was changed due to horrible weather with mudslides. Our travel agent got the news and messaged me since we were already in a Rome. They took us to Livorno instead which ended being a lovely day for us. We also had Bandol changed to Ajaccio, Corsica which we loved and had the best day. One of our stops was San Tropez and quite honestly, it was pretty much a waste of a day because it was November and absolutely NOTHING was open! All the stores and restaurants were closed up for the winter. We ended up going back to the ship for lunch because honestly we could not find a place. That was so disappointing, because we look so forward to going to the place that we always heard about. Anyway, the point I’m trying to make is, even with empty ports and changed itineraries, we still had a lovely trip! It’s what you make of it I guess.
  11. Transfers are free if you use Oceania’s hotels. We actually did the opposite with Rome first last year. The hotel was top-notch and breakfast was included every day. I’m sorry I cannot help you on the timeline.
  12. Oh my! I was so close staying at the Meadowlands for the Giant’s game and would have loved to see it since we cruise on her in November! Thanks for the pictures!!
  13. Thank you! I appreciate that! ❤️
  14. Thank you kindly for your answer! I have never cruised out of there before and it’s been years since I have flown into Miami.
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