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  1. Hello, I'm a frequent Royal Caribbean cruiser looking at MSC for a summer 2020 northern Europe cruise. How far out are the schedules released?
  2. My travel rewards credit card is also the best loyalty program I belong to. We put all our daily expenses on it, and as many bills as possible, to rack up points and pay it off every month.
  3. Yes, be sure it includes travel permissions, with specifics like countries and dates, and permission to obtain medical treatment. This can be done together in 1 document. The parents should sign it in the presence of 2 signing witnesses and a notary public.
  4. At first I thought I would be into the loyalty program, because I do love Royal Caribbean and find it to be a great value. I'm excited to be on Royal for Alaska later this month. But as far as loyalty benefits, I'm Platinum and not seeing any meaningful benefit, and as far as future advancement benefits, I don't drink much ever and don't care about separate lounges. At all. I also enjoy variety, so when a Kids Sail Free promo had blackout dates for my kids' Thanksgiving break, I booked Carnival instead. For summer 2020, we're cruising northern Europe and visiting friends in Denmark for a graduation. The departure/arrival dates will matter for that one because of the graduation, and it has to at least depart or arrive in Copenhagen, so whichever cruise line can accommodate our schedule and port needs will be the one we go with. I'm looking hard at NCL if the dates will work, just to try it.
  5. We're taking our 2nd Alaska cruise this month. The first was on Princess for our honeymoon back in 2000, northbound from Vancouver. We put all our travel money into getting a balcony room and therefore had very little money for excursions. That didn't stop it from being (still) the best vacation I've ever taken. We did an inexpensive totem pole tour in Ketchikan, a salmon bake in Juneau, and found a small mountain to hike on our own in Skagway. The pool was cold on Princess but we hung out in the hot tub with other professionals in their 20's and had a great time. We saw a humpback and orcas from the ship without paying extra for a whale watching excursion, and then saw belugas in the inlets on our transport bus from Seward to Anchorage after the cruise. Glacier Bay and College Fjord were nice, and this time around we're cruising by Hubbard Glacier. This time we're going on Royal Caribbean and, 18 years later, we can spend more to upgrade the trip. We're taking our kids and our former exchange student and staying in a Family Oceanview stateroom. We're flying to Anchorage first, taking the Alaska Railroad (glass-dome Goldstar seats) down to Seward for a southbound cruise to Vancouver. We're doing a wilderness bear tour in Icy Strait Point, a city tour with Mendenhall Glacier in Juneau, and dog sled musher camp in Skagway. Personal choice, we haven't had much desire to do a land tour and hang out in the wilderness. We enjoy wildlife but days on end of nothing but wilderness and wildlife isn't our thing. There are a million ways to have a great Alaskan cruise, I'm sure on any cruise line, with any excursions. It's an incredible vacation.
  6. Blackout dates for Kids Sail Free are why I booked my first Carnival cruise for this fall. Take that, Royal.
  7. I'm interested in this thread too, as we might book our first NCL cruise for northern Europe in 2020. I've mostly sailed RCCL, plus once on Princess, and one coming up on Carnival. But I'm looking hard at NCL for the Europe cruise.
  8. Thank you, this is great information. I'm adding all of this to my notes for this trip.
  9. If it were me, I'd be in line no later than 8:30. That should put you on the first or second tender, and the boats hold a lot of people. Also a lot of people will not be "up and at 'em" that early, so don't worry too much.
  10. Yes, thank you for this! We are planning that cruise or similar for summer 2020, except substitute Copenhagen for Stockholm because we have friends in Denmark.
  11. We get up super early for Coco Cay, have breakfast in Windjammer as soon as it opens and get on the first or second tender.
  12. Same, we booked them for later this month.
  13. We're going this month and I'm not packing heavy coats for anyone. We're taking rain jackets and hoodies/pullovers, plus hats and gloves for glacier viewing day. We live in Florida and we're excited about getting to some cool weather and FEELING it.
  14. We adopted our daughter from China, and I've always traveled with all of her paperwork and guard it with my life - passport, certificate of citizenship, court order from the U.S. court that domesticated the foreign adoption, and U.S. state birth certificate that we were able to get with the U.S. court order (it's called a Certificate of Foreign Birth, same document that military kids born on U.S. bases abroad can get - but it's a birth certificate equivalent that names us both as her parents, and it's in English). I keep copies of everything in a safe place back home.
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