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  1. The total time was probably 6 hours. We were at each site for probably 30 min or so and felt like we got to see what we wanted to without feeling rushed. The cost was $ 50 pp and we have a $ 20 tip.
  2. I believe it was approximately 6 hours. I would check with Native Choice to verify the time. It is an excellent tour and they are very good about working with the time you have in port to make sure you get back in time.
  3. It’s a little over a 1/2 mile from the port per Google maps. It’s about 9-10 min walk after leaving the port. You can also get a cab from the port, if needed.
  4. I’m curious if you took this excursion and how it was. We are debating between booking directly or through RC. The RC excursion includes transportation and is cheaper, but is less time than we wanted to spend there and I too am concerned that you only receive one drink based on the description.
  5. If I lived in Vancouver, I would book anytime the price dropped below $ 500, lol.
  6. I have gotten offers on NCL for $ 299 Inside and $ 499 balcony. I mentioned a few weeks ago that prices seem to be lower this year, but others posted it is normal once you get past the full payment date. Maybe I just haven’t noticed in the past, but it seems to be more and bigger discounting this year. I guess the increase in sailings to Alaska is allowing some to save money.
  7. As others have said “best” is very subjective. I prefer a one-way cruise from Vancouver to Seward or Whittier. Those generally give longer times in port and cruise inside of Vancouver Island. I prefer Northbound since I like the feeling of sailing to Alaska with the scenery getting better each day. As also mentioned by others, unless you live in the Northwest, airfare will probably be the largest expense with less than 30 days before the dates you mentioned.
  8. Sad situation. I have never felt comfortable with flight excursions in smaller planes, especially in Alaska. Fast changing weather conditions, multiple planes in the same area and sometimes pilots without a lot of experience in the area. I know they have a good safety record, but if something goes wrong, there are the added factors of extremely cold water, remote areas that can be difficult to reach and wildlife that could reach any survivors before rescuers are able to arrive.
  9. JT1962

    Chacchoben ruins

    From what I recall, it’s not a long walk, maybe a few hundred yards, depending on where the drop you off. There were some spider monkeys in the trees when we were there, including a mom and 2 babies. We did not see any on the ground and they did not seem to be likely to approach people. I am sure there were birds there as well, but did not pay particular attention to them or remember any issues. I would check with those you are booking the tour with to ask about going back to wait in the car. Our driver and guide were with us during the tour, so the van was locked. We used Native Choice Tours and they are very reputable and may be able to work with you so she can go back to the car. Also know that there are flamingos and and aviary exhibit at the port. I’m not sure if that would be an issue, but may be worth mentioning so she can be aware of it.
  10. There isn’t much near the port to walk to. Maya Cay is just across the harbor, but not inexpensive. Your best option might be Victor Bodden Tours. Reasonably priced And can be customized to what you want to see. If you have not been to the monkey, Sloth and Iguana sanctuaries, they are definitely worth a visit
  11. If you haven’t been to the Mayan Ruins in the area, Native Choice offers some great tours. We did the Chachobben Extreme Tour and loved it. After the Ruins tour you go to a resort on Baccalar (sp?) Lagoon For lunch and free time at the lagoon which includes kayaking and a nice beach.
  12. I haven’t been with 2 ships, but was there 3 weeks ago with one Holland America ship in port and only about 15% of the chairs were ever in use.
  13. Yes, but not to the extent I have seen it this year. I don’t recall seeing Inside Cabins for $ 399 and Balconies for $ 599 in years past.
  14. Excursions in Alaska are definitely expensive, but I am getting lots of offers for extremely low cruise prices for early season Alaska cruises - $ 399 Inside and $ 599 Balcony for a week from HAL and Norwegian, Buy One Get 2nd Passenger Free from Princess, etc. Maybe they have over saturated the market with more and larger ships. I am hoping the price drops continue into the summer, but no guarantees.
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