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  1. I guess I’m one of those you are talking about. We cancelled our Feb 29 cruise before SB cancelled. We got a FCC. As SB cancelled the cruise I could have gotten more but it was our choice to cancel and we a happy with that. At the time (early Feb before things really spread) we then booked a cruise for July/August and I added a reminder in my calendar when we moved into 12% cancellation. So I cancelled before that date. Could we have waited? yes. But the relief to have it all finalized is amazing. Apart from the FCC, SB have paid me everything I asked for and so I cannot complain out that.
  2. My airline, Qantas would not refund all my money, Seabourn refunded the difference. Ok, I had to wait for it, but at least I got the difference back. My, in excess of $500 travel insurance would not cover COVID-19 unless I had begun my travel (which I hadn’t) and Qantas would future credit the complete amount but only for 12 months from the booking date (not the travel date) because I booked in June 2019, I had to cancel, so Qantas kept $600 each. Seabourn paid that back to me. I admit they are not perfect but IMHO it is trying times for all and we need to cut some slack.
  3. You’ve said it perfectly. We are alive, and while money (or the loss thereof) is important to me, my life is more important. Most of the deaths in AUS are from those returning from cruise ships. I bet those (mainly men) if they could, would now think the same.
  4. In AUS they do show Trump and co’s daily press conference which would have been entertaining if things were not so serious. DW works for Drs and a friend (a Dr in ICU on the Gold Coast) has been telling us for weeks of what she hopes will not happen but probably will (and we have been telling our family). What has been happening in AUS is basically people are selfish, many people only think of themselves, and not the broader picture. DW has to phone each patient not to bring “hangers on” (my words not hers) into the waiting room. Some people are outraged. Another example is no matter how many times people are told to social distance, we see airports crowded with Australian residents returning home. 4 people I heard were fined in NSW yesterday, one a lady who was not quarantining after returning from Bali. She was warned but didn’t and second time she was fined $1,000. Our government are bringing AUS people back from wherever they are stuck and yet I heard an interview with a lady yesterday and all she could do was complain about how she was not allowed to go home to Toowoomba but was “holed up in Sydney”. Well IMHO they should fly her back to Peru and she can be “holed up” there. That highlights our problem.
  5. I don’t know who to believe. If you listen to Trump, everything is going nicely 10/10. And then I watched the interview with the ICU nurse at the NYC hospital and they had already run out of all PPE.
  6. I think patience is in order. You are not the only one asking SB for restitution. They would have received 200-300 claims per cruise and I assume they only have so many in guest services processing them. Every post is sooo negative, I don’t know how you sleep at night 😉
  7. Yes I asked for the airline cancellation fee (in excess of $1000). I provided SB with the total paid and also the refund paid to me by the airline. I asked for the difference.
  8. Shouldn’t be too long, I submitted mine near the end of Feb and it was approved and I received an email a few days ago.
  9. I am still waiting on one of the refunds (as advised by SB) but I think that is because of logistics not that they want to keep the money. Several other refunds have been performed within days, and these are of far more value than the one I am waiting for.
  10. We just cancelled our flight ease flights and cruise (a replacement for another cancelled cruise in Feb). I doubt that the situation will be any different in July and we were approaching our free cancellation deadline. We were reluctant to cancel as the fares through SB were excellent. The quote said, cancel by April for free cancellation and to avoid fees.
  11. Obviously you haven’t read the Silversea board. IMO it is so sad that I has gone this way for guests, crew and cruise lines but I think that all the cruise lines are in the same position. Things are changing hourly not daily.
  12. I agree, I think you were the winner. I does sound like you all had a fabulous time. Thanks for the regular updates and I hope you get home safely and without too many dramas.
  13. That is so true. For the elderly, life is more important than money at the moment.
  14. My criticism of Seabourn is that they seem to keep on changing the cancellation policy, all the cancellation policies appear to be different.
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