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  1. These types of questions on a CC forum always amaze me. And the responders are also "amazing" offering their experiences. The only factual answer can come from the Canadian or US governments, respectively. Their websites are usually clear on these visa matters. If not, a call will provide a definitive answer. Taking the "word" from a poster on CC and then claiming at an immigration official that you followed the "policy" from someone on CC is a non-starter. And doing so can get you really in a pickle with immigration.
  2. You can usually do much better price wise buying from a big retailer such as amazon. Remember, everything sold on board is designed to bring in good revenue for the cruise line. There are no deals. Its like the casino, just with trinkets.
  3. Its one of the highest earning scams for the cruise ship.
  4. As several have said, 45 minutes is a "legal" connection at ATL. However, if you really want too make your connection, especially international, leave at least 90 minutes. Even that is not enough in the Summer thunderstorm season when inbound flights can be delayed around the storms and delayed at their departure airport waiting for ATL storms to clear. Last September Princess EZAir rescheduled us for a 45 min connection TPA-ATL-LAX to meet our LAX-SYD flight. Much too close and after a lengthy discussion EZAir changed it to MCO-ATL-LAX with 2+15 in ATL - and saved us $500!
  5. Why would someone even say that to another person?
  6. Your conclusion is not factual, rather argumentative.
  7. Well, that does it! Celebrity has finally driven me over the Edge... No Footstool, No Sailing!
  8. Yep. Same has happened at Celebrity. We are now sailing more with other lines than the RCCL crowd, sadly.
  9. Fully agree. Only time I've had to "battle" with EZAir was when they changed connecting flights resulting in a 45min connection at ATL in the afternoon during thunderstorm season. Doesn't work. They worked with me to change connections and departing airport which also resulted in a $400 savings. Original OP's diatribe sounds like it was self-inflicted in the most part - and not the fault of EZAir. Additionally, even if you pay Princess early, as the OP claimed, Princess does not pay the airline until required leaving the booking "unconfirmed" from the airline perspective.
  10. You really need to replace your real estate agent. The IV is a balcony cabin. Try it, you will like it!
  11. These young people, and some not so young, work very hard for their salary and gratuities. We like to get to know them a bit and will add $20-plus in cash to the bill (two of us). More if we come back and eat at their table again. Note that we do not frequent the MDR at all a anymore. So its specialty restaurants or the buffet for dinner.
  12. Some things to consider: Adding a "plug" or section to an existing design does not alter ship beam. Edge is designed as an endoskeleton ship instead of the traditional exoskeleton. This enables the infinite veranda. Likely any plug will have to maintain this integrity. Plus will need to go in front of the engine room and likely also in front of the "Magic carpet." Cosmetic changes and maybe a 5th MDR or an expansion for the suites are also easy with a plug.. Don't expect any significant changes to the IV or internal passageways/venues. Would expect changes to the shops with additional passengers as they er now focus on very high-end merchandise.
  13. Agree. Extremely insulting. However, the cruising public in general doesn't understand any of this - or maybe doesn't care as long as the drink package isn't increased in price. This is corporate's alternative reality, or maybe "fake news," aimed at its customers.
  14. The Ship's captain/master remains responsible for the ship even with a pilot on board. MSC claimed this was a "mechanical" failure. Ship's speed looked normal for the canal. It was scheduled to motor at Maritima and not San Basilio where the accident occurred. It was later moved to Maritima for passenger disembarkation.
  15. Cheng, Have been sailing all men life. First I recall was a trans-Atlantic in 1949 from NYC to Amsterdam. At least a dozen crossings on ocean liners then 30 years in the US Navy on a variety of ships to include CVNs, CGNs, LHAs, etc. For the last 20 years probably too much "cruising" on cruise ships. Worst ships I've every sailed are the Grand class. They "shake" in rough weather. Poor design. The Royal class doesn't. Neither do the rest of the menagerie of cruise ships I've sailed. I once discussed this phenomenon with a senior master of a large cruise ship from a competing company. He smiled, nodded, but would not say anything. I will not sail on a Grand class. Facetious comment re raising drink prices to compensate for the $40million fine. However, Princess/Carnival will make it up through increased fares and fees. The worst part of all this is that Princess/Carnival designed the system specifically to pollute. $40Million does not begin cover this intentional infraction of maritime law and practice.
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