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  1. While we have so many things to worry about especially us in the Los Angeles area I do worry not to get my money back. They canceled our Hawaii cruise for April we ask for the money back and yes it close my mind. It is an expensive cruise and we have at least 5-6 more on future cruise deposit. We also had a cruise for June with carnival booked more than a year out for a birthday so the other day when I canceled it before final payment date they said it is not refundable deposit $500.00 I know it’s not true. No way I will book none refundable with a mother who is 85 years. They said the money kept for next time. I called again and they hang up on me.at least I know it is not going to charge the rest. I never did get canceled emil but the cruise is no longer under the manage. So I hope they stay in business and we love to cruise again
  2. Just done it and got comfermation from Princesse. I took option 2 Our cruise is expensive and while I want the 50% no one knows when all this will end
  3. I can’t do it. I tried few times and I’m sure if I call no one will answer. So now what????
  4. Hope you all have great time. Once you all be in the fun will begin. We are booked on this ship to Hawaii end of April hope all will work out. I’m cruising with my mom she is at an older age and she already telling me she is scared and I don’t what to hear none of this as we all look forward to our cruise especially if we book long time out to ports we never been. You all have great time
  5. agree with you. This is why I’m asking. We are booked with same ship to Hawaii also. While it’s few weeks away it matters. I pray for every one well being
  6. Yes, this is what I saw also in the news I wonder what happened. I’m we will know more by morning
  7. Just heard in the news that the Emerald Princesse returned a day early to San Pedro with 4 people injured. What happened any one know?
  8. Thank you all, love the ideas. When I said island tour I didn’t mean to go around the whole island but more like sitting in the bus for most of the excursion and see the important sights. I hope I will get more ideas the public bus sounded good also.
  9. it is listed and I see the level but not sure what is an island tour of them I thought may be someone did this kind of cruise and can recommend an excursion. Not able to rent a car
  10. Hi all, hope I can get some help. We are taking the emerald princess to Hawaii in April. I was trying to call princess for excursions but they don’t answer so I thought may be you all can help me. I’m trying to sigh up for an island tour in Maui, Hilo and Kauai. I’m looking for around 4-5 hours mostly in the bus easy to moderate. Any recommendations? Also I have to have surgery in the beginning of March so if from any reason I can’t make the cruise will they refund my excursion money back, I do have insurance. Thank you
  11. Hi all, I was checking on 7 days cruise to Mexico out of California for the rest of September 2019 and October 2019. I saw nothing for September and only 1 in October. I know the Splendor is leaving but I didn’t think there are no 7 days cruise for October just one. Is it correct? Or did I miss searching? Thank you
  12. Hi, can any one let me know if cabin L231 is a quite cabin? There an adult pool above it so I worry for noise. Please help thanks would like a good cabin
  13. The 2nd and the 5th nights are formal nights. I don’t remember if they call both of them formal but both these nights are dressing up nights and people take lots of pictures. 5th nights at the dinning room they serve lobster. I wouldn’t miss dinning room 5th night.
  14. I’m handicap person so may be you are right. They allowed me to get in the Garadge so I don’t know if I was not a handicap. There were people who were directing the cars I thought it was because we arrived later than usual
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