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  1. Lucky you😊 we are booked for mid January for my birthday
  2. Thank you Bob 😊it’s been a while since I took that ship. I will sign up next week. We will be going in June and celebrating a birthday now I look forward and don’t need to choose 7 nights or 4 night. By the way the Panorama is coming to Long Beach at the end of this year we look forward for it
  3. This is what Carnival told me on Facebook. So is going to be. The reason I asked is that in the past that ship didn’t have very much entertainment and not every night they had a show. The 4 nights cruise with the Imagination and the inspiration are very high energy. We want to do 7 nights but it depends if the ship will have nightly shows, music...the cruise director contribute a lot if they great
  4. We are going to have Monroe Moore any one knows how is he? Cruise director can definitely make a big impact on the cruise
  5. Who is the cruise director for Carnival Splendor in June 2019 and is he a good one? Does he gate engage with many of the activities and the entertainment. We cruised with NoNo and she Wes the best we ever had and we cruise many times
  6. It will be very disappointing to us if they no longer allow D to go to the diamond lounge. It will also mean that during the day when there is hardly any one there we can’t go and make a specialty coffee or go there in the morning for small breakfast and good coffee. I don’t know why with the new ships they don’t make the lounge bigger. We drink a wine so we are not big drinkers to take advantage of the alcohol but it’s fun and fells being special as a loyal customer to be in the lounge. We live in California so it is very hard for us to reach D+ We are sailing symphony Jan. 20 so I hope things won’t change until than. 🙏🙏
  7. Hi all, I have tried few times to book using TA but some how I end up doing it all myself. I do have a vacation planner with princess. I would tell her what I want cabin location , number.....basically sometimes I fell I know better than her. The only reason I keep her is because it is easier more comfortable to talk to one person. The bigger problem is that if she don’t pick up the phone she hardly return my call or my email. I would like to change her but is there a way I pick one myself? And how can I know if that planner is a good one other than starting all over again and hope for the best
  8. Hi all, I was trying to check for dates and prices for 4 days carnival Inspration or the Imagination for March 2019 and there aren’t hardly any sailing for both of them. Are they going for dry dock or what’s going on???
  9. Hi all, we are season cruises but from no particular reason we just never sailed NCL now that they are going to have more ships in California we are thinking to try NCL. We cruised princess, carnival, Royal Caribbean and celebrity so I kind want to have some feedback regarding NCL. How is the food , shows, can they be similar to any of the cruise line I mentioned so I can have an idea. Also we like to tip the waiter every day. We noticed they like getting their cash. Can we do the same with NCL or they charge the sea pass without allowing the guest to choose. Any other charges or any thing else I need to know about? Thank you so much
  10. I did that but I need to talk to someone higher
  11. Can someone please tell me who I talk to if I had unsatisfying customer relations phone call responding to a letter complaint I wrote? Thanks
  12. I didn’t book any thing as I want to use future cruise deposit but I was wondering why would Princess do this? People will book many different cruises will hold the cabins and than don’t go. No, not every one but a lot
  13. Well, I just left a message if they still need a cabin. I don’t hold my hopes to high but we will see. I will let you all know tomorrow. I wish I would have asked you all yesterday so I would have been confidant to do it. I know better next time. We have been cruising for many years diffrent cruise lines this is the first time it happens. It is only our3rd cruise with princess.
  14. If I would have tool it would I needed to call and fallow up or they would send it on there own? I want to call back but I know someone else got it or the cabin will not be partial abstract but I know better in the future
  15. We are getting ready to sail in 4 days. Yesterday I received an email from Princess that if we give up our balcony cabin and move to abstracted window cabin we will get refund for our cruise ina refundable on board credit. When I called princess she said that what ever money we don’t spend and we don’t usually spend much money on board we will get a check for it from princess. I turn down the deal I was worried that I may need to wait long time for the money or I will have to request the money. I fell I made a mistake because it is to cold to spend time in the balcony and it was great deal. Any one ever accepted a deal like this or similar and how did it work? As far as getting the refund or the offer. I want to know for the future. Thanks
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