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  1. I see there is a lot to do on Coco Cay. Is there anything to do that is FREE? Just wondering what there is to do. Some of the rental prices for bungalows are really outrageous on their price. (Just my opinion...yours may vary...) Can you just go hang at the beach? Are their chairs to rent? Not a lot of details other than what they are 'selling'.
  2. cost containment? hum... Everyone I have been to has been full. wonder what is driving this decision?
  3. Is there an offering for "Chefs table" dining on the Eastern sailing on Symphony OTS?
  4. is it better to go through the app or go on line?
  5. So we are planners...it is in our DNA. Where do I find the overall schedule of ALL the entertainment that is for the January 25th sailing of Symphony OTS? Looking to create an options grid for the 6 of us that are sailing so we can see ALL the entertainment.
  6. On Symphony of the Seas in late January of 2020. Flying in to FLL as it is cheaper that Miami. Looking for options on how to get to Miami cruise port. We will be arriving the day before the cruise (!) so we are open to either staying in FLL or MIA. Looking to hear what others have done and how happy they were overall with that choice. Brian & Livvia
  7. Agreed with Bob. Typically 5 per person per day is the true break even point. (Depending on your tastes and level of whiskys and wine) YMMV. -Cheers-
  8. Our 7 day was cut short 1 day due top the Noro virus outbreak. Up to 5% of the ship was affected. We were fine and continued to cruise and party in normal fashion! Never seen so much cleaning for so long a time. Quite re-assuring actually. We docked at Jamaica but they did not let us off. So we headed off to Cozumel...but the Captain decided to not even go there as they would no let us off either...so back to port. RCCL will be refunding all passengers the full cruise booking amount. All shore excursion for Jamaica and Cozumel are refunded.
  9. I did send them an inquiry but have heard nothing as of yet... Anybody else on who is the headliner entertainment on Oasis of the Seas next week?
  10. Does anyone know for certain who the headliner entertainment is for next week on Oasis of the Seas?
  11. Cruising again January 6th. I am am also about 30 plus days out from having both knees replaced. (Looking forward this this almost and our next cruise!!!) I can still get around fairly well but at the end of the day, I have found that having an ice pack REALLY helps with pain management. We have a refillable ice bag with a wide mouth screw top. My question is how do I get ice to fill it and not be 'that guy'? Can I ask the room attendant to have a bucket of ice for me every night at turn down? Can I order it from room service? (free?) What other options are there.
  12. Find one of the ships "Compass" and download it. No older than 2 months if possible. That will give you a day-by-day breakdown on ALL activities and give you a flavor of the pace and availability of entertainment and leisure. Quite honestly, one of my favorite pastimes once on the ship is to get your favorite adult beverage and go to the BACK of the boat on deck 5 (...any one feeling me on this..) snag a wooden chase recliner/chair and chill out looking at the boats bubble trials as you steam forward....now that is true relaxing!~ ...cheers...
  13. Just so I am clear... We are on Oasis OTS this January... If we wanted to download and use the Royal App, that is free to use but... If I wanted to use the text others that are ALSO using the APP, I would need to have a Voom package of some sort...Correct?
  14. Help me figure this one out... There are 3 couples traveling together. 2 couples reservations are linked. (6 total in our party) We currently all have 'my time dining' selected but want to change it over to 'traditional' for early seating. (If still available) We sail January 6th, 2019. What is the best way to change our dinning preference to traditional? I don't see it anywhere on the cruise planner. Brian & Liv.
  15. I have been to the naughty room...All perfectly an honest mistake ...RIGHT... Seriously...have my 2 bottles of wine...also had an EMPTY litre drinking water bottle...that flagged it for me... The crew had a good laugh.
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