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  1. Does anyone have the email address for dining that we can make sure our reservations are linked for dining? Or to have them link us for dining? I know I have seen this posted in the past but was not able to find it using the search feature.
  2. Awesome! Did they just charge you as an interior? I think their current class is wrong - but we shall see.
  3. I am very curious about rooms 11916 - 11920. Those would be great if they are as big as the deck place is making them seem. And if they have the huge windows.
  4. I know this thread is a bit old - but I thought I would come back and report that there must be a limit to how many times you can redeem and use on RCI. I think I have redeemed a voucher 4 times, maybe 5. And at least 2 times already this year. Anyway, when I went to redeem another one inside of Popslots it said I have met the max I can redeem with RCI. I may try again at the new calendar year to see if it is a yearly limit or an overall limit. Regardless, I have enjoyed the games (I have MyVegas and MyKonami too) and sure have benefits for the vouchers I have already redeemed.
  5. I received my room assignment- JS deck 10 on Radiance. It was about a week after I changed to WS, and just over 60 days until cruise.
  6. I changed from a balcony to WS GTY yesterday on Radiance Hawaii cruise. Two questions. What is the difference between WS GTY and JS GTY? Right now there are only 4 JS showing available and no other suites on the ship. Once they have sold all the JS either with direct room assignment or GTY, do they stop selling and assign my room? This is my first Suite GTY but I couldn't resist given it is a long cruise (12 nights) but I have to admit I am a bit nervous. I am not picky on location but one of the four remaining JS have an obstructed view - I am not sure how obstructed as it is the very last aft before the actual aft facing rooms.
  7. I booked August Dominican and of course the exciting stop of Bimini. I was able to get a solo ocean view. Super excited to try this adult only cruise line!
  8. I booked today! I logged in just after 9am ET and was all booked within 5 minutes. So excited to try something new. I am "loyal to Royal" but the appeal of an all adult line was too much to resist.
  9. I would like to know the exact same thing!
  10. My email said We expect this issue to be resolved before the end of the week on October 12th. Let us reassure you that this is ONLY as cosmetic issue and your benefits as a sailor will be honored for your upcoming cruises.
  11. I received the same email and they said they found the root cause. As you said, very nice and polite. Being a software developer myself I can say finding the root cause is generally the most difficult part of fixing the problem.
  12. Very nice response. I have not heard back from them yet.
  13. Thank you! I filled out the upgrade request today! Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  14. I found the upgrade request form! Thank you! Sent from my iPhone using Forums
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