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  1. Those were the only specialty restaurants last time I was on board. They may add a new one when they eventually refurbished the ship.
  2. What are the pros and cons of going on an Alaska Cruise in May? I keep seeing good prices for OV guarantees every year and am thinking about booking next year if I can find the same deals.
  3. Thank you Anne for your review. It is definitely an eye opener as I was excited about the IV's at first but as time went on I realized that you essentially have an over-sized oceanview. I think I will be passing on this ship for now as the prices are just too high for a 7 night cruise. The price of a similar cabin on Edge that I have on the Silhouette for a 9 night is $2500 more. Since my first Celebrity cruise 5 years ago I have noticed a more concerted effort in the upselling of products on board. I am glad that Celebrity have put their their dailies on the app. I think it is one of those things that help younger cruisers get engaged on the cruise. I can't count the amount of times I've forgotten about something that I wanted to do on board because I didn't have the paper daily with me. On the flip side playing trivia games and such is not something i would want to do on my cruise. I think it takes away from connecting with other cruisers. Was there an option to click on an activity and set a reminder for that while in the app?
  4. Bed is definitely by the bathroom. Was just in that abin. There a convertible sofa and table between the bed and balcony.
  5. Sounds good. We also have TSA pre check so that should help at the airport in case we get caught up a little bit at port.
  6. Curious as to the time it takes to get to MIA from Ft. Lauderdale cruise terminal for an 11:50 am departure time to Canada. I figure we’ll have plenty of time to make our flight.
  7. You're going to love it. Just of the Summit in cabin 1140. Could not hear any noise when the balcony door was closed. The extra long balcony was a treat. Quick walk down to the buffet in the morning or for a quick snack or 4.
  8. Just off the Summit. NFL games were being broadcast. Lucky enough to get a Seahawks game. They show 3 games on the Sunday. One early, one late and the Sunday nighter. Kinda of a crapshoot as to what games they will show, but if you look in your daily planner they will tell you.
  9. I am usually in the same boat when it comes to OBC as I have too much to use up with perks and extra given to me by Celebrity. If it's a 7 day cruise then I would pay the gratuities before I get on the ship. Use the $300 to do stuff that you normally wouldn't do on a ship. I will: 1) Book a specialty restaurant 2) Get laundry done so I don't have to do some of it at home 3) Bring a couple of bottles of wine that I like onboard for dinner 4) Transfer to the airport or shore excursions 5) Duty Free 6) Spa It's a good problem to have. Enjoy your cruise
  10. When going through the booking process online I did not click on the portion that asked if I wanted an accessible room and yet the rooms came up. That's where I was a little confused.
  11. Hello All, I have found a pretty good deal on a Sky Suite in an accessible room. Although I have no need for the accessible part, I enjoy being in a Sky Suite. Currently there are 3 of these rooms available for a sailing in November. Should they sell out and someone wants to book who needs an accessible room, what is their protocol? How would you be charged? I have no problem being bumped down a class or two. Thank you for your responses!
  12. There are 6 ships in that day. We arrive at 7 am while 3 arrive at 8 am. If we are one of the first off will I assume we will make a 10:50 am flight with how close the airport is.
  13. If you're planning on staying away from downtown, then I would recommend staying by the airport. There is light rail close by that can take you downtown in 30 minutes and you don't have to deal with traffic which can take away time from downtown.
  14. I was on the Connie in October and a passenger I met got a third bottle on board. Two bottles in his checked baggage and 1 in his carry on.
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