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  1. Use them a lot, excellent!
  2. Looking to go to either Occidental or Allegro, you said one was quieter and one was more family oriented. Any other info you could offer between the two? Did you like Allegro? That is what we are leaning towards, there will be 10 of us from ages 14, 21 up to 66.
  3. I did see the water taxi but I did not think it was cheap. The website said $28 a person and with 10 people that will add up to more then getting 2 rental cars. Thanks for the idea though.
  4. Just booked 3 rooms for 10 of us at the Hyatt on 17th Street pre cruise. We will be arriving early so want to do some sight seeing or maybe go to the beach area. Do you think we need a couple of rental cars or is it easy to get around that area? Don’t want to spend a lot on Uber’s back and forth since there are 10 of us. Also saw the sun trolley but not sure if it’s near the Hyatt. Suggestions?
  5. Thanks Paulinda, will look at that site.
  6. I’m in the same situation, 10 of use cruising out of Miami 12/29, flying into FLL 12/28. Started looking and hotels are $300-$400/ night however it is prime time week between Xmas and New Years. May consider renting a house for a night for 10, may be less expensive and better in the long run. Keep me posted if you find anything.
  7. Thinking about the wave runner tour in Labadee, sale on RC is for $66 so seems reasonable. Any reviews on this tour, worth it?
  8. Same sale for our cruise December 29, 2019. $52 a day
  9. We stayed on the Silver Sands side, nice pool with a swim up bar is where we planted ourselves. Entertainment/music was also on that side and seemed to be more adults. Did visit the lazy river and slides and looked fun if you have children. Honestly, both sides were nice. We arrived a little before 9 am but they didn’t give us our wrist bracelets until after 9, the one negative was the wait to check in. Stayed until around 3pm, time flew by and could have stayed longer.
  10. Went to Royalton in March and it was great. Have done a lot of day passes while on cruises and this was one of the good ones. Drinks were cheap alcohol but buffet was plentiful, every kind of food you can imagine. Jerk chicken shack was okay but no beef patties. We booked on shore excursioneer and transportation was included. Pools were nice and beach was beautiful, water clear and not many rocks. Guests staying there had already claimed all chairs on beach and near pool but we weren’t looking to lay out so we were good. If you want a chair then claim one as soon as you get there. Group met in the lobby for our return back and everyone was on time. Driver wanted to stop at shops on the way back but thank god everyone agreed to go back to pier to shop. Overall a lot of fun.
  11. I am also thinking of booking this excursion, so all together are you saying it will be close to 2 1/2 hours just to do this? 60 mins for each way and then the time it takes for everyone to have their turn. Also, my cruise is asking $63 for the excursion and I believed when I booked it last year it was a lot more (was cancelled due to weather). What are other weeks charging?
  12. Can you log into RCC and go under cruise planner and you can see the price for your cruise. I’m on Oasis for NYE cruise and it’s $56 day plus 18% gratuity. Dropped to $52 a day last week for a few days and went back up. Should have bought then.
  13. I would like to know that question also. I am booked for Oasis for New Years Cruise and price is $56. I'm hoping it will go down however it has stayed the same for a few months now. Heard maybe prices will go down for black friday if your cruise is after that.
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