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  1. If you like Donuts go to The Rolling Donut! It was delicious 😃 We also did the HOHO bus which was fun - our drivers were hilarious!
  2. We were just there in August and our ship overnighted so we needed to find two days of tours. We did do an all day Blarney and Kinsale driving tour which was very good and we were very surprised with the size of the Blarney area - we didn't have enough time there and would like to go back. Even if you didn't want to climb up and kiss it, the area itself is very 'park like' and gorgeous. Lots of places to walk and see other things including the little village outside of the Blarney gates. You might want to look a little more into that if you were thinking it is just the castle as we felt we could spend a whole day there easily. Kinsale was also a great stop although we were happy with just a few hours there to grab a pub lunch and walk around with an ice cream, but also consider that it was part of a 9 hour tour that day so we would have explored more if it would have been a single stop tour. On the second day our plan was to take the train into Cork (extremely easy to do) and then meet the Jameson Middleton Shuttle bus, to then be driven to the distillery for the tour etc. Unfortunately the week we were there is the same week that they changed the pick up location (due to road construction completion) and we ended up missing the bus (extremely disappointed), so we had to change our plans and ended up just walking around Cork city centre. It was much more pleasant than I had expected it to be and we ended up having a fabulous time. This was our last port day of our 14 day vacation so it was nice to just wander, grab some coffees and an excellent lunch and then take the train back to Cobh without rushing. I would certainly do it again, so you might not want to underestimate having just a "free day" there??? 😃
  3. Does anyone know - the small print that says "Credit may be used on flights to and from the ship only," does that mean you have to fly in on the day of embarkation, or just that you can't make a stop in another city prior to going to your embarkation city? If we wanted to fly in a couple of days before, would that be allowed? Thanks in advance!
  4. On the Reflection in August they used the movie and then a live demonstration of how to put on the life vests, however.... we were mustered in the MDR and unfortunately where we were positioned you could not see any (not 1) of the staff showing the life vests due to the posts/columns in the dining room - the staff were standing behind them and just didn't move around at all.
  5. We are just off the Reflection (not sure if the different ship matters?) in August, and ours had a lounger, two normal chairs and a nice sized table. Our 'hump' cabin was the smallest of the humps so it made it a little tight for space but still nice to have. I assumed a previous passenger might have asked for it but I didn't bother looking at any others to see if they had them too.
  6. We were on Aug 13 - 25 and they still provided bar soap and the little bottles of shampoo, conditioner and hand lotion.
  7. Thanks everyone. We did get some onboard credit dollars with our booking but I had used all of that to pay for our shore excursions prior to our sailing date. I wasn't expecting any further credits so when we got on board I was surprised to find this on our account. I had submitted a Best Price Guarantee form and got some additional credit from that prior to sailing (which we had also used) so I was wondering if it might be somehow related to that?? And thanks TeaBag... I have noticed your Beagle pic before too - they are awesome furry pals!!
  8. If you like Dutch Pancakes, you might want to try Pancakes Amsterdam. We enjoyed it so much we went back twice!
  9. Does anyone know what this abbreviation stands for on a shipboard account statement "OBCPCPN ONB CREDIT PCP NON REFUNDABLE". I understand that OBC is OnBoard Credit and that it was non-refundable, but I am trying to figure out the rest of the abbreviation letters (i.e. why we would have received it). Any thoughts? Thanks in advance!
  10. Hi - I am looking for a restaurant or pub recommendation for somewhere close to the Cruise Terminal as we would like to meet a family member for a drink before we have to get back on our cruise ship at 4:30pm on a Tuesday, so would like to to be close for quick walking purposes. Somewhere we can have a nice chat for 1-2 hours i.e, don't want really loud music making it hard to have a conversation etc. Any recommendations?
  11. Thanks VMax1700.... you have confirmed what my own internet searching has found so far.... I was hoping I was missing something but I guess not... 😞
  12. I stayed at the Doubletree two years ago by myself. I liked it because: - staff were extremely kind and helpful, allowed me to check in really early morning after an overseas night flight (in fact the gal that checked me in, left the front desk, literally ran up to my assigned room to check to make sure it had been cleaned and then ran back down before giving me my keys - I have NEVER had such an attentive person checking me in, she was a gem) - close walk to everything, had a Starbucks attached, nice atmosphere, clean, rooftop bar was lovely, felt very safe (single female traveler for that trip), - I had a great view of the canals, train station, etc. - while it was close to everything it wasn't crazy with noise etc, because of just being on the outside edge of the busiest parts - took a taxi to the port, was approx 10 Euros with tip and super short drive (maybe 10 mins with lights, traffic at the port etc). I am going back in 2 weeks with my hubby and decided to stay there again, because of the positive experience even though the Movenpick was a cheaper price. We will also be there for 2 days this trip and wanted to be that much closer to restaurants and activities. The Movenpick from what I can tell only has it's own restaurant in the vicinity so unless you are prepared to walk over to at least the Doubletree area, I believe you would be limited for options - really depends on how long you are staying I guess (one night would be fine). Last time I did try walking to the port by myself, the night before without luggage (just to see how long/awkward a walk it would be the next morning with luggage), and at the half way point I turned back and decided I would take a taxi because I would have luggage. It is very possible to do, but it just wasn't a super easy/smooth walk (i.e. street crossings, rail tracks, traffic, bridge etc.) and I didn't want to be hot and sticky when I got to the port. I was early 40's and fit, so anyone with a lot of luggage or mobility issues would not likely find it an easy walk.
  13. Hi - wondering if anyone knows of a whale watching tour company that may operate from Cork/Cobh in mid August (is whale watching even a good idea in August?)? We are arriving by cruise ship so we don't have transportation to get to another marina/harbour area for departing. Thanks in advance.
  14. Our cruise overnights in Cobh/Cork (Aug 22/23). Wondering if Celebrity will have shuttles to/from the port or do we have to rely on the train solely? If they do have shuttles, does anyone know how late they will likely run? We arrive in port at 11:00am, and have an option to go on an afternoon shore tour which would return us to the ship but we would also like to be able to go into Cork for the evening, see the city at night, have a meal/drink and then make our way back to the ship around 10:00pm - 11:00pm. Would be nice if there was a shuttle option of some kind?? Has anyone had a similar experience that can provide advice? Thanks in advance.
  15. Thanks Jim_Iain. Appreciate you trying to help :) Not sure if this is going to work ok, but I have tried to attach a screen shot to show how my cruise planner is showing the price as "per adult" in the bottom left corner. Anyway, I'll likely just wait until we get on the ship to sort out a good plan for our needs. Was just hoping to be able to make sense of this before we get on the ship :) Surf 2 Devices.tiff
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