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  1. We have a second home in Spain - we want to spend as much time there as possible especially in the winter - if we take a winter Med cruise for 10 days that might well mean 10 days less in our house as we don't want to break the law.
  2. Since the UK left the EU we are a 'third country' which means UK citizens can only spend up to 90 days in any 180 days in the Schengen area. If I as a UK citizen go on a 14 day European cruise from the UK which. say, ports in 8 Schengen area ports, assuming I disembark in all the ports will I be deemed to have spent 14 days or 8 days in the Schengen area? Assuming I only disembark in 6 of the ports and remain on board at 2 ports will I be deemed to have spent 14 days or 8 days or 6 days in the Schengen area? This is important to me because as well as a cruise I want to be able to spend as m
  3. We were on MSC Magnifica in 2019 and the Thermal Suite was C/O from the time it opened until 9.00 in the morning - there were rarely any other users beside us - actually there were sometimes naked users at other times though we kept to the rules!
  4. Wow - this isn't looking good - we sailed on Magnifica before the 'stretch' - she was a lovely ship - so sad to see her go!
  5. So Her Majesty's Government has now advised us not to cruise .............
  6. When all the virus situation is over perhaps it will be a good idea to agitate for one set of terms and conditions worldwide!
  7. All cruising to be suspended - refund or fcc with generous addition
  8. Royal Caribbean have announced a full cruise credit to be used within 12 months if you cancel a booking before 48 hours prior to cruise - and that's applicable to UK bookings - I hope MSC are going to announce the same thing or something very similar
  9. MSC sails late because they have a lot of guests who travel from Europe to join the ship - many of them fly in on the day the cruise begins
  10. I think the older ships give more a sense of being on a ship rather than being on a floating holiday resort.
  11. We loved an 11 night MSC cruise last year so we have booked a 31 night cruise on Bellissima starting next month - really looking forward to it - my previous cruising experience was with Royal Caribbean - loved that too - just don't expect everything to be the same as the American cruise lines
  12. I'm going to be cruising on an MSC ship in a few months - I'll certainly be reporting any balcony smoking near my cabin and I'll keep on reporting it until it gets sorted
  13. I think if you've paid a fortune to sail in the YC you probably feel entitled to say how good the experience is (and I'm sure it is a different and better experience than sailing in the rest of the ship) - but - sailing Bella Fantastica or Aurea is still wonderful - had my first MSC cruise a year ago on Magnifica and I'm now counting the days until my 29 night cruise from Dubai to Japan on Bellissima (Fantastica balcony) - just remember it's not an American cruise company - there are differences in styles of service and entertainment - and the food is more southern European - but then you knew
  14. MSC - it stands for 'Mediterranean Shipping Company' the clue is in the name - Mediterranean - it is not an American product - its vibe is European and specifically Southern European - I had a wonderful 11 night cruise on MSC last year and I've booked for a 29 night cruise next year - go with an open mind - go expecting to enjoy it and you'll have a great time on MSC.
  15. We sailed MSC on Magnifica last year - the only 'rude' behaviour we witnessed was one afternoon when a couple of American women insisted on having very loud conversations in the Spa - where there are notices specifically asking users to keep conversations quiet - it disturbed our relaxation and when we very politely asked them to lower their voices they were extremely abusive - in the end we had to ask a staff member to have a word with them. Go with a positive attitude and an open mind and you'll have a wonderful time on MSC.
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