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  1. That is also my concern. My DH will be 71 before our next cruise in 2021, but he is in perfect health at this time, not even on any medications. That could change, but I am reading that doctors are refusing to sign that note due to liability concerns.
  2. Agree also. From what I am hearing from the people who aren't normally cruisers like us, they are afraid at this point to get on a ship. The media has the general public equating cruise ships with floating cesspools. I predict it will take at least a couple of years for RCI to bring in the new cruisers it has been marketing to in mass quantities. In the meantime, they are going to have to depend on those of us who are repeat cruisers to fill the ships at discounted prices. Unfortunately for them, we tend to be low onboard spenders. But, once people stop hearing about cruise ships with massive infection rates and quarantines they will probably start to book once again & prices will once again start to rise. I for one volunteer to help the cruiselines reassure the general public that cruising is safe once this is all over!🙋‍♀️
  3. I cancelled both a Celebrity cruise and a RCI cruise a couple of weeks ago (not related to the virus, but after the 30 day suspension). The Celebrity refund hit my account within a few days, the RCI refund took about a week later. But I got both back fairly quickly.
  4. Plus, we will be the ones who are first to get back on their ships! You can bet that the untapped population that seems to have been RCI's focus in the last few years are not going to consider cruising as a vacation option for quite some time due to all of the negative publicity surrounding the two Princess ships that were quarantined. Many people now consider cruise ships as floating petri dishes. My DH is 70 and healthy (no medications), but I am concerned that we will be unable to find a doctor willing to sign that waiver.
  5. My DH will be 71 by the time we cruise next in April '21, He is in perfect health at this time. Hopefully, he still will be. But if doctor's are refusing to sign the letter at that time I am not sure what we will do. Airfare will be available soon. I don't plan to book anything until the virus threat is a memory only, but that will put a lot of people in a bind. What if you are all set to go and a week before departure you can't find a doctor to sign this form? Hopefully, Royal will rethink this once the hysteria dies down.
  6. NCL actually had three ships sailing under the US flag for awhile in Hawaii. It was a disaster for them. Reviews were horrible as they were stretched not only to fill with passengers, but with enough US workers who were willing to work under normal cruise ship conditions. We did the Pride of America a couple of years after they went back to just one US commissioned ship in Hawaii. The captain invited all of the Cruise Critic Roll Call people to not only a Meet & Mingle at the beginning of the cruise but a follow up meeting at the end to give us our personal reviews. He was working to build up the reputation of the ship once again after the other two ships departed. He explained to all of us the difficulties and requirements of working under the US flag. We were very impressed. BTW, it was a great cruise. We all gave a thumbs up. The crew was lovely, but they are hard to find when 80% of the crew needs to be US citizens.
  7. I cancelled two cruises - one on Celebrity and one on RCI. The Celebrity cruise is gone from my cruise planner, but the RCI is not. Different travel agents. I have not yet received a refund from either and that was over a week ago. I.m not surprised as I am sure their backlog is horrendous at this time. I a concerned that RCI has not received the cancellation from the second TA yet. I will have to follow up with the TA, I guess.
  8. As I understand it from another thread they are contracted worker, not employees. And they will not be paid while they are not working.
  9. Finally! A reasonable policy. All of these quarantines are just contributing to the general panic. Treat it like a cold or flu unless symptoms become severe. ALL people with the cold or flu need to self quarantine anyway. I have seen co-workers come to work sick and I am in healthcare. Ridiculous! Maybe this will make everyone all more aware of what proper behavior should be when sick. Stay away from other people, cover your nose or mouth with tissue or you sleeve when sneezing and coughing, manage the symptoms, get medical help if you don't improve in a few days or your symptoms become severe, protect the more vulnerable (in this case - the elderly & those with co-morbidities).
  10. Hong Kong is still on the itinerary. We are missing two ports in Japan - Okinawa & Hiroshima.
  11. In the last few days things seem to have been sorted out for this B2B. Our Singapore to Tokyo cruise has been shortened by one day and is arriving in Tokyo May 7th now instead of the 8th. Unfortunately, we are losing two ports. But it is still a good itinerary. The TP from Tokyo to Seattle is now leaving May 7th and is gaining a port in Japan. Losing Skagway in Alaska as the ship cannot be cleared by the Coast Guard or whoever needs to clear it after arriving in the US from Asia. Instead, we are overnighting in Settle when we arrive there. So for those of us who were planning to get a hotel room and seeing some more of the area, that is a plus. Not so good for those who live in the area. Overall, we are adding a day to the Trans-Pacific. The final result is that the start and end date of the two cruises combined are the same. We have been able to retain our same cabin for both cruises. Some itinerary changes. $200 OBC given to us for each cruise. We are still planning to go on this cruise even though there have been some hiccups with the process. Some have cancelled. Hopefully all will be sorted out by April 2021!
  12. Royal seems to be in the middle of a lot of changes, especially with the Asia cruises. Our booked B2B Singapore to Toyko/Tokyo to Seattle in April/May 2021 is showing lot of changes on our planners. Some does not seem to make any sense. No word from Royal to those of us booked on those cruises yet. The first cruise has been "red flagged" and not showing up on searches at all for the last few months, way before Covid19. Supposedly it is sold out, but now changes are happening on our planners and not at all consistent with TA sites. We are just waiting it out since we are still over a year away.
  13. I did not know that! Thanks for the update
  14. We did MTD in October. I hope they are not eliminating that!
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