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  1. We did MTD in October. I hope they are not eliminating that!
  2. After seeing how everything was handled on the ship I would not be surprised if the majority of the people (both guests and crew) end up testing positive. It is being treated as airborne, yet I have not seen that confirmed. Please let me know if I am wrong about that. Even if it is just droplet the procedures on the ship would allow it to spread easily. Also, the isolation of the passengers on the plane, combined with better isolation procedures implemented by the US personal on the plane was more than likely more effective in keeping the other people safe than they were on the ship. But treating everyone as positive when they first arrive back in the US is probably a wise move. As far as people saying that they lied about their test results is concerned - whether they tested positive or not, reporting it to the US officials would not have been on the "honor system". The fact is, due to language barriers I believe many passengers never really knew what their results were, if they were told anything at all. People may not have felt well and did not report that. However, the actual test results were given to the US authorities by the Japanese after the US had taken over the care of these people and the decision was made to isolate on the plane and bring them home. Personally, I am glad that they came home where they could recover properly.
  3. Not disbanded, but since CC changed the format they lost so many of our regular members that the forum as kind of gone away. Sad, I think. Most of the original group and more active members stay in touch offline and via e-mail. Some of us ladies get together for lunch on a regular basis and we still have parties about 3X a year. Back to our regular program.......
  4. Wow! Thank you for posting that. Now I am really scared for the people on the ship and the people of Japan. I never dreamed that there are so few precautions being implemented onboard and now it is obvious why the disease has spread the way it has. I am not an infectious disease specialist by any means, but in my career I have worked with many patients with infectious diseases and I have never felt at risk due to the stringent controls put in place and enforced by our Infectious Disease experts at any hospital I have worked. I guess I just assumed similar precautions were put in place onboard the Diamond Princess. And I know better to assume anything. Silly me. I am glad the US government got the US citizens off that ship who wanted to go. Hopefully Infection Control will be better implemented in our home country. Same for the other nations who have rescued their citizens.
  5. The hostel is a newer update since I posted. That is where they are going now. He is convinced it is a set up to quiet him. No way to know what is really going on. Not being able to communicate with the outside world seems cruel. At least they will be together as long as they are symptom free. Being separated was his biggest fear.
  6. David Abel made a short post on FB that both he and Sally have tested positive and were leaving soon for the hospital. I hope that his son will post an update soon. Prayers for all of the affected passengers still on the ship and for those who are now fulfilling their quarantines off the ship in their home lands or in hospitals in Japan.
  7. If you don't NEED a balcony (we cruise mostly with balconies, but not always) the Panoramic Ocean View cabin on Deck 12 forward we stayed in was one of our all time favorite cabins. Floor to ceiling window for a great view and if you are in one of the more aft cabins you are only steps away from the open deck for those times you want to feel the fresh air and sunshine. We wish all classes of ships had these cabins! This was especially useful on our October cruise out of Quebec City down to Fort Lauderdale. The weather was cold and we would not have used the balcony for anything other than pictures. When we wanted pictures that were not through a window we just stepped out on deck. The room in the cabin was very spacious - much larger than most balcony cabins we have cruised in. We liked that.
  8. I think that is the million dollar question. I think once they how this virus is really spread it will be easier to contain. Most viruses are droplet, but some are saying that it is airborne. TB is a bacilli. Edit to add: the above explanations of droplet is excellent. Most people do not wash their hands properly. Also, if this virus happens to be different then other viruses and is airborne I have seen very few pictures, if any, of people wearing their masks properly, so they are likely not effective.
  9. To clarify, a regular surgical mask does a pretty good job in protecting those of us in health care in a droplet isolation case, as long as we are still careful to wash our hands and not touch our faces upon leaving the patient's room. Those masks also do a better job of protecting others from droplets that may be coughed or sneezed into the environment. Surgical masks do no good for either party in the case of an airborne infection, such as TB. In the case of an airborne infection a properly fit and properly worn N-95 mask does an excellent job of protecting the wearer. We are fit tested every year to make sure that we are wearing the proper size. Also, we are reinstructed in how to properly put them on. They are not reused, one time wear. They are used to protect us and have worked well for years for me.
  10. No, you are right there. I just assumed they would have access. Even without internet access (I just heard they may not have internet) I would think cell phones would work and these days most people have them. I am sure there are some elderly (like my 90 year old mother) who don't, but they are in the minority. Apparently there is none in the Japanese facilities either. Given the choice, I would prefer to be on home soil, still. But I am sure others may have different feelings, and that is ok. My choice at this point would be to go home if able. I did just hear Dave Abel say that the quarantine may be extended for an indefinite time. If I were on the fence about going home, that would cinch it for me!
  11. I must admit, I was a little puzzled by your post at first! But no worries, we perfectly understand.
  12. From what I understand there will be no getting around an extended quarantine for anyone who had been on the ship when re-entering the US. Do it now, do it later, or stay in Japan for an undetermined amount of time. Personally, I think I would prefer to return to the US, where I speak the language, am familiar with the medical system, eat American food, and have more reliable phone and internet access to the people who I know will fight for me if needed.
  13. Very true! I am really looking forward to it. After this year, I will be very much in need of a cruise - and I expect that one to be very special. Full of wonderful friends and my retirement cruise!
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