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  1. i put a red line next to each one on deck 11 (bed by balcony). This shows how its setup.
  2. Ah ok. That's what I thought and just wanted to make sure. I appreciate it!
  3. Great, thanks for the quick reply and your knowledge on this matter. I'm a little confused as to how it repeats itself. So I have attached an image of the deck 11 aft. Starting at 11300 can you tell me which rooms on the right and left side have the beds by the balcony?
  4. Hi All, I am going on Oasis of the Seas spring break 2020 and the cabin i chose is 11606 (midship). I also can save some money and go to the aft 11300. My main question is I want the bed to be closest to the balcony instead of the couch. Is there a way to tell if these 2 rooms or any room, what is closest to the balcony? Does anyone have pictures or feedback on either room? Thanks! Jose
  5. Hi. Im so excited. Great pics. We are doing the southbound June 29. I have some questions if you dont mind answering whenever you have free time. 1) any problems with the size of the ship and getting around the inside passage? 2) did they take the advertised route or have to make changes? 3) what are the best viewing areas besides your cabin? 4) which specialty restaurant do u recommend? 5) hows the Internet speed? 6) any particular excursions u recommend? Please free to add any other tips or advice. Thanks, Jose
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