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  1. The person I was talking to said he'd been on the ship since June and it hasn't had 03B since then. That doesn't sound temporary, but I'm on again next week.
  2. Looks like 03b is being replaced with high orbit garbage on Freedom class. Currently on the Independence and 03b is replaced with 700-800 Ms ping rate high orbit garbage.
  3. Enchantment does have O3B, but it has very limited bandwidth. So you’re not going to get the same experience as you get on oasis class or freedom class.
  4. It's my understanding Voyager class and below is not getting 03B.
  5. My preference would be capped 03b over Gloom. Gloom ships have the same bandwidth as capped 03b.
  6. On sea days it slow considerably. What makes matters worse is the Key program which includes WiFi so there are more WiFi users than before the Key program. I was 9 days b2b in July and quite familiar with it’s WiFi. But, that said it’s still much better than ships with Gloom (non 03b). Gloom ships have high orbit garbage and 60 Mbps for the whole ship. I really like the Enchantment and cruising it again Sep 11. I’m going to miss it when it leaves Galveston. We are getting the Adventure with Gloom and would like to know why this ship did not get 03b during it’s $116000K Amp Up??
  7. I meant to say Majesty, not Empress. I just sailed on the enchantment in July and the Enchantment does have 03b with ~=250 ms ping. But, as I said the enchantment only has 60 MB for the whole ship so if everybody’s using the Wi-Fi, it’s going to be slow .
  8. The Enchantment has 03b, but bandwidth is limited to 60 mb’s for the ship. Compare that to Oasis Class which has 500 mb’s per ship. Freedom class and above has 03b, Voyager class and below do not have 03b except for the Enchantment and possibly Empress. The voyager class ships are undergoing re-amplification but unfortunately 03B Wi-Fi is not included which is a shame since the adventure is coming to Galveston and we’re losing the enchantment .
  9. Thank you for the replies. From what I read the Serenity has high orbit satellite, so ping rates will be >650ms. I’ve sailed smaller ships before (ie Viking, China) and was worried the WiFi would be terrible, but since people are satisfied I'm no longer concerned.
  10. I’m booked on the Serenity for Dec 2020 and would like to know about it’s WiFi performance. I’m totally spoiled with RCCL’s use of low orbit 03b with ~250ms ping rates. Question: What is the ping rate and download speed? Thanks in advance.
  11. Thanking of nice lounges with windows, I remember when I was on the Celebrity Equinox I would pass by Michael’s club several times a day on my way to the Blu restaurant. I remember two things about Michael’s club. First there was no one there, second it had no windows. Thinking back, that’s probably why there was no one inside Michael’s club . To get into Michael’s club you either had to have a grand suite or be Zenith level .
  12. I was told during my three weeks on the Oasis that most likely they will put cabins where the diamond club is now. I would guess they could probably put at least three nice loft suites within the space of the two-story diamond club . But, they would have to replace the plastic windows with Glass so the view would be much better .
  13. I love the Oasis of the Seas and I've been cruising on it for the last 3 weeks. One of its main features I've enjoyed as a diamond, diamond plus and now Pinnacle is the beautiful diamond club on deck 11. When it goes into refurb the diamond club will relocated on deck 4.
  14. Once you loose O3b the ship’s infrastructure also uses the same network since it’s the only game in town.
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