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  1. I agree that the Carnival (cruise line) announcement was pretty underwhelming. I would guess now that we will continue to hear nothing from Princess. I guess a lot depends on if Carnival Corp is able to secure the $7B in loans they are looking for to survive.
  2. Carnival has pushed back its BIG ANNOUNCEMENT from yesterday (3/27/20) until Monday (3/30/2020) if even then. I guess they wanted to keep us in the dark a little longer regarding the future of cruising and if Alaska cruises will ever happen again. My guess is, THE LONGER WE WAIT, THE BIGGER THE ANNOUNCEMENT. (NOT GOOD) I figure HOW CARNIVAL GOES, so goes PRINCESS.
  3. I noticed the newest post regarding the notice from Carnival cruise line (not Carnival Corp.), don't you think different entities in the same corporation could coordinate a similar message at the same time. Who knows, maybe we will hear something from Princess by the 27th also.
  4. Well at least one of the cruise companies is keeping its customers informed. It is interesting to see that they decided to come back to operation on the same date as Princess. I wonder why we don't hear anything from Princess about Alaska, it appears that RCL understands the situation on those routes!
  5. It has now been 3 days since my FCC disappeared from my CC account. IT IS STILL GONE I guess it is HARD COME, EASY GO.
  6. UPDATE of UPDATE ****** Today (3/22/2020) the FCC no longer is showing up in my CC account! Easy come...east go
  7. Yesterday (3/21/2020) the FCC appeared in my CC account for the cruise I cancelled two weeks ago. Today (3/22/2020) it is gone, anyone have any ideas?
  8. UPDATE to this post that I made earlier this week I just had the amount of PVP and $2 posted as a FCC to our Captains Circle accounts. 3/20/20
  9. I WAS booked on the Ruby for the 5/16/20 sailing. I canceled on 3/9/20 (prior to the 57 day cancellation policy where you start loosing some REAL money, it would have occurred on 3/20/20), for me this meant cancellation fees of "PVP and deposit". I had booked the cruise under a $1 deposit situation, although I actually used FCDs. The cancellation fees actually were the cost of the PVP and $2. Everything else was credited back to the credit card withing 30 hours of the cancellation. It is irrelevant to me whether or not I ever get the $2 and PVP back as a FCC. I am only posting this for your information, I am not suggesting any course of action for any of you.
  10. Our last cruise ended in January, I still haven't seen the refundable OBC check. I usually get it in about 3-4 weeks (that has long ago past in my case), but I think Princess is busy with more critical issues. I still think I will get it, but it might be a while. UPDATE to my previous reply: I just called Bottomline and they verified that the check went out Monday (yes, check is in the mail .... so they say). Therefore I would think I would get it within another week. Thank you CRUISE RAIDER for the information on Bottomline (I never thought to check with them, and I didn't want to bother Princess in the middle of all this mess).
  11. Our last cruise ended in January, I still haven't seen the refundable OBC check. I usually get it in about 3-4 weeks (that has long ago past in my case), but I think Princess is busy with more critical issues. I still think I will get it, but it might be a while.
  12. When it was announced last week that Canada was not allowing any cruise ships until July 1, the whole world knew the news. I wonder why by now (4 days later) that Princess hasn't said anything about Alaska cruises. Until now I felt that Princess was trying to keep people informed, staying ahead of the curve, trying to be fair....but now that it impacts me, I have a different feeling. Why in the world would the US give cruise lines a waiver to not have to stop at a foreign port? If anything, the US would want to keep cruise ships out of the west coast ports too. I would think that Princess would at least let those of us who have Alaska cruises booked know something ....... anything. It is the 'unknown' that worries people. Even in their March 13, 2020 advisory they said "Cruise with Confidence is extended to cruises sailing through July 31, 2020 (previously May 31, 2020)". Why NO real information from them since. Do they think that keeping us in the dark is going to instill confidence? I just checked online and Princess is still accepting bookings on our sailing, although the availability of balcony cabins has sky-rocketed in the past 4 days. Currently on our sailing there are 72 balcony cabins available just in our section of the ship, I didn't bother to count any in the other four sections. Looks to me like a lot of you are cancelling, and hoping for the best from Princess..It doesn't look to me like we are going to see that.
  13. Thank you CELEBRITY for not allowing me to book this good deal. The way it looks, YOU made the right call. Who knows, I may be switching from Princess to Celebrity after all, but then again...... Princess made the RIGHT move today cancelling all operations for the next 60 days (will Celebrity follow suit?)
  14. For those of you who are 'addicted to Princess cruises' who thought my idea last week of cancelling operations for 60 days was the dumbest thing you have ever heard, thanks Princess for listening. There may be a future for Princess after all.
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