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  1. Even Americans can't get back home after 5 months stuck at sea. https://www.foxnews.com/travel/12000-cruise-ship-workers-stuck-on-boats
  2. Princess should think long and hard about resuming Alaska cruises in 2021. This past week another SMALL cruise tried it in Alaska, and didn't make it. The 63 passengers and crew aboard the UnCruise Adventures' ship were just three days into their Alaskan vacation when they were informed Wednesday the guest had tested positive and they would have to return to port. How could they expect a cruise of thousands to be able to control Covid-19 when a cruise of only 63 couldn't. Alaska is my number one place to cruise, of my more than 50 cruises over 1/3 were to Alaska. But I won't be cruising there in 2021 and maybe never again. My life is worth more than that.
  3. They are still waiting to get OFF of the ships that have Covid-19
  4. The cruise lines are just trying to find out how many people are so addicted to cruising that they are willing to put up with ANYTHING just to cruising again. The NEW WAVE of cruising is NOT a vacation that I would spend my money on, NOR risk with my health.
  5. Absolutely NOT - it is not SAFE being around anybody, anywhere right now - why would you want to get on ship with wall-to-wall people that you don't know anything about and NOT be able to get away from them.
  6. The relative value of unlimited internet on a cruise for me is ZERO. Have been elite for a number of years, and I have never used up the free 150 minutes they give me. I don't go on a cruise to get onto the internet, I go to escape it. I use it strictly to check my emails every day in case someone is seriously trying to get in touch with me.
  7. Princess couldn't offer enough OBC to ever get me to hand over more of my money to them. I noticed that the German cruise ship MEIN SHIFF was the first to sail since the PAUSE started in March. I have always thought that the Germans were smart, but now it appears that I was right. The ship can hold 2900 passengers, but they advertised the cruise limiting it to 60% of capacity (1740 passengers), BUT only 1200 took the bait and went on the cruise. I guess the Germans weren't as 'addicted to cruising' as American are.
  8. Do you really think think there will be Alaska cruises in 2021? Alaska is my favorite destination for cruises, but right now I don't think it is worth my time to plan an Alaska cruise in 2021 (much less the disappointment later after you are all hyped up).
  9. These will simply keep coming. Princess doesn't have a clue what to do, and since it has been 5 months, I don't think they will have a clue in 2021. Their game is: KEEP THE BOOKINGS COMING AND WE WILL KEEP YOUR MONEY AS A FCC
  10. Just cancelled 3 bookings in early 2021, only one left (99% chance of cancelling it) I am not worried though, my eyes have finally been opened to what really can happen on a Princess cruise (after 44 cruises). So I have started planning other types of vacations for 2021, thank goodness I am not addicted to cruising. I can't foresee another cruise in my future.
  11. Princess may some day (like when I get my FCC) post again on their website. The problem is --- THEY DON'T HAVE A CLUE
  12. My eyes have finally been opened regarding what a disaster a cruise can be on Princess. I just cancelled 3 more bookings for 2021. Still waiting on FCC from March and hope I will get my money back when these newly returned FCDs finally have their two year expiration. I will probably never cruise again, for sure it will take more than a vaccine to get me back on Princess You see, I know now what Princess thinks of their loyal guests from the past (been Elite for many years) I don't ever want to be treated that way again Maybe in another 5 years I will trust another line
  13. I just cancelled 3 more Princess bookings for 2021 I am still waiting for FCC and now I have more FCD in the bank with Princess (because of cancelled bookings) my gut feeling - NO sailings from USA at least until mid 2021, Princess has no idea how poorly they are treating their loyal Elite passengers from the past (are maybe they do know, but don't care) they aren't getting any more of my money to hold onto until I am SURE they will be sailing the cruises that I am still booked on. and right now, I wouldn't trust Princess regarding anything
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