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  1. We were on the Oasis and 3 young children under 10 were trying to climb on the outer railing on the top deck. We alerted a bartender who immediately came and hustled the children away. No parents were around. We ended up giving him a WOW card and mentioning his actions to the hotel director. Probably saved one of those kids' lives. Kids are kids, some parents are reckless. Others are just stupid.
  2. When she hit the pier her velocity would have been about 60 mph
  3. With a 1 degree trajectory from 150 feet, Chloe would have fallen approximately 2 1/2 feet from where the window protrudes from the ship. With about 6 feet of bumper she would only have to be dropped with a minimal "push" outwards to 2 degrees or more to hit the pier. I remember watching a show on stunt actors where they said that just stepping of a roof you will propel yourself 10 feet or more before hitting the ground or soft pad.
  4. 9.8m/s squared, it would have taken Chloe a mere 3.5 seconds to reach the pier at 60 mph. Sorry for the information but these are the facts.
  5. We stayed at the Best Western Artdeco in Rome. Walking distance to the train station. Great hotel, clean quiet.
  6. Windup flash light in the event of a power outage. White board to hang on exterior door to leave messages if travelling with others. clothes pins for: hanging clothes in the shower and if the ship has a shower curtain instead of a door, to hold the curtain from sticking to you while showering. Pen and pad of paper Coolies or Kozzies to hold those cold cans or bottles of beer Cork screw
  7. Ok, sorry, when they said Asia I incorrectly labelled him as Chinese.
  8. The OP states he lives in China. What kind of passport did he try to board with? All Chinese and Hong Kong passport holders are being refused embarkation
  9. So this just happened and made me go...hmmmmm. My DW looked out the kitchen window to see the neighbour's cat in our car. I looked out and the passenger side window was open. So how did a coloured blind cat know the window was open? Now she is only 3 years old nowhere near considered elderly, however she is grey/silver haired, but nonetheless, she figured it out. Maybe she would do well in IT.
  10. Morning caesars can be had for a discount in Windjammer in the mornings. There are drink specials during the day. If you are a mass market beer drinker, they usually have a bucket of beer special. Our research shows that for us, a drink package priced around $35/day would be worth it (depending on sea days). A price of $40.00 would be our maximum before we opt out of purchasing it. But being D+ helps with the costs. On another note, in the past we have purchased the drink package and enjoyed the convenience. We also splurged on items we wouldn't have regularly like fresh oj in the Jam for breakfast or not fighting for coffee in the Diamond lounge. An added plus was we could be comfortably medicated throughout the day instead of sipping water during the day and binge drinking for 3 hours in the evening.
  11. Good advice, too bad you have to go through this to share it with us. After a reputable highly recommended jeweler in St Thomas tried to bamboozle us, we stick to a great one we found in St. Maarten. If this guy is willing to make it right, I would give him the chance. What have you got to lose? Good luck
  12. Sorry, I misread your post...only had 2 sips of morning coffee. Perhaps you are going into the wrong jewelry shops.
  13. Maybe that's why we don't go buy art. 🤣
  14. You know you can drink for free at the jewelry shops, eh?
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