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  1. Great Tip!!! Exactly what I was looking for!! THANKS!!!
  2. Sailing in three weeks on the Magic and just wondering if anyone can provide some insight/advice on the boarding process for the tenders going to Half Moon Cay? I have heard that it can be a cluster trying to obtain a boarding number and they only have a couple of tenders available. Any tips for getting early boarding numbers WITHOUT Priority Boarding or Faster to the Fun? THANKS!!!
  3. Just wondering, do you save money or get any better deals if you book your next cruise while on board your current cruise? I've always booked my next cruise a short time after I got home from my most recent cruise. THANKS for any info!
  4. Just an FYI: https://www.cruisehive.com/carnival-cruise-line-announces-9-john-heald-sailings-through-sept-2020/33328?fbclid=IwAR2geuZ7Y2Ba_wAmFQIfFauYMQXHJiNMhsKh8a2Vk1jMBzInxQzoVI4Yh7Y
  5. On the date that you can access your booking and select your boarding time, what time of the day does Carnival open up the process...example...if your date is September 1, 2019, does it open-up at midnight, 6:00am, noon, etc. THANKS!
  6. Writing orders down and charging them to your Sail and Sign account after the fact sounds like there is an opening for accounting errors. Has anyone experienced "over charges" on their account from Half Moon Cay purchases?
  7. I will be sailing on the Magic, Oct 20-26, 2019. Has anyone sailed in October before, non Halloween week, and have any info regarding how Costume Dress-Up night works? Is it only 1 night? Do you dress-up for dinner, etc.? Thank You!
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